Approximate Age: 6 years

Breed (our best guess): Husky/German Shepherd


Butch following me around while I took pictures

Adoption needs: Butch is currently on hold because he struggles to keep weight on and one eye is very red.Well, we couldn’t help it—we adopted Butch ourselves! He is one very smart guy and enjoys hanging out with Chuck, whether in the pickup, the mule 4 wheeler, or just walking around the farm. He is too good to let go. But hope you enjoy the pictures.

Fun Fact: Butch is a people person! He “talks” to us when he wants special treats. He also loves to ride in the pickup!

Butch’s Story: We got Butch from a nearby Animal Control Shelter. He was going to be euthanized. We chose him to come and stay at our rescue.


''You're not taking my picture!''

Adoption Status: adopted

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