The “Lily”

This time of year we begin seeing the Easter lily all around us, and then with Spring, there are a variety of Lilies that begin to bloom. Our little “Lily”, blooms all the time. Her sweet personality is a joy to watch and her zest for life is amazing!
What am I talking about. Our Lily is a sweet, playful Australian Cattle Dog. She came to us in a weird way. A 911 phone call about a dog that has been hit by a car in a little box, by the village pound. It all remains a mystery, but we surmised that Lily had been rolled, and was sore for some time.
She is great now, and enjoys romping and playing with the other doggies. She loves to play with Chuck’s feet when he sits in the recliner, and truthfully, Lily has so much happiness in her–she needs to share it with a wonderful family. She is trained to a dog door, gets along with doggies and loves people.
Yes, Lilies are so pretty, and our Lily is a “Beauty!”



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