Approximate Age: 2 years

Breed (our best guess): Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Pretty girl

Adoption needs: Peaches doesn’t always like other dogs, so she will do best in a one-dog home.

Fun Fact: Peaches loves to wrestle with Baby, our lab. They are best friends!

Peaches’ Story: A woman brought Peaches to us after finding her in the middle of a highway. She was almost hit by a semi. She was so sick that we couldn’t even tell what kind of dog she was. She looked awful! She is doing much better now and is looking for her forever home.
Update for Peaches: She loves to be out of her kennel and just hang out. Usually she stays a short while on the dog run and then back to lay in front of the big fan. Peaches loves people, and is wonderful to puppies. She needs a home where she can run and spend time with a forever family.

Adoption Status: Available!

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