Donate, Volunteer or Sponsor a Dog?

Our rescue has been licensed with the state of Nebraska since 2008. In 2015 we applied and received our 501c3 status.

Since we are such a small rescue–maybe small isn’t the word (we have 40 dogs), we are sometimes overlooked by those wanting to give donations.  We don’t receive funding from local government so we do what we can for our dogs with the donations and adoption fees we receive.

Some of the dogs who come to us have suffered extreme abuse or neglect. Many of them need a great deal of vet care because of this. All our dogs also need annual vaccinations as well as spaying or neutering. Monetary donations help us to be able to afford this necessary care for all the dogs, as well as help with dog food and keeping the utilities paid for kennel. We also happily accept donations of dog food, dog beds, toys and treats. We can use towels and blankets, collars and leashes. Anything that will make our dogs more comfortable and happy until they can find their forever homes. If you’re not sure what we can best use at this time, feel free to contact us at 402-846-5100 or

If you are interested in sponsoring a dog, give us a call or email us and share which dog you want to sponsor, etc.

Thanks so much to the generous dog lovers that have helped us in the past and continue to assist us for this special mission.