Never a Dull Moment

It has been sometime since I shared some of our news with everyone. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has been hopping or should I say jumping with activity.

Good News–This year we received our first spay and neuter grant from Partnerships with Native Americans. Since we received the grant in November we were able to spay 17 females and neuter 19 males and give them vaccinations and parasite prevention.  A big deal for this little rescue. We are working on our next grant now.

More good news! Some very special friends held a volleyball tournament fundraiser for the rescue. With the monies raised we were able to purchase a Shade Patio for the exercise yard. Now the dogs can stay out and have fun and have plenty of shade on those hot days.

1495_1496357035222 (768x1024)

More good news—our special friends from Iowa came again this year to paint the office, build a modular pegboard unit and even brought sturdy dog beds they made. What is amazing is they know exactly what to do–we just turn them loose and it’s magic.

20170603_135904 (1024x768).jpg

We are so blessed to have our dedicated volunteers that help in so many ways. Whether it’s painting or cleaning, walking dogs, grooming, taking photos, sending donations, and more–everyone of you are so appreciated–and we say; “THANKS FOR CARING!”  Our volunteers seem to arrive at just the right time–and that keeps us going.

More good news! Puppies are always plentiful where we live, and in the past 2 weeks we have rescued another 15. Nine are from one litter! Why is that good news? Because, in all cases the doggies were brought to us, which means we are being accepted and trusted to save these little creatures.  This photo was taken after we bathed all 9–and they were heading back to their kennel.  They are lab/heeler mixes. 20170603_114714 (1024x768)

Well, I guess I can give you a sneak peak of what the other 5 puppies look like. We named their mom, Molly, and she is a pekinese/chihuahua mix.  She is sweet, loving, even likes to fetch. They were found in a vacant house and brought to the rescue.

20170526_101227 (1024x759)

And yes, I do have one more puppy that was brought in–and I will tell you this much—she is sweet and we named her Tessa. Photos for all will be coming out soon.

I could go on and on about the good news, but guess I will share the not so good news now. The transmission went out of our trail blazer, loving called the “dog wagon.” We are looking for another vehicle that is low enough to the ground to load kennels and dogs in. It was “just right” for hauling dogs to the Vet–and for our gravel road.  So, please say a little prayer for us, that we find one that is affordable and will suit the rescues needs.

Hope to share more news soon–again we say . . . .



A Bulldozer Arrived in the Mail

I know what you are going to say? What??? That’s impossible! Here is a look at our new bulldozer that arrived last week. It is awesome!20170331_113854 (576x1024).jpgEven our little dancing sock monkey was in awe of the new bulldozer.  The story of the bulldozer began about a year ago. One of our puppies had just gotten adopted by a nice man named Cliff.  He emailed with an update and shared with me that the rescue needed an Amazon Wish List.  I had never heard of that, but did some research and shortly after—the 12 Hills Dog Rescue Amazon Wish List was born.  By the way, when my wish list gets boring, Cliff reminds me to get back in there and add more items for the doggies.  He has been so kind and helpful.

So, back to the bulldozer–I was looked for a dustpan type utensil, and found this on Amazon.  I was so thrilled when it arrived. It works great!

Actually, this post isn’t just about a bulldozer. It is about people who help rescues. We are so thankful for all of the people who think of the dogs and us and send dog beds, treats, toys, collars, leashes and bulldozers.  This is a hard job–but when we have packages arrive in the mail, UPS or Fed Ex, we not only are excited about the item we need to help the dogs, but we know someone cares. Thank-you all for caring.

That reminds me, I posted on Facebook that we need volunteers to walk dogs. We really do need that help, and we need people to help us brush and groom. So call, email, or Facebook us if your interested.

Hey, I might even show you my new bulldozer!


Mysteries have always been my favorite type of book. Of course, the books that I read in my youth the hero or  heroine always solved the mystery and there was a happy ending.  I noticed as I was placing books on the shelves in our library (I’m a library director in my other life), that I have more mysteries than any other type. Maybe that is why I love rescue dogs so much! EACH IS A MYSTERY! They can’t tell us how they were treated, or why they look the way or act the way they do.  We just have to work and work and try, as best we can to solve the mystery of each dog. One by one.

When we receive calls about a particular dog the 4 top questions people usually ask are:

  1. Do you know what their breed is?
  2. How big will they get?
  3. Do they like cats?
  4. Are they good with kids

Rescues usually don’t arrive here at 12 Hills with a set of instructions that tell much about them. If we meet the owner, we usually find out more information, but again, it is a guessing game, and we learn more about them as we get to know their personalities–and as we work with them on a daily basis.

Please don’t stop asking questions about our doggies when you call. We love to talk about them, but also understand, that YOU can make a difference in their lives by loving them, giving them the opportunity to “get over” their past experience. Don’t give up on them. It takes time and patience and most of all LOVE to uncover their mysteries and make them a special part of your lives and the “Very Best That They Can Be!”

Help us–with our mysteries–and give a Rescue Dog a Loving Family.

