Boys and Girls-Big & Small


A little corny I know—but it is so true. 

12 Hills Dog Rescue takes in all breeds, ages and sizes. We have small, medium, large and extra large doggies at the rescue. We also have all ages–puppies to seniors.

Raphael (Raffy), Cinch, Big Mike, Diesel, Blackie, Blue and Milo are the names of the boys pictured above. They are all different when it comes to size and breed and even personality, but one thing that is common with each of them.

They are waiting for their forever families. 


Pictured above are the some of the females that are at the rescue waiting for “Just the Right Family!” Kimmie and Katie are our young gals at 7 months. Molly is our small breed and a very loving gal. Cookie has been waiting several years.  She is a great dog that has a sweet personality. Taffy has been in for several years also, and is a loving dog that should be the only one in the household.  (She wants all your love!) Ginger is our senior, who is very loving–and needs a family that is home with her.  Merci Mae is a large and loving girl, that would be a great walking partner.  Dina is boxer mix and loves children and needs to be the only dog in the home. Last, but not least is our 5 year old hound, Glory!  She is house trained, easy-going and sweet gal.

These dogs are a few of the dogs that we have at the rescue! Give us a call!

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