BRRR, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! There is an old saying that says, “Cold Feet, Warm Hearts.” That describes the month of February for the rescue. 12 Hills Dog Rescue is thankful for the donations of dog food, supplies and monetary donations that we received this month. The winter months are always tough on everyone, dogs and people alike and knowing there are people out there with BIG HEARTS helps us keep going. A special thanks to Kyle who helped out with our Amazon list!

So. thanks for caring and for sharing with the doggies here at the rescue!

Frostine & Flurry (3 weeks old) Smudge (8 week terrier) Zeke (Lab Mix)

Dougal (5 month shepherd) Petra ( 8 week old lab mix) Buzz ( an Australian Cattle Dog)



I not only have good news to share—I have AWESOME NEWS!

In April of 2019, the local Animal Control brought a gray pit and 5 —3 week old puppies to the rescue. Mama was very thin and the puppies were on the thin side also.

We named her Sweetie and she gained weight quickly. We were able to find homes for all 5 puppies and Sweetie went to the Vet for her spaying. After that she sat and waited for “just the right family” to adopter her. She seemed to have a special connection with our grandsons and our Friday volunteer Ben.  (When Ben comes to clean the kennels, he makes a point of either getting in each kennel with the dog, or loving them up with the top kennel door open.) I surmise he must have spent a little more time with Sweetie than the others, though.

One day Ben called and said, “Becky and I would like to come over and adopt Sweetie.”  We were all a little surprised, as they had a smaller dog named Dexter, and we weren’t sure if it would be a good fit.  They arrived and Ben brought Sweetie out to meet Becky. I must say, I was a little nervous. How was Sweetie going to respond to her, and would she like Becky?  In 10 minutes Sweetie was kissing Becky on the chin. (First hurdle passed!). Thirty minutes later, Becky and Sweetie were in the back seat of the pickup heading for home.  This was to be a trial run to see if Sweetie liked her new dog brother Dexter, or would she be coming back? We waited the first evening, and then the photos started arriving showing “Good News” happening. 

Today Ben came over and signed the adoption papers to make it official.  Sweetie is now named Macie Mae and she loves her little brother, Dexter and her new mom, Becky. But—I do believe Ben holds the key to her heart.

Ben and Becky took a chance on Sweetie—but even more they took baby steps to help her adjust.  They did everything right, starting with introductions—being there to watch, reassure and love.  It’s about love—between dogs & their masters.  You either have it or you don’t.

Why is this Great News?

  • Sweetie had waited and waited, while people filed past her kennel, barely giving her a second look, because of her breed. There are so many pit bulls out there that need homes.
  • Some dogs– need special handling, along with patience and love.  They need proper introductions with people and with other pets.
  • Being knowledgeable about dogs and how to handle them, makes it easier on everyone.  They need consistency, rules, one master, praise and more praise.

Sometimes dogs sit in our kennels for months on end, waiting for someone to see something good about them.  Our goal is for them to find a family like Ben and Becky, that will take the time and energy needed to make it work for the dog and the family.

NOW. . . . THE REST OF THE STORY.  While here at the rescue Sweetie became very ill from an intestinal infection. We almost lost her. She came home from the hospital thin and sick. After healing she developed depression. We knew she was mourning for a home and family.  It happened and that is our “Good News!!”

Thanks to Ben and Becky for giving her the opportunity and the home she needed!

Becky and Sweetie heading home
I’m Invisable
Loving this couch thing

Loving the grass with Becky!
Me and my brother Dexter guarding the home place
Macie Mae is definitely Dad’s girl!

Christmas Blessings for All!

The snow is beautiful outside and I’m in the mood to send out a Christmas message from the rescue.  As I look back I can see I have neglected to post an article since Spring, but I hope to make up for it.

We had a good year at the rescue.  We have adopted 210 dogs year to date this year, and that is despite an impassable road, flooding and detours.  Being a farm rescue, we have some different challenges to face, but we also have some great opportunities.  Since the rescue is located on our farm, people remark about the beautiful view they see as they drive here, and look out over the hills. Some of the doggies are allowed to hang out each day on the farm to exercise and there is always a few friendly mutts to meet each person when they arrive. So, challenges/versus/blessings–I believe blessing win out every time.

One of the special dogs that found his home this year was my special buddy “Lover Boy.”  He had been here for 8 years, and it took just the right person and family to give him the chance he needed.  We have had wonderful updates, telling us how great he is doing, and his passion for looking in the mirror at himself.  We are full of JOY knowing he is happy!



Lover Boy couldn’t wait to get in the car and head off to a new life!

We have adopted all kinds, and sizes of puppies this year–and young dogs always seem to be chosen first.  I’m hoping that one of our longest residents “Socks” will find her forever home this year.  Socks is 8 years old and loves people. She loves her walks with our Sunday volunteers.  She would be much happier if she could have a family to love and cherish her.


Socks is asking for a forever family!


Wuzzy is Regal looking!

