Christmas Blessings for All!

The snow is beautiful outside and I’m in the mood to send out a Christmas message from the rescue.  As I look back I can see I have neglected to post an article since Spring, but I hope to make up for it.

We had a good year at the rescue.  We have adopted 210 dogs year to date this year, and that is despite an impassable road, flooding and detours.  Being a farm rescue, we have some different challenges to face, but we also have some great opportunities.  Since the rescue is located on our farm, people remark about the beautiful view they see as they drive here, and look out over the hills. Some of the doggies are allowed to hang out each day on the farm to exercise and there is always a few friendly mutts to meet each person when they arrive. So, challenges/versus/blessings–I believe blessing win out every time.

One of the special dogs that found his home this year was my special buddy “Lover Boy.”  He had been here for 8 years, and it took just the right person and family to give him the chance he needed.  We have had wonderful updates, telling us how great he is doing, and his passion for looking in the mirror at himself.  We are full of JOY knowing he is happy!



Lover Boy couldn’t wait to get in the car and head off to a new life!

We have adopted all kinds, and sizes of puppies this year–and young dogs always seem to be chosen first.  I’m hoping that one of our longest residents “Socks” will find her forever home this year.  Socks is 8 years old and loves people. She loves her walks with our Sunday volunteers.  She would be much happier if she could have a family to love and cherish her.


Socks is asking for a forever family!


Wuzzy is Regal looking!

Wuzzy has changed so much since she came.  She had no hair and was full of bumps and mange.  She suffered from rickets from poor nutrition also.  But, great care and a little love helped her heal.  She is beautiful and ready for adoption.  She is around 4 months of age.


Fuzzy is almost TOO Big to hold!

Fuzzy arrived at the rescue full of mange with just a fuzz of hair left around each ear.  He has turned into one of the most handsome dogs that we have here, and his personality is calm and sweet.  He would be a wonderful addition to a family, with or without kids. Fuzzy is 4 or 5 months old.

There are so many other dogs here waiting to be adopted.  Here are just a few. . .







Wendy sleeping on her new bed! Tired of waiting for her new forever home.  Such a lover!

I could post more photos, but look on our Facebook page and you will see them all.

So, as Christmas approaches and the year draws close to the end, we want to thank everyone for their support of our mission at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We are blessed beyond measure!!!’

We want to wish each of you a Blessed Christmas and a healthy 2020.


Spring is Here? Well, Almost

I find myself dreaming of flowers and green grass.  Yesterday, I even had a wild thought of planting flower seeds indoors, but decided it was a bit too early.  I think they call this the winter blahs or blues.  I imagine there are many others feeling the same way I feel right now.

So, we continue to wait for Spring and hope that it comes soon.  I think about all the dogs at the rescue and how they are feeling right now.  With all this cold and snow their exercise routine is shorter and they wait. They wait for warmer weather and more than that, they wait for a someone to come along that will make them part of their family and love them forever. So the wait continues for them and for us.

It has been a very rough winter for animals, and we have taken in many that are neglected or abandoned.  One of our newest arrivals is in tough shape, both physically and emotionally.  We are hoping the next few weeks he will lift his head and be able to look at us.  We are so grateful for the kind person that called and helped us catch him.

20190227_182754 (768x1024) He was in rough shape but looking better.

We have other new ones here as well, and I hope to get photos of them soon.  It is always a process of treating and sometimes healing dogs both physically and emotionally before they are ready for adoption.  We could use your help right now. Our kennels are full and we are looking for some foster homes.  If you are interested please call the rescue and visit with Nola about fostering short term.

We still have Allen-  –20190115_163615 (768x1024) (768x1024)

We still have Riley       20190122_140544 (768x1024)

Henry (Bubby)  is a winner!  7 month old Cane Corso, who arrived in very rough shape.  He is growing again and doing well.  We don’t think he will ever be the extra large dog of that breed, but he is going to be the best Henry ever!

