Be Patient and Count Your Blessings

Patience and blessing go hand in hand at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Speaking of numbers–7 dogs were adopted to good homes this past weekend. We had such a slow summer that we were worried.  But, just as in life when things don’t go as we hope they would, if we wait patiently–things will change for the better.  The month of November we have been blessed with 21 adoptions so far.  We are hoping for at least 5 more before the end of the month.  I wish I could say I always have patience with the doggies in the house. Right now we have too many, and we seem to be always house training one or two.  Patience and Pee Wee go hand in hand.  Pee Wee is a good boy–he uses the pet door and is never in the way. But . . .  he doesn’t want me to love him or pet him.  He is shy and wants to be on the outer circle until he can trust us.   I need to be patient and wait until the right family comes that will love him and bring him out of his shell.  He is a keeper!

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