Another Sweet Gal!

Speaking of black dogs–we have a honey here at the rescue that has a black coat, tinged with brown.  She appears to be a lab/Chesapeake mix.  Merci is a gorgeous gal with the softest coat. She is close to a year now and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She seems to be getting overlooked when families come to the rescue. But then I could say that happens to a number of dogs here. She is loving and friendly–and likes to be the center of attention.

Merci is very smart and with a little training would be responding to commands in no time.  The photos were taken last week.  I’m not sure they show her beauty. I think this is a dog, you need to touch and take out for a walk and see what you think.

She is a winner!

20171007_144327 (1024x768)



Black Dogs are Awesome!

Have you heard the old saying that black dogs are the last dogs chosen?  I have heard it many times, and I’m not sure why that is.  As a rescue, I find it is harder to take pictures of black dogs. The photos don’t seem to pick up the expressions on black dogs faces like it does on others.  Well, saying all that, I know there are families out there that “JUST LOVE THEIR BLACK DOGS!”  So today I want to share about several black dogs we have. They are getting overlooked for whatever reason and they need a chance to be in the spotlight.

20170522_190424 (1024x768) This is Sharky! He is a black lab mix.  He has some spots on this tongue which could mean he has a little chow in his background.  A happy sweet boy, that needs a home. Sharky is 2 years old and has been neutered and has all his vaccinations.



This is Max! He is 5 years of age and always gets overlooked.  Max flips in his kennel, but when out and about he is a loving boy. He is a little nervous at first around strangers, but with a little patience and loving care, he would be a great dog. No One Ever Looks at him!

These are just 2 of our black dogs that need homes. We have Truman–and Jeremy–also.

So, just as a reminder–October is Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month. If you are looking for a dog, this is a great time to find one.  Whether they are all black labs, or dogs in all colors, 12 Hills Dog Rescue wants to share our doggies with you.  Give us a call at 402-846-5100 and come and meet Max and Sharky!


Keeping My Word

Here it is—-close to the half way mark of October and I need to write a few more posts about the dogs here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  October is Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month, and I promised myself and all of you, I would work harder to help our dogs find their forever homes.  Puppies are an easy adoption, but the older ones—the pit mixes—the seniors–the BIG ONES–and those that have some issues, are what keeps our rescue full.

Today, I wanted to share with you about Bruno! He is such a calm presence in the kennel, and when he is out and about, he just stands and looks around.  Bruno is a Boxer/Mastiff mix.  He is an extra large guy, and does well with people.

I know his looks can be intimidating to some people, but really he is a softie,and very laid back dog.  Bruno needs a home where he can go for walks, hang out with a family and be loved. He has been neutered and has all his vaccinations.  He is more than ready for his second chance.  Think about it!  If you love big dogs, and boxers are your breed–I think you would “Just Love” this boy!

Oh, I forgot one thing.  His eyes speak to you.  Take a look and see for yourself!

HAW_1140 (1024x683)


Lady—The Name Fits Her


Lady arrived at the rescue around 4 or 5 months ago.  She had a deep, burn-type wound in the middle of her back and was very thin.  After several month of medical treatment and special care, she is a new dog.

When I say a new dog, I mean not just physically, but also emotionally.  Lady (we named her that) must have been kept in a kennel most of her life, because it took her quite some time to feel comfortable out and about. In fact she would only come out of her kennel for a couple minutes at a time at first. We just let her take her own sweet time—AND. . .

YOU SHOULD SEE HER NOW!  She has full run of the farm when we are outside working with the dogs.  She is confident and happy and we think she is ready for that family.

Lady is around 8 years of age, and probably had quite a few litters of puppies.  We believe she was used for breeding, even though she isn’t a pure bred.  Of course, none of that matters to dog lovers, and surely not to us.  We have given her all the required vaccinations and she has been spayed. She is doing super great.  Now—she just needs that forever family.

Do you want to meet her?   If so, call us at 402-846-5100 and we will share the information we have.   A Lady for sure!

So, Like I Said. . . .

OCTOBER IS ADOPT A DOG FROM A SHELTER MONTH! And, I have promised myself, and all our dogs, here at the rescue, that I would at least post 2 stories a week during October.

What dog should I share about today? I know, let’s talk about Zeus——-

20170822_174229 (768x1024)  20170822_174222(2) (1024x768)

Isn’t he handsome, with his short white coat and black markings?  A 3 year old male that is house trained, neutered and has all his vaccinations and (listen to this) was around 22 cats. He is a large sized boy, around 60#. I think he would do well with another dog and yes, even CATS!

Zeus seems to have a kind heart and when he looks at me with those eyes, my heart just hurts. It’s almost like he is asking me, when is it my turn?

Zeus has been waiting for a few months for that home. We know he has some of the pit breed in his background, but if you can have this breed in your community, and like what you see, call us and ask to meet Zeus. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Part of his fee has been paid—for that perfect forever family.  GIVE US A CALL!



Is Dusty Laughing?

20171002_130551 (768x1024)

What does Dusty know that makes him so happy? Could it be he is laughing because his past owners put his breed down as a Black Lab and German Short hair, but he resembles a yellow lab?  Could it be that he knows something that we don’t know yet?  Just maybe he is sensing that his new and forever family are coming soon to take him home.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, as you can guess, I am hoping that he is smiling for the last reason. Dusty desperately needs that new family. He has been waiting for several months in hopes that those families walking through the kennel, would see his happy face and choose him!

Dusty’s story is much like many others, but a little different.  A family dog to a gal moving off to college.  When she left home, Dusty had to leave also. At first Dusty was heartbroken, like so many that arrive here, but now he has adjusted and doing great. All he needs is “that new forever family.”

Dusty is neutered and has all vaccinations. He is 7 years old–just the right age to still have a great time with you, and out of those puppy/teen years. He does super great with the other dogs when out and about. He was raised on a farm so he likes the outdoor life, and yet, I an envision him as a great guy to sit beside your easy chair when you are watching the television.

So why does Dusty look like a yellow lab? We may never know. There are lots of mysteries in the dog rescue business. Does it matter?  Dusty needs a home and this is the perfect time to give him that home and family. October is “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month.”  So, give us a call, and choose a time to come and visit the rescue and meet this special man.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Here are a few more photos of Dusty–just so you can see what a nice, big boy he is.!


Flowers in Bloom!

Everyone knows that flowers take special care when getting ready to bloom.  I know I work hard at watering, fertilizing and tending our flowers each year.

So for this litter of puppies, I thought—extra care—gorgeous, handsome, sweet–let’s name them after flowers.  I must admit, that sometimes I run out of ideas when naming countless dogs and litters of puppies. But, I do think I hit the nail on the head with his litter. They are beautiful little flowers–finally blooming in full color.

We have Aster, Buttercup, Marigold, Daisy and Tulip that are ready to go! We still have Rose and Flower that are not quite ready to bloom. These are all the female puppies.  Next week I imagine that Dandy, Sage and Briar will be ready as well.

These sweet puppies are all from one litter.  There are 7 females and 3 males.  When they arrived they had some issues, but with nurturing and tender care, they are doing fantastic!

So, laugh if you want—I know the snow is coming soon, and I’m taking one last opportunity to soak in the beauty and colors of the warm months.  And if that takes naming puppies after flowers, so be it! Of course, when you adopt these beauties, you can change their names to suit you. Maybe candy bars???

So give us a call at 12 Hills Dog Rescue and fill out an application.  These puppies will go quickly. Here are Aster, Buttercup, Marigold, Daisy and Tulip!