Some Dogs Can Look at You and Melt Your Heart!

We rescued the sweetest female German Shepherd a couple weeks ago. She had been dumped, and thanks to a couple of kind ladies, she was saved from being hit by a truck.  She has the most beautiful eyes, and when she looks at you, those eyes seem to speak volumes.  We are assuming she isn’t all German Shepherd, because she has one blue eye and one brown one. She would make a great house dog. Lisa is quiet, and just wants to be close to someone that will love her. We prefer that she remain a house dog, as she seems to have that type of personality.

If you prefer an active dog, then Roy, the male German Shepherd, may be more your type. He is a strong dog, and very handsome. Roy looks like he is all German Shepherd to us.  Roy is a young dog, we are guessing around a year. He needs to be neutered, but I think he would be a great walking or jogging partner for someone who makes him part of their family.

Checkout both Roy and Lisa on our Facebook page.

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