Hi— My name is Elvis!

Hi--- My name is Elvis!


Tis the Season!

Yep, it is the season for shopping and buying gifts and preparing for the next holdiday, Christmas.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed their run to the pasture with Chuck on the 4wd Mule.  Now, tis the season for some cooler weather, and we worry just a little more about the dogs. Are they warm enough? Will we adopt any large doggies out, so they don’t have to weather this cold?

Elvis is one of our worries.  The 5 year old hound/pointer mix is such a good boy, and has seen his share of bad days.  Elvis will need a nice warm house or shed to curl up in to face those cold winter days.

A little about Elvis—he is a great boy, and I mean great big boy. His head is like a hound, his tail moves constantly—and he spent the first 5 years of his life on a chain.  When we picked him up, he was full of fleas and their eggs and was covered in blood.  His heart worm test was positive, but Vet said he is mending and getting rid of them, with the monthly treatments we give him.  He is put on weight nicely, and just needs a family to give the love and care he deserves. I can’t say enough about what an awesome dog Elvis is.  The family that adopts him, will need to past the “Elvis Test”.  So enjoy looking at those BIG brown eyes and give us a call if you are interested.


This Time of Year We Consider our Blessings

Here on the farm–where 12 Hills Dog Rescue is located–we are so thankful for the year 2012. Not only the blessings we have received as a family, but as owners and operators of 12 Hills.

I was looking at my Facebook page and so many are saying what they are thankful for each day of the month. I look out my window and see all the blessings given to us from our Creator.  I also see all the doggies that need homes yet.  Sometimes being a dog rescue is very overwhelming. It seems to take first place over other organizations and causes.  The reason is because, these dogs count on us to feed, care  and love them, every day. There are no days off–they have to eat–their kennels cleaned, etc. It is OK though, we love what we are doing–and we will continue as long as we can. Now to get back to the thankfulness of this message.

ImageWe are so thankful, that God put this mission on our hearts, and that we have met so many wonderful people this past year.  We can’t begin to name all of them.  The great people that adopted our dogs comes to mind. So many nice families have come through here this year. To date we have adopted out almost 150 dogs to good families so far and the year isn’t over yet.  What a wonderful blessing that is!!

So, even if we didn’t name you personally, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blessings we have been given from each of you.  Thank–you for Caring and Sharing in 2012!