A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words! Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately?

This morning we received an email, saying it was “Adopt a Pit Bull day.” I immediately was excited, because they asked the question–Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately? The answer is YES!  We sure have!  Big Red was adopted a week ago, and I must say–one of the sweetest pits we have had, and we have had some sweet ones!

Here is a photo of Big Red hugging his new little sister, as they both shared the couch and a nap. 20181024_150402 (768x1024)20181024_150114(1) (768x1024)

So, what more can I say???

We still have a sweet gal named Cookie! She is a Red Heeler/ Pit Bull.  Cookie has been waiting and waiting for “just the right family.”  Just like the family above, they should know the breed, Cookie needs a family to understand her–and give her the love and training she needs.  She loves people and enjoys walks and being with you!

20180725_113824 (1024x768) (632x631)

Here is another handsome boy.  Diesel is a little older pit bull and will also need a family that knows the breed. No other dogs, cats and little children, as he plays rough.  He is handsome boy. He craves companionship!

20180913_095832(1) (768x1024)


I should mention Taffy.  She is a lab pit mix.  She is such a loving gal. She should be the only dog–she loves kids, puppies and we think no cats!


So, since it is Adopt a Pit Bull day–we wanted to share our good news with you about Big Red and his new family.  We also want you to know we still have some great Pit Bulls waiting for their families.  Give us a call–you might find the perfect dog for you!









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