Wuzzy has changed so much since she came.  She had no hair and was full of bumps and mange.  She suffered from rickets from poor nutrition also.  But, great care and a little love helped her heal.  She is beautiful and ready for adoption.  She is around 4 months of age.


Fuzzy is almost TOO Big to hold!

Fuzzy arrived at the rescue full of mange with just a fuzz of hair left around each ear.  He has turned into one of the most handsome dogs that we have here, and his personality is calm and sweet.  He would be a wonderful addition to a family, with or without kids. Fuzzy is 4 or 5 months old.

There are so many other dogs here waiting to be adopted.  Here are just a few. . .







Wendy sleeping on her new bed! Tired of waiting for her new forever home.  Such a lover!

I could post more photos, but look on our Facebook page and you will see them all.

So, as Christmas approaches and the year draws close to the end, we want to thank everyone for their support of our mission at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We are blessed beyond measure!!!’

We want to wish each of you a Blessed Christmas and a healthy 2020.


Spring is Here? Well, Almost

I find myself dreaming of flowers and green grass.  Yesterday, I even had a wild thought of planting flower seeds indoors, but decided it was a bit too early.  I think they call this the winter blahs or blues.  I imagine there are many others feeling the same way I feel right now.

So, we continue to wait for Spring and hope that it comes soon.  I think about all the dogs at the rescue and how they are feeling right now.  With all this cold and snow their exercise routine is shorter and they wait. They wait for warmer weather and more than that, they wait for a someone to come along that will make them part of their family and love them forever. So the wait continues for them and for us.

It has been a very rough winter for animals, and we have taken in many that are neglected or abandoned.  One of our newest arrivals is in tough shape, both physically and emotionally.  We are hoping the next few weeks he will lift his head and be able to look at us.  We are so grateful for the kind person that called and helped us catch him.

20190227_182754 (768x1024) He was in rough shape but looking better.

We have other new ones here as well, and I hope to get photos of them soon.  It is always a process of treating and sometimes healing dogs both physically and emotionally before they are ready for adoption.  We could use your help right now. Our kennels are full and we are looking for some foster homes.  If you are interested please call the rescue and visit with Nola about fostering short term.

We still have Allen-  –20190115_163615 (768x1024) (768x1024)

We still have Riley       20190122_140544 (768x1024)

Henry (Bubby)  is a winner!  7 month old Cane Corso, who arrived in very rough shape.  He is growing again and doing well.  We don’t think he will ever be the extra large dog of that breed, but he is going to be the best Henry ever!

Here is a photo of him loving his foster–Brenda.                                                                                                20190111_070226

What about Tucker?          20190122_134600 (768x1024)

Elsa?   Elsa (2)

or Midge the smallest of the group. 20190302_112218 (1024x973).jpg

I could go on and on with photos of dogs still waiting for their families. I hope to have more photos soon and I hope that we will have families coming to give our doggies the life they are dreaming and waiting for.  Thank you all for caring!










Another Opportunity. . . .

2018 turned out to be a busy and blessed year for 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We had the most adoptions so far, with 223 dogs getting a second chance with new forever families.  Some of the dogs that were adopted were dogs that had been here for some time, so that makes it even better.

So we begin a new year and more opportunities to help the dogs that are appear at the rescue. Our newest challenge is a 5 or 6 month old puppy that was in need of special care.  He has been to our Vet, and we have started the process of special nutrition and water therapy.  He is a sweetie for sure and we are hoping that he will be able to walk normally after treatments and care. He is doing better every day!


We have several dogs that have arrived that are not little pups, but still young and easily trainable.  Riley, Allen and Arnie and are all sweet & handsome boys that will be great family dogs if given the opportunity.

Each new year, we find ourselves setting new goals for the rescue.  One of the goals for the rescue this year is to redo the nursery. with new flooring and paint the inside.  Along with the new deck and cement pad that was completed last year, we hope to have a healthier and easier viewing place for our puppies.

Our main kennel floor is another project we are hoping to do this year if the funding is available.  We plan to have the kennel floor painted with epoxy paint to make it easier to clean and disinfect.  That will be a huge project, which entails moving dogs, kennels etc.,  Definitely a summer project that will require a number of workers and volunteers.


I could go on about more goals for 2019, or I can stop now and breath deeply.  I leave you with this.  We so appreciate everyone who has adopted a dog from our rescue, or shared about the rescue, volunteered or donated.  We never seem to express our gratitude enough!  Thank-you for caring about these doggies!



A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words! Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately?

This morning we received an email, saying it was “Adopt a Pit Bull day.” I immediately was excited, because they asked the question–Have you hugged a Pit Bull lately? The answer is YES!  We sure have!  Big Red was adopted a week ago, and I must say–one of the sweetest pits we have had, and we have had some sweet ones!

Here is a photo of Big Red hugging his new little sister, as they both shared the couch and a nap. 20181024_150402 (768x1024)20181024_150114(1) (768x1024)

So, what more can I say???

