Approximate Age: 1 year

Breed (our best guess): Lab Mix


Adoption needs: Princess is a special needs dogs. She has a deformed hip from an accident when she was young. She may need to be watched to be sure she doesn’t overexert herself and injure it again.

Fun Fact: Princess gives the best kisses! She loves to sit in people’s laps and give kisses.

Princess’s Story: Princess was starving and unable to walk. We rescued her so that she would have a chance to find a loving home. How things and doggies change over a few months never fails to amaze me. Princess may be just an ordinary dog to some, but to us, she is a miracle. She runs, she plays and she had as her kennel mate–good ole Lewie. Princess adores children and would like to find a home with children she could run and play with. You really can’t tell her hip isn’t quite right. She is all healed and has gained weight and her coat is shiny. She is a beauty.


Adoption Status: Available!

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