Mysteries have always been my favorite type of book. Of course, the books that I read in my youth the hero or  heroine always solved the mystery and there was a happy ending.  I noticed as I was placing books on the shelves in our library (I’m a library director in my other life), that I have more mysteries than any other type. Maybe that is why I love rescue dogs so much! EACH IS A MYSTERY! They can’t tell us how they were treated, or why they look the way or act the way they do.  We just have to work and work and try, as best we can to solve the mystery of each dog. One by one.

When we receive calls about a particular dog the 4 top questions people usually ask are:

  1. Do you know what their breed is?
  2. How big will they get?
  3. Do they like cats?
  4. Are they good with kids

Rescues usually don’t arrive here at 12 Hills with a set of instructions that tell much about them. If we meet the owner, we usually find out more information, but again, it is a guessing game, and we learn more about them as we get to know their personalities–and as we work with them on a daily basis.

Please don’t stop asking questions about our doggies when you call. We love to talk about them, but also understand, that YOU can make a difference in their lives by loving them, giving them the opportunity to “get over” their past experience. Don’t give up on them. It takes time and patience and most of all LOVE to uncover their mysteries and make them a special part of your lives and the “Very Best That They Can Be!”

Help us–with our mysteries–and give a Rescue Dog a Loving Family.

2278_1482071284230-768x1024 Annie is beautiful and a boxer mix.  She is a little nervous around kids so we think teens and adults would be better for her.


img_2830-1024x768-2 This is Ginger, and she has been here for a long time. A great gal, just likes to do her own thing, and loves to be outside.

20170108_132120-1 Betty is such an awesome dog–her breed is a mystery, but we think we see some heeler there.  She is loving with both dogs and people and doesn’t bother a thing when out and about.  Did I tell you she is great in the house.?

20170319_083546-1 (1024x948) This is our newest addition–Scrappy is looking for a home that loves seniors. He loves laps and being with you!


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