We still have a sweet gal named Cookie! She is a Red Heeler/ Pit Bull.  Cookie has been waiting and waiting for “just the right family.”  Just like the family above, they should know the breed, Cookie needs a family to understand her–and give her the love and training she needs.  She loves people and enjoys walks and being with you!

20180725_113824 (1024x768) (632x631)

Here is another handsome boy.  Diesel is a little older pit bull and will also need a family that knows the breed. No other dogs, cats and little children, as he plays rough.  He is handsome boy. He craves companionship!

20180913_095832(1) (768x1024)


I should mention Taffy.  She is a lab pit mix.  She is such a loving gal. She should be the only dog–she loves kids, puppies and we think no cats!


So, since it is Adopt a Pit Bull day–we wanted to share our good news with you about Big Red and his new family.  We also want you to know we still have some great Pit Bulls waiting for their families.  Give us a call–you might find the perfect dog for you!









Boys and Girls-Big & Small


A little corny I know—but it is so true. 

12 Hills Dog Rescue takes in all breeds, ages and sizes. We have small, medium, large and extra large doggies at the rescue. We also have all ages–puppies to seniors.

Raphael (Raffy), Cinch, Big Mike, Diesel, Blackie, Blue and Milo are the names of the boys pictured above. They are all different when it comes to size and breed and even personality, but one thing that is common with each of them.

They are waiting for their forever families. 


Pictured above are the some of the females that are at the rescue waiting for “Just the Right Family!” Kimmie and Katie are our young gals at 7 months. Molly is our small breed and a very loving gal. Cookie has been waiting several years.  She is a great dog that has a sweet personality. Taffy has been in for several years also, and is a loving dog that should be the only one in the household.  (She wants all your love!) Ginger is our senior, who is very loving–and needs a family that is home with her.  Merci Mae is a large and loving girl, that would be a great walking partner.  Dina is boxer mix and loves children and needs to be the only dog in the home. Last, but not least is our 5 year old hound, Glory!  She is house trained, easy-going and sweet gal.

These dogs are a few of the dogs that we have at the rescue! Give us a call!

I Can’t Imagine

All week I have been playing “Catch Up” with many of the dogs that we have adopted through the years.  It has been so much fun, seeing how they have grown and changed, and hearing how happy they are with their new families.

Now, I feel it is time to share the “not so good news.”

I want to tell you about 2 female dogs that have been brought back to the rescue. In both cases, the families loved these gals very much, but circumstances were out of their control.

I can’t imagine how a dog feels–to love a family—one day, then end up at a rescue the next.  Both these gals are devastated, confused, lonely and sad.

This is Dinah a 4 year old–brindle boxer mix. She adores children and toys, running and playing and riding in a car. She had a super great loving family and she wants that again. Her new family needs to understand that Dinah loves her family and doesn’t want to share them with other doggies, so she needs to be the only dog.  She also is protective of her family.  Dinah is a great gal—she just needs the right family and the right environment. Most of all—Dinah needs to be loved again!!!

Here are some pictures of her were taken the day she came back.

The next dog that I want to tell you about today is a gal named Ginger.  Ginger was adopted from our rescue in 2012. The family that adopted her, understood the issues that Ginger had, yet they took her, worked with her and more than anything loved her.

Well, as I said before, circumstances sometimes change and that can place the family dog in a rough situation.  Ginger’s family wanted her to come back to 12 Hills, because they felt we knew her history.

Ginger loves all people. She was in a family with children and especially has a love for elderly people.  She likes toys, being outside and exploring.  The husky breed, are very intelligent,. They are great escape artists, and love to explore.  Ginger has gotten much better over the years, but she would do best on an acreage, or an 8′ privacy fence.

Ginger does OK with cats and cattle, but not chickens.  She doesn’t do well when left inside by herself for long periods of time.  I have a huge list of all of Ginger’s likes and dislikes if you are interested. She really is a sweetheart–and she needs a home.

Yes, I can’t imagine, how Dinah and Ginger are feeling right now, but I do know there is someone out there for them both.  We just need to find them, so these wonderful girls can be happy again!




Let’s Cool It Down a Little

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGSBoy hasn’t the weather been hot?  It is a little cooler today, but all this hot weather has me thinking about snow and Christmas.  Maybe I am day dreaming just a little, but I thought I would share some snow images with you and tell you about some of our dogs at the same time.IMG_0021

20170125_100705This is Whisper! She has been with us for several years.  Whisper has a trust issue, but with patience and love she is a great gal.


20170125_111226 (576x1024)20170121_105826 Winter, spring or summer–Lover Boy is a sweet old man–who has waited for some time. He is around 8 years old now and a Dobie-pit  mix.  When he is happy his entire body moves with his tail.


20180628_191737 (1024x888)  Blue hasn’t been with us long, but he happened to mention that he loves snow more than sun.  He is always ready to play regardless of the weather.


