Clover–Our Mascot–No More

Yes, Our special “poster girl & mascot” crossed the Rainbow bridge in February.  I have struggled writing this story, but I need to share it with you. Clover was one of the most special dogs I have come across.

She arrived at the rescue close to 9 years ago. She was a puppy that was so sick with mange and starvation, that it took almost 6 months of special care for her to heal.  But she did heal and we knew that she had to be our poster girl and mascot. She needed to show the public that mange can be cured, without putting a dog down.

Clover lived most of her life with our son and his family across the road from us.  She took on the job of caring for his 3 smaller doggies, and would make sure that no big dogs entered the yard to bother them.  She was loving, sweet and calm, and it was a very sad day for our family when she crossed that rainbow bridge.

Looking back–she had a job to do, and she did it so well.  Clover you were so loved—thank you for being “our special gal!”20171105_185016(1) (768x1024)


2 thoughts on “Clover–Our Mascot–No More

  1. What a special girl. She’s running and playing in Heaven now with all the angels, and being loved as much as you loved her. Rest In Peace, Clover.

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