2278_1482071284230-768x1024 Annie is beautiful and a boxer mix.  She is a little nervous around kids so we think teens and adults would be better for her.


img_2830-1024x768-2 This is Ginger, and she has been here for a long time. A great gal, just likes to do her own thing, and loves to be outside.

20170108_132120-1 Betty is such an awesome dog–her breed is a mystery, but we think we see some heeler there.  She is loving with both dogs and people and doesn’t bother a thing when out and about.  Did I tell you she is great in the house.?

20170319_083546-1 (1024x948) This is our newest addition–Scrappy is looking for a home that loves seniors. He loves laps and being with you!


Time for an Update!

As many of you know that have visited, the rescue is located on our farm which is 2 1/2 miles from Highway 77. Right now there is lots of drifts of snow on the farm and our road is one lane in a few places. So, probably not a great time to visit and meet some of the doggies here for adoption.

But, I can share some of them with you by the internet, so here goes. . .

Where to begin?  We have great dogs, and it seems some wait for a long time before they find “just the right family.”  It is sad and frustrating for us, but patience usually pays off in the end. We want our families who adopt to find the doggie that fits their life style and their family.  We more than any thing want our dogs to be happy and healthy and in their new homes.

Betty comes to mind right away.  She is an Australian Shepherd mix, and is one of the sweetest and loving dogs around. She is an inside/outside dog, and does well where ever she is.  She hangs out on the farm when out of her yard, and never bothers anything.  She does well with other dogs, and is friendly to everyone.  Betty is a medium sized dog, probably weighing around 40#. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.20170108_132120-1

Annie the Boxer mix appears to be around 18 mo-2 years.  She is a pretty gal, and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She would do best with teens and adults, and would be a great walking or running partner.  She likes to play and run and as you can see, she loves the snow.  She posed for Kariden for this photo.


Taffy came to the rescue this fall with her 4 puppies.  She was in very sad shape, and down to 34#. She now weighs over 65#. With special care and love she gained weight, and healed and was able to care of her 4 puppies, until they found their homes.  Taffy loves puppies, and it is fun to watch her when new puppies come in. She lays on her back and plays with them.  It is like she is remembering her babies and so thankful to be here. Our volunteer, Christine says that Taffy is the best walking buddy she has.  When she is done walking they wrestle and play.  Just a great dog, with lots of energy and love to give the right family.  We are thinking she is about 2 years of age, has been spayed and has had her vaccinations.

You have to meet this gal to appreciate her!20170125_105849-1Taffy is ready to play in this photo.

It seems like I am choosing all the gals today, to share with you–but I thought of another one, who seems to be forgotten.  Jordan is around 5 years of age and is a Shar Pei/Lab mix we believe.  She is sweet and loving and waits for her special volunteers, Ben and Christine to play with her and take her for the walks that she loves.  When Jordan came to the rescue, she had an injured leg, was very thin and so frightened.  We have worked with her socially and she is happy and healthy and just wants a loving family. Jordan goes out everyday and plays with Jeremy, Whisper and Truman.  She has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.

IMG_4224 (1024x682)

I can’t forget to mention Ginger! She has been waiting and waiting.  Ginger was found in a drainage ditch. She had been dumped and living there for some time.  A kind man finally captured her and brought her to the rescue. At first, Ginger was fearful of people, but with lots of love and attention she is Miss Social.  Ginger is allowed to run on the farm without a leash. She runs and runs and never bothers anything.  When she is finished with her exercise, she comes back and goes right into her kennel. A great gal, that doesn’t demand a lot of attention.  We are thinking she is 4 years of age, has been spayed and has all her vaccinations. A beautiful doggie–thinking a lab/corgi mix.

20170125_100202Ginger loving the snow!

Princess is ready to go.  She was thin and frightened when she came.  What a gorgeous gal she is now!!  Princess has been spayed and had her vaccinations, and put on some weight. She loves to go out and run around on the farm.  Princess is a Great Dane/Lab Mix.  She is a big girl and loves her food!  She is more social and loving to us, but needs to gain your trust. We are guessing her age at 2-3 years of age. I had a more recent photo of her in the snow, but you couldn’t see her eyes.


Abby is the youngest of the girls, except for puppies of course. She is a beagle/hound mix. Abby is an outside/inside dog. She loves the farm, and we were told she liked to sleep with cats.  But, she isn’t friendly to chickens. Well, I could rephrase that–she is too friendly. She likes to play with them, and you know what the outcome of that is!  Abby is 9 months of age, and has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. She is a sweet gal, with lots of energy. At her other home, she came into the house at night and slept in a kennel.  She is loving, playful and a beauty.

20170125_104315Abby looking at Karden taking her photo.

Of course I can’t leave out Whisper–she is coming along, and has a trust issue that we are working on. She just needs patience and love and continued work on her socialization. She was a great mom to her puppies, and is a such a pretty gal. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.  Whisper is close to 3 years of age.

20170125_100705Whisper romping in the snow!