20180705_104616 (959x1024) Dinah is 4 years old and likes snow also.  She loves kids and likes to play with toys.  She does best being the only dog in the house.


20180705_104402 (1024x1003) Merci May has been the rescue for a year.  Her eyes seem to say–won’t you give me a try?  She loves people, kids and needs to be the only dog in the family.  She is a Lab Chesapeake mix and around 2 years. I know she enjoys the snow!



Another blizzard photo to cool you down!


20180601_092334 (768x1024) (768x1024)

Milo is ready to try again.  We know one thing–he doesn’t like cats!!!!


20180601_083740 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Danny is waiting!



Lady is a senior and has waited and waited for her new family.  She is a sweet gal.


Last, but not least is Glory!!!  Hope the snow scenes helped with the July weather!

20180626_174556 (1024x498)

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                   Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS

Happy Christmas in July—Everyone!

12 Hills Dog Rescue



Clover–Our Mascot–No More

Yes, Our special “poster girl & mascot” crossed the Rainbow bridge in February.  I have struggled writing this story, but I need to share it with you. Clover was one of the most special dogs I have come across.

She arrived at the rescue close to 9 years ago. She was a puppy that was so sick with mange and starvation, that it took almost 6 months of special care for her to heal.  But she did heal and we knew that she had to be our poster girl and mascot. She needed to show the public that mange can be cured, without putting a dog down.

Clover lived most of her life with our son and his family across the road from us.  She took on the job of caring for his 3 smaller doggies, and would make sure that no big dogs entered the yard to bother them.  She was loving, sweet and calm, and it was a very sad day for our family when she crossed that rainbow bridge.

Looking back–she had a job to do, and she did it so well.  Clover you were so loved—thank you for being “our special gal!”20171105_185016(1) (768x1024)


“Love is in the Air”

Typically, February is considered the month of love! Sweet valentines, chocolate are seen everywhere we go.  It is also a good month to remind everyone that doggies need love too!

I considered posting all the photos of the doggies that found families this month, but decided I should focus on the ones still waiting—waiting for find the love and family they deserve.

Some of the dogs at the rescue are here because their family couldn’t keep them for various reasons. Some are here because they have been neglected. Others have been abused.

Taffy is a prime example of a neglected/abused dog.  She came here so thin she could barely stand, and she had puppies to care for.  Look at her now–she is so healthy and ready for that special “loving family.”  Taffy may look a little intimidating when you first meet her, but she truly loves people, loves her belly rubbed, loves to go on walks and runs.  She loves to snuggle and if she could fit, I bet should would sit on your lap.

2749_1517688926797 This is Taffy, snuggling with one of our volunteers. She just wants someone to love.

What about a young dog named Lacey. She has one gorgeous blue eye and we put her down as Australian Shepherd mix.  What do you think?

20180124_123851 (1024x768)

Gracie is another one that is here and begging for love and attention. She is a young dog, and has so much energy–like most hounds do.  She could use a home with special love and attention.



If you prefer senior dogs we have a nice German shepherd gal who has been waiting.  Her name is Lady and she follows Brenda and Chuck around in the kennel. Looking for companionship & love.


Annie would love to have a family.  She has been waiting and waiting for just the right one.

2278_1482071284230 (768x1024)

We have Lola–a sweet dog that has suffered abuse.  She needs sweet words and kindness and lots of hugs.


These are just a few of the gals here at the rescue that aren’t looking for roses, chocolates or cards. They are looking for loving families.  Are you one of those?


Happy Endings

Wow—what a month, and January isn’t even over yet! We have had a number of dogs brought in that were abandoned or surrendered, sick puppies–and to top it off , we have had a couple dogs returned that were devastated—I hope things look up soon!

Did I mention that Brownie and Frieda are due to have puppies any day? Yes, we also have at least 2 pregnant females at the rescue.  Well, all I can say is, most of this is normal for a rescue or shelter. But, sometimes it wears you down, especially during cold weather. So, if you could, we would appreciate some kind thoughts, a prayer for the rescue and maybe even a volunteer or two.

I know things are looking up–and good things do happen during all this craziness.  During one of the coldest nights of the year, someone dumped 8 small dogs to die on a country road about 20 miles from us. It was close to 10 p.m and our warm bed was waiting. BUT, a kind man loaded them up and took them to our grandson–who brought them here. The story did have a happy ending. Since we were full, our friends at the Siouxland Humane Society came down the next day and took 6 of them. Those 6 have found good homes.

We kept 2 of the 8 here at the rescue. The little gal (Maisie) is being fostered until she is ready.  The small beagle mix, Leary (his new name) found a wonderful home.  Here is a photo of Leary with his new dad. We heard that he is doing great!


Now, lets talk about Betty–she was brought back–Her new mom loved her, but we heard she didn’t like her grown-up children. Very sad–for them both. Betty sat in front of the glass porch door for hours, waiting, after she was brought back. The good news is that Betty is house-trained, and does great with all the dogs here, and new people that come in are no problem.  Betty just needs a happy ending!