Here is a photo of him loving his foster–Brenda.                                                                                                20190111_070226

What about Tucker?          20190122_134600 (768x1024)

Elsa?   Elsa (2)

or Midge the smallest of the group. 20190302_112218 (1024x973).jpg

I could go on and on with photos of dogs still waiting for their families. I hope to have more photos soon and I hope that we will have families coming to give our doggies the life they are dreaming and waiting for.  Thank you all for caring!










Another Opportunity. . . .

2018 turned out to be a busy and blessed year for 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We had the most adoptions so far, with 223 dogs getting a second chance with new forever families.  Some of the dogs that were adopted were dogs that had been here for some time, so that makes it even better.

So we begin a new year and more opportunities to help the dogs that are appear at the rescue. Our newest challenge is a 5 or 6 month old puppy that was in need of special care.  He has been to our Vet, and we have started the process of special nutrition and water therapy.  He is a sweetie for sure and we are hoping that he will be able to walk normally after treatments and care. He is doing better every day!


We have several dogs that have arrived that are not little pups, but still young and easily trainable.  Riley, Allen and Arnie and are all sweet & handsome boys that will be great family dogs if given the opportunity.

Each new year, we find ourselves setting new goals for the rescue.  One of the goals for the rescue this year is to redo the nursery. with new flooring and paint the inside.  Along with the new deck and cement pad that was completed last year, we hope to have a healthier and easier viewing place for our puppies.

Our main kennel floor is another project we are hoping to do this year if the funding is available.  We plan to have the kennel floor painted with epoxy paint to make it easier to clean and disinfect.  That will be a huge project, which entails moving dogs, kennels etc.,  Definitely a summer project that will require a number of workers and volunteers.


I could go on about more goals for 2019, or I can stop now and breath deeply.  I leave you with this.  We so appreciate everyone who has adopted a dog from our rescue, or shared about the rescue, volunteered or donated.  We never seem to express our gratitude enough!  Thank-you for caring about these doggies!



A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words! Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately?

This morning we received an email, saying it was “Adopt a Pit Bull day.” I immediately was excited, because they asked the question–Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately? The answer is YES!  We sure have!  Big Red was adopted a week ago, and I must say–one of the sweetest pits we have had, and we have had some sweet ones!

Here is a photo of Big Red hugging his new little sister, as they both shared the couch and a nap. 20181024_150402 (768x1024)20181024_150114(1) (768x1024)

So, what more can I say???

We still have a sweet gal named Cookie! She is a Red Heeler/ Pit Bull.  Cookie has been waiting and waiting for “just the right family.”  Just like the family above, they should know the breed, Cookie needs a family to understand her–and give her the love and training she needs.  She loves people and enjoys walks and being with you!

20180725_113824 (1024x768) (632x631)

Here is another handsome boy.  Diesel is a little older pit bull and will also need a family that knows the breed. No other dogs, cats and little children, as he plays rough.  He is handsome boy. He craves companionship!

20180913_095832(1) (768x1024)


I should mention Taffy.  She is a lab pit mix.  She is such a loving gal. She should be the only dog–she loves kids, puppies and we think no cats!


So, since it is Adopt a Pit Bull day–we wanted to share our good news with you about Big Red and his new family.  We also want you to know we still have some great Pit Bulls waiting for their families.  Give us a call–you might find the perfect dog for you!









Boys and Girls-Big & Small


A little corny I know—but it is so true. 

12 Hills Dog Rescue takes in all breeds, ages and sizes. We have small, medium, large and extra large doggies at the rescue. We also have all ages–puppies to seniors.

Raphael (Raffy), Cinch, Big Mike, Diesel, Blackie, Blue and Milo are the names of the boys pictured above. They are all different when it comes to size and breed and even personality, but one thing that is common with each of them.

They are waiting for their forever families. 


Pictured above are the some of the females that are at the rescue waiting for “Just the Right Family!” Kimmie and Katie are our young gals at 7 months. Molly is our small breed and a very loving gal. Cookie has been waiting several years.  She is a great dog that has a sweet personality. Taffy has been in for several years also, and is a loving dog that should be the only one in the household.  (She wants all your love!) Ginger is our senior, who is very loving–and needs a family that is home with her.  Merci Mae is a large and loving girl, that would be a great walking partner.  Dina is boxer mix and loves children and needs to be the only dog in the home. Last, but not least is our 5 year old hound, Glory!  She is house trained, easy-going and sweet gal.