Chuck always reminds me to tell those looking at our dogs to remember that these are rescue dogs, and many of them have come from some very sad and abusive situations. Some have been starved, some have been physically abused, dumped and unloved. Others are here because their families can no longer care for them. Whatever the reason, we do our very best to re socialize, with patience and love. So, if a dog has been here for awhile, it is because, they may need just a little more socialization, or it may mean the right family hasn’t found them yet.  I am hoping these gals find the “Right Family!”

I’ve Been Thinking Again!!

I know, it gets pretty scary here at the rescue, when Nola is in her thinking mood.  Actually, with this ice storm, I have a little extra time on my hands to think. . . to contemplate. ..

I wonder what dogs are thinking sometimes. Like today, for instance. I am outside, walking on the ice–from the nursery back to the main kennel. My good ole friend “Duke” is right beside me. I can tell he is concerned and worried that I may fall.  Now, how do I know what Duke is thinking, you might ask? Well, we have this special relationship, him and I.  You see, he was one of the first puppies that we adopted in 2008.  He came back a year later, because he was jumping over the yard fence, and in a big city you can’t do that.  AND, he had a little of an attitude.  Needless to say, it seemed that bringing him back aged Duke 10 years, and he was devastated. So, I decided he would always be “My special boy.” He still scales 6 foot fences, is not particularly lovable, but he is ALL MINE.  So, to make a long story short, we have this connection.  Now, granted if I would have fallen on the ice, he may have just stood over me, but I know Duke would be there.  Here is a photo I took of him after we came in. By the way, I promised Duke he could stay here forever, so he isn’t on our adoption list.20170116_114829-1024x576Now to get scientific! Yesterday I was working in the kennel, and something strange happened.  If you have ever been in our kennel, our black lab Max flips over and over, when strangers walk through.  It is a sometimes a little scary for people, because he appears to be crazy. But when out of the kennel, he is just a sweet boy.  Anyway, I had let Max out and he was running back and forth at full speed inside the kennel. Another dog, Ginger took one look at him and started flipping over in her kennel. Now this is strange, because she has never done that before.  No other dogs were loose in the kennel—I saw her connect with him then begin to flip.  What was she saying?  Was she showing him how silly he looks, or that she is talented also. I don’t know.  But I just wonder. . . .20160702_113409-2 (1024x813) This is photo of Max taken last year hugging Brenda.  He is over 2 years and has been waiting for a family with patience and love to give him his forever home.

img_2830-1024x768-2This is Ginger–also taken in 2016. She is spayed now, and a great gal. Loves to run around on the farm, and doesn’t bother anyone.. I wonder why she hasn’t found her family?

So, I think I have wondered enough for one day. Guess, I will go put the soup on and relax for the afternoon.

Our Christmas Letter


Looking back isn’t always the right way to focus on the future, but when you run a dog rescue it puts everything into perspective.  We have had a great year–with wonderful dogs that have found homes.  We have met some wonderful families, have great caring Vets and staff, and some dedicated volunteers.  I could continue the list, but then I wouldn’t have the space to share some photos of our doggies.

Peaches is pictured on our card this year—and I for one think she was one of our special adoptions for the year.  After waiting for 5 years, she found a wonderful home and is happy and healthier than she ever.
But then there is Donnie, who after a horrible injury, found “just the right home!”

We continue to have great dogs here at the rescue. Some will be here for life–and others just here for a short time while they wait for their forever family.  So many beautiful dogs–I wish I could share all the pictures. Here are just a few . . .

So many blessings—All of us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue wish you a Merry Christmas!

A Heart of Gold

As I decorate the tree and see all the colors come together, the gold seems to stand out and shine above them all.  I thought of our special girl Royal, (we call her Roy), who has a heart of gold.  She is a shiny example of “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Let me tell you about Roy!

She came to us from a local animal control.  They brought us 3 dogs that day, and they were all large sized and males, or so we thought. Chuck named her Roy (didn’t look close) and I named the others Rocky and Rusty.  The next thing I know Chuck informs me Roy is a female and guess we should change her name to Royal. Well, our Vet enjoyed the story, and said he thought Roy fit her just fine.

But, let me get back to Roy’s heart of gold.  First, I should tell you that basically she is considered a 3 legged dog. She had been injured (probably hit by a car), and it was never fixed properly.  After taking her to the Vet, it was decided that because it was an old injury, it may cause more problems to try and fix it with surgery.  Royal runs and walks with a wiggle, but doesn’t show any signs of pain.

So, Roy is considered special needs to those who may want to adopt her. She is actually “Very Special” to everyone she comes to know.  Chuck saw it right away, telling Brenda and I what a great dog she was.  This week we brought her into our house and Roy is doing awesome! She is totally house trained and does great with the other doggies.

Why do we put the term special needs on the dogs that are less than perfect in body? I guess it is to inform you, potential families, that they may need some extra understanding, and sometimes medical attention.  I would rather just say–special, because that truly describes them. I know the term, special, describes Roy perfectly. When she lays her head on my knee and looks up with those big beautiful eyes, I see a very special girl with a HEART OF GOLD.

Roy is available for adoption, to a family that will love and care for her–and can see the special girl she truly is! The girl with the HEART OF GOLD!