And–more good news–the puppies that were under the weather are all better and waiting for their forever homes.  Here are photos of some of them.

So we hope that 2018 provides us with more opportunities for “happy endings.” Let’s think positive, shall we?

Who Rescues Who?

This week we received some photos and a short message from a woman who had adopted one of our rescue dogs 5 years ago. She wrote, something like this; “Thank-you for Brandi, she saved me.”  I know this woman’s story, and yes, Brandi did save her.  Many times the dogs who need to be rescued, end up rescuing their new family.  Bah-Hum-Bug you say. Well, it’s true. I have story after story where a dog or a cat helped a family with grief, depression, loneliness, etc.  Brandi is just one of the stories. Here are the new photos of Brandi.  She looks so loved and happy.

Brandi            Brandi 2

I believe dogs that have been rescued know what it is like to be lonely, scared, hungry, unloved. When they find that special family to love them, they form a bond that cannot be broken.

We have heard all the reasons why someone doesn’t want their dog, or have returned a dog they have adopted. Sometimes, the family and the dog just don’t fit.  So, they come to 12 Hills Dog Rescue and we begin the process of emotional healing for that dog. Here are several of the dogs that are healing and waiting to rescue their family.

Suzy Q is an Australian Cattle dog mix that came here as a rescue.  She was adopted to a nice family, but she didn’t get along with the other dog at their home..  We are not sure why,  but something just didn’t click for her.  After returning we found that she loves to ride on the 4 wd Mule while Chuck is working on the farm and feeding the dogs.  She stays close while outside and doesn’t bother anything.  So, we are thinking that Suzy Q just needs a farm buddy to bond with.  Someone she can hang around with and maybe ride with in a truck. She is a working dog, and needs a job to do, and she needs to feel important and appreciated. 2272_1509840377806 (969x1024).jpg

Now let me tell you about Lizzie!  A super great gal, that is also needs “just the right home!”  She was adopted to an older couple, but she didn’t seem to like it there.  We think she needs an active family with children to play with.  She also needs a fenced yard, so she doesn’t go off searching for new friends. Lizzie is a border collie mix and is spayed and house trained, etc. She is just needs the right family that she can rescue. Here is a photo of her.20171214_102153 (1024x768)

I can’t end this post with saying a little about my friend, Dusty.  The sadness and mourning this dog went through when brought here, almost broke our hearts. After 7 years, just not wanted anymore.  I know that somewhere there is a family waiting to be rescued by Dusty.

20171002_130533 (768x1024)

Do you need rescued?  If you do, don’t rush–think it through–and a special dog will be there for YOU!



Adopt a Senior Month!

What age is senior to you?  Being a senior has some perks for humans, such as a discount at the movies or restaurants.  But, being a senior dog is a little different.  Some people shy away from senior dogs.  The excuses are: I can’t take it when I lose them, it’s too heartbreaking for me.  I want a puppy so I can train them from an early age.  I’m afraid that there will be too many vet visits with a senior dog.

Giving a home and love to a senior dog for the last few years of their lives–is very rewarding.

Max is one of the senior dogs that lives at the rescue.  Max is a prime example of a senior dog. I promised his family that I would keep him here at the rescue, until he passed on.  We laugh at him daily. He is at least 11 years, and he still runs, bays and plays with a ball.  Sometimes he talks a little too much, but that is Max.

20170917_121115 (1024x768)

This is Max on his adventure. He needed help to get on the seat, but he has fun outside with the dogs and following everyone around.

Some of the senior dogs here that are still waiting for their families are. Lady, Dusty, Dot..Dot, Elvis and Samantha.

Here are photos of each of them, and if you are interested in adopting a senior dog, then give us a call.


This is Lady–she is 7 or 8 years, and was used for breeding. She would make a great companion dog for someone.

20171002_130533 (768x1024)

This is Dusty. He is so sweet. A big boy who loves hanging out with you. 7 or 8 years!

2671_1491609375072 (1024x768)

This is Dot…Dot. He has gotten so chunky. Just doesn’t get enough exercise.  A great dog, that needs a home. 7 years!


This is Elvis and Samantha. They love to be called Elvi and Sammy.  Both were in rough shape when they came here. They are both over 7 years old.  Great little lap dogs–and they have a story to tell.


And last is my personal sweetheart “Lover Boy !” He has been waiting so long for the right family to come along. He is over 7 years now and when he wags his tail, he moves his entire body. He loves walks and likes to be talked to.  A great doggie!

My next post may be sharing about the puppies we have at the rescue, -but don’t forget the senior dogs out there.  They have so much love and devotion to give. It would be a blessing for them to spend the rest of their days with a loving family.




Is It Over Yet?