These dogs are a few of the dogs that we have at the rescue! Give us a call!

I Can’t Imagine

All week I have been playing “Catch Up” with many of the dogs that we have adopted through the years.  It has been so much fun, seeing how they have grown and changed, and hearing how happy they are with their new families.

Now, I feel it is time to share the “not so good news.”

I want to tell you about 2 female dogs that have been brought back to the rescue. In both cases, the families loved these gals very much, but circumstances were out of their control.

I can’t imagine how a dog feels–to love a family—one day, then end up at a rescue the next.  Both these gals are devastated, confused, lonely and sad.

This is Dinah a 4 year old–brindle boxer mix. She adores children and toys, running and playing and riding in a car. She had a super great loving family and she wants that again. Her new family needs to understand that Dinah loves her family and doesn’t want to share them with other doggies, so she needs to be the only dog.  She also is protective of her family.  Dinah is a great gal—she just needs the right family and the right environment. Most of all—Dinah needs to be loved again!!!

Here are some pictures of her were taken the day she came back.

The next dog that I want to tell you about today is a gal named Ginger.  Ginger was adopted from our rescue in 2012. The family that adopted her, understood the issues that Ginger had, yet they took her, worked with her and more than anything loved her.

Well, as I said before, circumstances sometimes change and that can place the family dog in a rough situation.  Ginger’s family wanted her to come back to 12 Hills, because they felt we knew her history.

Ginger loves all people. She was in a family with children and especially has a love for elderly people.  She likes toys, being outside and exploring.  The husky breed, are very intelligent,. They are great escape artists, and love to explore.  Ginger has gotten much better over the years, but she would do best on an acreage, or an 8′ privacy fence.

Ginger does OK with cats and cattle, but not chickens.  She doesn’t do well when left inside by herself for long periods of time.  I have a huge list of all of Ginger’s likes and dislikes if you are interested. She really is a sweetheart–and she needs a home.

Yes, I can’t imagine, how Dinah and Ginger are feeling right now, but I do know there is someone out there for them both.  We just need to find them, so these wonderful girls can be happy again!




Let’s Cool It Down a Little

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGSBoy hasn’t the weather been hot?  It is a little cooler today, but all this hot weather has me thinking about snow and Christmas.  Maybe I am day dreaming just a little, but I thought I would share some snow images with you and tell you about some of our dogs at the same time.IMG_0021

20170125_100705This is Whisper! She has been with us for several years.  Whisper has a trust issue, but with patience and love she is a great gal.


20170125_111226 (576x1024)20170121_105826 Winter, spring or summer–Lover Boy is a sweet old man–who has waited for some time. He is around 8 years old now and a Dobie-pit  mix.  When he is happy his entire body moves with his tail.


20180628_191737 (1024x888)  Blue hasn’t been with us long, but he happened to mention that he loves snow more than sun.  He is always ready to play regardless of the weather.


20180705_104616 (959x1024) Dinah is 4 years old and likes snow also.  She loves kids and likes to play with toys.  She does best being the only dog in the house.


20180705_104402 (1024x1003) Merci May has been the rescue for a year.  Her eyes seem to say–won’t you give me a try?  She loves people, kids and needs to be the only dog in the family.  She is a Lab Chesapeake mix and around 2 years. I know she enjoys the snow!



Another blizzard photo to cool you down!


20180601_092334 (768x1024) (768x1024)

Milo is ready to try again.  We know one thing–he doesn’t like cats!!!!


20180601_083740 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Danny is waiting!



Lady is a senior and has waited and waited for her new family.  She is a sweet gal.


Last, but not least is Glory!!!  Hope the snow scenes helped with the July weather!

20180626_174556 (1024x498)

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                   Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS

Happy Christmas in July—Everyone!

12 Hills Dog Rescue