“Love is in the Air”

Typically, February is considered the month of love! Sweet valentines, chocolate are seen everywhere we go.  It is also a good month to remind everyone that doggies need love too!

I considered posting all the photos of the doggies that found families this month, but decided I should focus on the ones still waiting—waiting for find the love and family they deserve.

Some of the dogs at the rescue are here because their family couldn’t keep them for various reasons. Some are here because they have been neglected. Others have been abused.

Taffy is a prime example of a neglected/abused dog.  She came here so thin she could barely stand, and she had puppies to care for.  Look at her now–she is so healthy and ready for that special “loving family.”  Taffy may look a little intimidating when you first meet her, but she truly loves people, loves her belly rubbed, loves to go on walks and runs.  She loves to snuggle and if she could fit, I bet should would sit on your lap.

2749_1517688926797 This is Taffy, snuggling with one of our volunteers. She just wants someone to love.

What about a young dog named Lacey. She has one gorgeous blue eye and we put her down as Australian Shepherd mix.  What do you think?

20180124_123851 (1024x768)

Gracie is another one that is here and begging for love and attention. She is a young dog, and has so much energy–like most hounds do.  She could use a home with special love and attention.



If you prefer senior dogs we have a nice German shepherd gal who has been waiting.  Her name is Lady and she follows Brenda and Chuck around in the kennel. Looking for companionship & love.


Annie would love to have a family.  She has been waiting and waiting for just the right one.

2278_1482071284230 (768x1024)

We have Lola–a sweet dog that has suffered abuse.  She needs sweet words and kindness and lots of hugs.


These are just a few of the gals here at the rescue that aren’t looking for roses, chocolates or cards. They are looking for loving families.  Are you one of those?


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