WOW! What a month! October is “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month”, so I have been sharing some of the dogs that have been brought to the rescue in hopes of generating more adoptions.  We have had a few, but we need more people to meet and adopt some of our special dogs.  Betty found her forever home this week, and  we hope it works out for both of them.  Betty is such a sweet gal, and has been overlooked for some time.  I teared up just a little when she placed her head on her new mom’s knee and looked up at her.  It was worth it all to see Betty excited and happy.              20171025_101003

Then there was Sox–who found a wonderful home with a young couple.

              20171021_141328 (768x1024)

We have had a few young ones come in this month. Caesar is getting adopted today and we still have Sadie, who is 4 months of age, and Pearl who appears to be 5 months.  Both girls will be large dogs, and have very sweet personalities.  This is Sadie–It isn’t the best photo, but it shows her coloring. She was very thin and scared when she came here, but is beginning to gain after some tender loving care.  Watch for photos of Pearl soon!


This month we received a very sweet lab mix gal and her four 10 day old puppies.  She is medium sized and very happy to be here.  I named her “Joy.”  We will be posting photos of Joy and her puppies in the next few weeks.

The last several months 3 severe cases of mange and neglect were brought to the rescue. Elvis and Sammy are coming along, and looking better everyday.  Fritz, a little black puppy was in very bad condition when he arrived. He is a work in progress and is receiving the treatment and love he needs.  Watch for  photos and a story in November.

So, as I wrap up my short stories for October, I just want to say—through all the hard work and sometimes tears, “It is worth it all!”




A Day In the Life of a Shelter

October is adopt a dog from a shelter month, and this month we have gotten a number of dogs that have needed special care.  This little guy arrived yesterday, and is a prime example of one of those needing special care.

20171024_115132 (768x1024)

I named him Fritz—and he looks pitiful doesn’t he? Usually it takes close to a month of loving care, and and we should see a huge difference. You can’t tell his breed right now, but we were told he is a shepherd.  If all goes well with his treatment, we will be posting photos of Fritz in a few weeks, and you can see for yourself.  Rescue dogs are great dogs! They just need love, care and a opportunity to share their love with a forever family.

As for other dogs that needed special care this month–we have Elvis and Sammy, that are on the road to recovery.  They both are small breed dogs that have lots of love to give.   Watch for their photos in the next few weeks!

Another Sweet Gal!

Speaking of black dogs–we have a honey here at the rescue that has a black coat, tinged with brown.  She appears to be a lab/Chesapeake mix.  Merci is a gorgeous gal with the softest coat. She is close to a year now and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She seems to be getting overlooked when families come to the rescue. But then I could say that happens to a number of dogs here. She is loving and friendly–and likes to be the center of attention.

Merci is very smart and with a little training would be responding to commands in no time.  The photos were taken last week.  I’m not sure they show her beauty. I think this is a dog, you need to touch and take out for a walk and see what you think.

She is a winner!

20171007_144327 (1024x768)


Black Dogs are Awesome!

Have you heard the old saying that black dogs are the last dogs chosen?  I have heard it many times, and I’m not sure why that is.  As a rescue, I find it is harder to take pictures of black dogs. The photos don’t seem to pick up the expressions on black dogs faces like it does on others.  Well, saying all that, I know there are families out there that “JUST LOVE THEIR BLACK DOGS!”  So today I want to share about several black dogs we have. They are getting overlooked for whatever reason and they need a chance to be in the spotlight.

20170522_190424 (1024x768) This is Sharky! He is a black lab mix.  He has some spots on this tongue which could mean he has a little chow in his background.  A happy sweet boy, that needs a home. Sharky is 2 years old and has been neutered and has all his vaccinations.



This is Max! He is 5 years of age and always gets overlooked.  Max flips in his kennel, but when out and about he is a loving boy. He is a little nervous at first around strangers, but with a little patience and loving care, he would be a great dog. No One Ever Looks at him!

These are just 2 of our black dogs that need homes. We have Truman–and Jeremy–also.

So, just as a reminder–October is Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month. If you are looking for a dog, this is a great time to find one.  Whether they are all black labs, or dogs in all colors, 12 Hills Dog Rescue wants to share our doggies with you.  Give us a call at 402-846-5100 and come and meet Max and Sharky!


Keeping My Word

Here it is—-close to the half way mark of October and I need to write a few more posts about the dogs here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  October is Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month, and I promised myself and all of you, I would work harder to help our dogs find their forever homes.  Puppies are an easy adoption, but the older ones—the pit mixes—the seniors–the BIG ONES–and those that have some issues, are what keeps our rescue full.

Today, I wanted to share with you about Bruno! He is such a calm presence in the kennel, and when he is out and about, he just stands and looks around.  Bruno is a Boxer/Mastiff mix.  He is an extra large guy, and does well with people.

I know his looks can be intimidating to some people, but really he is a softie,and very laid back dog.  Bruno needs a home where he can go for walks, hang out with a family and be loved. He has been neutered and has all his vaccinations.  He is more than ready for his second chance.  Think about it!  If you love big dogs, and boxers are your breed–I think you would “Just Love” this boy!

