Never a Dull Moment

It has been sometime since I shared some of our news with everyone. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has been hopping or should I say jumping with activity.

Good News–This year we received our first spay and neuter grant from Partnerships with Native Americans. Since we received the grant in November we were able to spay 17 females and neuter 19 males and give them vaccinations and parasite prevention.  A big deal for this little rescue. We are working on our next grant now.

More good news! Some very special friends held a volleyball tournament fundraiser for the rescue. With the monies raised we were able to purchase a Shade Patio for the exercise yard. Now the dogs can stay out and have fun and have plenty of shade on those hot days.

1495_1496357035222 (768x1024)

More good news—our special friends from Iowa came again this year to paint the office, build a modular pegboard unit and even brought sturdy dog beds they made. What is amazing is they know exactly what to do–we just turn them loose and it’s magic.

20170603_135904 (1024x768).jpg

We are so blessed to have our dedicated volunteers that help in so many ways. Whether it’s painting or cleaning, walking dogs, grooming, taking photos, sending donations, and more–everyone of you are so appreciated–and we say; “THANKS FOR CARING!”  Our volunteers seem to arrive at just the right time–and that keeps us going.

More good news! Puppies are always plentiful where we live, and in the past 2 weeks we have rescued another 15. Nine are from one litter! Why is that good news? Because, in all cases the doggies were brought to us, which means we are being accepted and trusted to save these little creatures.  This photo was taken after we bathed all 9–and they were heading back to their kennel.  They are lab/heeler mixes. 20170603_114714 (1024x768)

Well, I guess I can give you a sneak peak of what the other 5 puppies look like. We named their mom, Molly, and she is a pekinese/chihuahua mix.  She is sweet, loving, even likes to fetch. They were found in a vacant house and brought to the rescue.

20170526_101227 (1024x759)

And yes, I do have one more puppy that was brought in–and I will tell you this much—she is sweet and we named her Tessa. Photos for all will be coming out soon.

I could go on and on about the good news, but guess I will share the not so good news now. The transmission went out of our trail blazer, loving called the “dog wagon.” We are looking for another vehicle that is low enough to the ground to load kennels and dogs in. It was “just right” for hauling dogs to the Vet–and for our gravel road.  So, please say a little prayer for us, that we find one that is affordable and will suit the rescues needs.

Hope to share more news soon–again we say . . . .



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