Lady—The Name Fits Her


Lady arrived at the rescue around 4 or 5 months ago.  She had a deep, burn-type wound in the middle of her back and was very thin.  After several month of medical treatment and special care, she is a new dog.

When I say a new dog, I mean not just physically, but also emotionally.  Lady (we named her that) must have been kept in a kennel most of her life, because it took her quite some time to feel comfortable out and about. In fact she would only come out of her kennel for a couple minutes at a time at first. We just let her take her own sweet time—AND. . .

YOU SHOULD SEE HER NOW!  She has full run of the farm when we are outside working with the dogs.  She is confident and happy and we think she is ready for that family.

Lady is around 8 years of age, and probably had quite a few litters of puppies.  We believe she was used for breeding, even though she isn’t a pure bred.  Of course, none of that matters to dog lovers, and surely not to us.  We have given her all the required vaccinations and she has been spayed. She is doing super great.  Now—she just needs that forever family.

Do you want to meet her?   If so, call us at 402-846-5100 and we will share the information we have.   A Lady for sure!

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