Oh, I forgot one thing.  His eyes speak to you.  Take a look and see for yourself!

HAW_1140 (1024x683)


Lady—The Name Fits Her


Lady arrived at the rescue around 4 or 5 months ago.  She had a deep, burn-type wound in the middle of her back and was very thin.  After several month of medical treatment and special care, she is a new dog.

When I say a new dog, I mean not just physically, but also emotionally.  Lady (we named her that) must have been kept in a kennel most of her life, because it took her quite some time to feel comfortable out and about. In fact she would only come out of her kennel for a couple minutes at a time at first. We just let her take her own sweet time—AND. . .

YOU SHOULD SEE HER NOW!  She has full run of the farm when we are outside working with the dogs.  She is confident and happy and we think she is ready for that family.

Lady is around 8 years of age, and probably had quite a few litters of puppies.  We believe she was used for breeding, even though she isn’t a pure bred.  Of course, none of that matters to dog lovers, and surely not to us.  We have given her all the required vaccinations and she has been spayed. She is doing super great.  Now—she just needs that forever family.

Do you want to meet her?   If so, call us at 402-846-5100 and we will share the information we have.   A Lady for sure!

So, Like I Said. . . .

OCTOBER IS ADOPT A DOG FROM A SHELTER MONTH! And, I have promised myself, and all our dogs, here at the rescue, that I would at least post 2 stories a week during October.

What dog should I share about today? I know, let’s talk about Zeus——-

20170822_174229 (768x1024)  20170822_174222(2) (1024x768)

Isn’t he handsome, with his short white coat and black markings?  A 3 year old male that is house trained, neutered and has all his vaccinations and (listen to this) was around 22 cats. He is a large sized boy, around 60#. I think he would do well with another dog and yes, even CATS!

Zeus seems to have a kind heart and when he looks at me with those eyes, my heart just hurts. It’s almost like he is asking me, when is it my turn?

Zeus has been waiting for a few months for that home. We know he has some of the pit breed in his background, but if you can have this breed in your community, and like what you see, call us and ask to meet Zeus. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Part of his fee has been paid—for that perfect forever family.  GIVE US A CALL!



Is Dusty Laughing?

20171002_130551 (768x1024)

What does Dusty know that makes him so happy? Could it be he is laughing because his past owners put his breed down as a Black Lab and German Short hair, but he resembles a yellow lab?  Could it be that he knows something that we don’t know yet?  Just maybe he is sensing that his new and forever family are coming soon to take him home.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, as you can guess, I am hoping that he is smiling for the last reason. Dusty desperately needs that new family. He has been waiting for several months in hopes that those families walking through the kennel, would see his happy face and choose him!

Dusty’s story is much like many others, but a little different.  A family dog to a gal moving off to college.  When she left home, Dusty had to leave also. At first Dusty was heartbroken, like so many that arrive here, but now he has adjusted and doing great. All he needs is “that new forever family.”

Dusty is neutered and has all vaccinations. He is 7 years old–just the right age to still have a great time with you, and out of those puppy/teen years. He does super great with the other dogs when out and about. He was raised on a farm so he likes the outdoor life, and yet, I an envision him as a great guy to sit beside your easy chair when you are watching the television.

So why does Dusty look like a yellow lab? We may never know. There are lots of mysteries in the dog rescue business. Does it matter?  Dusty needs a home and this is the perfect time to give him that home and family. October is “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month.”  So, give us a call, and choose a time to come and visit the rescue and meet this special man.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Here are a few more photos of Dusty–just so you can see what a nice, big boy he is.!


Flowers in Bloom!

Everyone knows that flowers take special care when getting ready to bloom.  I know I work hard at watering, fertilizing and tending our flowers each year.

So for this litter of puppies, I thought—extra care—gorgeous, handsome, sweet–let’s name them after flowers.  I must admit, that sometimes I run out of ideas when naming countless dogs and litters of puppies. But, I do think I hit the nail on the head with his litter. They are beautiful little flowers–finally blooming in full color.

We have Aster, Buttercup, Marigold, Daisy and Tulip that are ready to go! We still have Rose and Flower that are not quite ready to bloom. These are all the female puppies.  Next week I imagine that Dandy, Sage and Briar will be ready as well.

These sweet puppies are all from one litter.  There are 7 females and 3 males.  When they arrived they had some issues, but with nurturing and tender care, they are doing fantastic!

So, laugh if you want—I know the snow is coming soon, and I’m taking one last opportunity to soak in the beauty and colors of the warm months.  And if that takes naming puppies after flowers, so be it! Of course, when you adopt these beauties, you can change their names to suit you. Maybe candy bars???

So give us a call at 12 Hills Dog Rescue and fill out an application.  These puppies will go quickly. Here are Aster, Buttercup, Marigold, Daisy and Tulip!

