Let Me Tell You About. . .

Blogging,  the internet, facebook, and web pages can add up to so much work. As I was attempting to add another page to our word-press site, I noticed the story “Let Me Tell You About.” had been written in 2014. Now, that is just sad. So, I deleted the story and kept the title. So here we go with a new dog and a new story!

Let me tell you about …  Husker—yes football season is fast approaching and this Husker is a Big Red Husky ready to watch the game with a new family.  Husker is around 2 1/2 years of age and is quite the character. He is house trained for starters, and loves people. He is pretty independent, and isn’t crazy about staying in a kennel for long. He has a magic mouth and has been know to open his kennel–and when you turn around he may be looking at you. If you know anything about the Husky breed, you know they like to talk when they want your attention. Husker is no exception and can carry on quite a conversation.

Husker has been neutered, micro-chipped, and is all up to date on his vaccinations.  He is a strong dog, and enjoys going for walks. He would be fun to go jogging or running with, and we feel he would be happier with a big yard, acreage or farm.

Here are some pictures of Husker in the summer and one taken last winter.  We are hoping that he will find his forever family soon.  Call if you are interested in meeting this special boy.

IMG_2635 (1024x768)

IMG_3901 (1024x768)

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