Who Rescues Who?

This week we received some photos and a short message from a woman who had adopted one of our rescue dogs 5 years ago. She wrote, something like this; “Thank-you for Brandi, she saved me.”  I know this woman’s story, and yes, Brandi did save her.  Many times the dogs who need to be rescued, end up rescuing their new family.  Bah-Hum-Bug you say. Well, it’s true. I have story after story where a dog or a cat helped a family with grief, depression, loneliness, etc.  Brandi is just one of the stories. Here are the new photos of Brandi.  She looks so loved and happy.

Brandi            Brandi 2

I believe dogs that have been rescued know what it is like to be lonely, scared, hungry, unloved. When they find that special family to love them, they form a bond that cannot be broken.

We have heard all the reasons why someone doesn’t want their dog, or have returned a dog they have adopted. Sometimes, the family and the dog just don’t fit.  So, they come to 12 Hills Dog Rescue and we begin the process of emotional healing for that dog. Here are several of the dogs that are healing and waiting to rescue their family.

Suzy Q is an Australian Cattle dog mix that came here as a rescue.  She was adopted to a nice family, but she didn’t get along with the other dog at their home..  We are not sure why,  but something just didn’t click for her.  After returning we found that she loves to ride on the 4 wd Mule while Chuck is working on the farm and feeding the dogs.  She stays close while outside and doesn’t bother anything.  So, we are thinking that Suzy Q just needs a farm buddy to bond with.  Someone she can hang around with and maybe ride with in a truck. She is a working dog, and needs a job to do, and she needs to feel important and appreciated. 2272_1509840377806 (969x1024).jpg

Now let me tell you about Lizzie!  A super great gal, that is also needs “just the right home!”  She was adopted to an older couple, but she didn’t seem to like it there.  We think she needs an active family with children to play with.  She also needs a fenced yard, so she doesn’t go off searching for new friends. Lizzie is a border collie mix and is spayed and house trained, etc. She is just needs the right family that she can rescue. Here is a photo of her.20171214_102153 (1024x768)

I can’t end this post with saying a little about my friend, Dusty.  The sadness and mourning this dog went through when brought here, almost broke our hearts. After 7 years, just not wanted anymore.  I know that somewhere there is a family waiting to be rescued by Dusty.

20171002_130533 (768x1024)

Do you need rescued?  If you do, don’t rush–think it through–and a special dog will be there for YOU!



One thought on “Who Rescues Who?

  1. I love this article!! As you might remember we rescued Nala from you 4 years ago. Yep, you guessed it, she ended up rescuing me. You obviously did a wonderful job with her rehab, and i tell everybody about you guys!

    Not a day goes by that she hasn’t filled my heart with love. I remember her walking in our yard for the first time and just exhaling as if she was saying “finally I’m home”. There is this gratitude about her. She genuinely appreciates her big bowl of dog food, special treats, her own bed, more love than she can handle all at once, rides to the s.t.o.r.e. (lol) and if she’s really a charmer tucking me into bed.

    God bless you for all the wonderful work you do!!

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