Which One??

It has been some time since I posted a short story about our rescue and the dogs we have here.  As I was looking through ALL THOSE PHOTOS on my phone, I couldn’t decide what dog to talk about. Adopting a dog is like that sometimes. Some families can look at a dog once and know immediately. Other people are undecided and want to make sure that the dog is “just the right one” for them.

Today I saw a post from another rescue with photos of  dogs that have been waiting for some time for their families. It struck me how some dogs are overlooked, because of their breed, or issues from their past experience.  I think that most rescues have those dogs that need extra care, extra love and sometimes even extra medical attention. Today I hope to share with you some of the dogs that are still waiting. Waiting for their special families.

These sister have been here for a year, and are close to 2 years. Cookie and her sister Oreo are sweet dogs, and have lots of energy to boot. So they both need families that are on the go.  I’m sure they would make great jogging partners.  They have been spayed and have all their vaccinations.  Their breed is Australian Cattle Dog Mix, probably with a pit bull terrier.  Great dogs, friendly, strong, full of energy, and just need some love, patience and training.

Whisper is 3 years old and she has made some remarkable strides.  She has a trust issue, and likes some people, and others no.  She also needs patience and time and “just the right family.” Whisper is spayed and has all her vaccinations.

When Ginger came, it took us months to touch her. She has been her for 2 years and is a different gal.  She walks up to people now, and lets them pet her. She is a free spirit and would be a great gal on an acreage or farm.  She is 3 years and is spayed with vaccinations.

Bruno, a boxer/mastiff male is very handsome, calm and such a good boy. He loves people, and enjoys walking on a leash. Bruno is almost 2 years, neutered with vaccinations.

Sox is a great dog that can jump straight in the air, when she wants your attention.—She would be a great dog for an active family. She is 2 years old, spayed and has vaccinations.

Then we have Sharkie, Dot-Dot and Annie the Boxer. Sharkie is a Lab/Chow we think, and 18 months of age. Dot..AKA Rambo is 3 years and a nice boy. Annie is around 18 months. All of these have been spay or neutered and had their vaccinations.

Wow, I only covered a small portion of the adult dogs waiting to be adopted!  Here are their photos. You can see for yourself, how truly special each of them are.




Oreo and our son, Tony




20170603_104613 (1024x768).jpg

Ginger giving a volunteer a kiss

HAW_1139 (1024x683)


20170522_190424 (1024x768)





Dot…AKA Rambo

2278_1482071284230 (768x1024)

Annie the Boxer

Aren’t they truly wonderful? That’s not all— we have more at the rescue just waiting to meet their forever families.

Never a Dull Moment

It has been sometime since I shared some of our news with everyone. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has been hopping or should I say jumping with activity.

Good News–This year we received our first spay and neuter grant from Partnerships with Native Americans. Since we received the grant in November we were able to spay 17 females and neuter 19 males and give them vaccinations and parasite prevention.  A big deal for this little rescue. We are working on our next grant now.

More good news! Some very special friends held a volleyball tournament fundraiser for the rescue. With the monies raised we were able to purchase a Shade Patio for the exercise yard. Now the dogs can stay out and have fun and have plenty of shade on those hot days.

1495_1496357035222 (768x1024)

More good news—our special friends from Iowa came again this year to paint the office, build a modular pegboard unit and even brought sturdy dog beds they made. What is amazing is they know exactly what to do–we just turn them loose and it’s magic.

20170603_135904 (1024x768).jpg

We are so blessed to have our dedicated volunteers that help in so many ways. Whether it’s painting or cleaning, walking dogs, grooming, taking photos, sending donations, and more–everyone of you are so appreciated–and we say; “THANKS FOR CARING!”  Our volunteers seem to arrive at just the right time–and that keeps us going.

More good news! Puppies are always plentiful where we live, and in the past 2 weeks we have rescued another 15. Nine are from one litter! Why is that good news? Because, in all cases the doggies were brought to us, which means we are being accepted and trusted to save these little creatures.  This photo was taken after we bathed all 9–and they were heading back to their kennel.  They are lab/heeler mixes. 20170603_114714 (1024x768)

Well, I guess I can give you a sneak peak of what the other 5 puppies look like. We named their mom, Molly, and she is a pekinese/chihuahua mix.  She is sweet, loving, even likes to fetch. They were found in a vacant house and brought to the rescue.

20170526_101227 (1024x759)

And yes, I do have one more puppy that was brought in–and I will tell you this much—she is sweet and we named her Tessa. Photos for all will be coming out soon.

I could go on and on about the good news, but guess I will share the not so good news now. The transmission went out of our trail blazer, loving called the “dog wagon.” We are looking for another vehicle that is low enough to the ground to load kennels and dogs in. It was “just right” for hauling dogs to the Vet–and for our gravel road.  So, please say a little prayer for us, that we find one that is affordable and will suit the rescues needs.

Hope to share more news soon–again we say . . . .