We’d Love to Hear Your Stories

For those of you who’ve adopted one of our dogs, please feel free to update us on how your new friend is doing! We’d love to see pictures and hear all about their new lives. You can email me a story and/or pictures or leave a comment on your dog’s info page. Don’t forget to tell us the dog’s new name!


Approximate Age: 5 years

Breed (our best guess): Yellow Labrador Retriever

Adoption needs: Not adoptable due to severe separation anxiety.

Fun Fact: She loves the other dogs and is very kind to them.

Baby’s Story: Baby was found wandering on a highway. We were never able to locate a family, so we think she may have been abandoned. We tried to adopt her out, but her separation anxiety was too severe. She came home to us, where she felt safe.

Adoption Status: Not Adoptable

Little Visitor

I brought my toddler over to the rescue this morning when I needed to bring some pictures by. I’m not sure who had more fun, him or the dogs! The dogs were so excited to have a little person to play with and covered him in slimy dog kisses. He just stood there and alternated barking and giggling. Many of the dogs proved how well they can do with small children. It was a fun little outing for us!


Looking out the window together


Doggie kisses!

Rambo Has a New Home

What an exciting day for us and for Rambo. A wonderful couple from South Dakota chose Rambo to take home on their farm. Well, actually Rambo chose them. He was so excited to meet them, and you could tell the timing was perfect.
Rambo will be called Buck, after the Nebraska author–Pearl Buck.

Thanks to Buck’s new parents for choosing him and we hope that he will fit in nicely with your other pets.