Responsibility and Pets Go Hand in Hand

Sometimes I feel like jumping on a stage and shouting to the world. Would you like to be treated the way you treat your animal? Of course I don’t actually say what I feel most of the time, but oh it is hard to hold back speaking out to neglectful owners of dogs.

They come in all sizes and ages. Some neglectful pet owners let their dogs wander and never call a Vet or rescue or post that they are missing.  Then after a month sometimes even as long as 61 days for one dog, have the nerve to blame us because their dog is at our rescue. Like we knew it was their dog?? Where is the responsibility there?

About 3 weeks ago we had a little 7 year old Maltese come to the rescue as a surrender. The owner was going to be charged for neglect if the dog wasn’t surrendered.  The fleas were actually jumping 10″ high as they took him out of the car, and they sprayed the seat with bug spray.  He had hardly any hair left and the mange was so bad, when looking at his skin he looked like he had pig hide.  He had sores all over, cauliflower ears and sore eyes.  And his owner cried because he was her baby.  Well, after giving her a hug and a prayer, I sent her off and told her I would send a photo of him when he got his hair back.

After a flea bath, mange treatment and coconut oil and another bath and more coconut oil and mange treatment,  he is beginning to looking better. A long way to go yet, but he is such a happy little guy. When his hair grows back, I think he might look like a dog, maybe even a Maltese. But the jury is out on that one now. So, I’m not going to show you a photo right now—you will have to wait and see. Then, I will share the before and after.

Yes, Responsibility and Pets—Go Hand in Hand-!20170922_09431020180204_073359 (1024x768)

Does Elvis have long lasting effects from the neglect? Yes, he now has growths in his ears that require medication.  Other than that he is doing well. He is a happy sweet boy!

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