Farm Dogs

Let Me Tell You About,. Living in farm country there is almost always a demand for a good farm dog. Here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue we have a number of nice dogs that would be great farm dogs.

There is Shep—He is a very handsome yellow shepherd type dog with white feet. Good to look at, a thick coat and a very good sweet personality.  He is around 18 months and is a large dog. He likes people, hasn’t chased our cattle and gets along with other dogs.

We have Emerson, who looks to me like a heeler mix. He is very handsome with great markings and begs to get out of his kennel. He has been good around the farm when out. He is just waiting for a opportunity.

Jerry is another Heeler mix that has great markings and when out and about doesn’t bother anyone. He is 2 years old.

Angel and Sam are both Shepherd mixes. Larger dogs than the others. They are good girls with Angel being a little shyer than Sam. They are 2 years old also, and would make great farm dogs.

So, that is  just some of the dogs here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that would make good farm dogs. I am sure we have others would fit the bill.  They are just waiting for the right families to come along.Image

Let Me Tell You About Ajax!



Do you think Ajax is a male or female name? Well, Chuck gave me a ton of grief over her name. You see, no one looked close, and she looked like a male boy, and I was searching for an interesting name. Anyway, Ajax is a female dog–and her breed is a mystery to us. I looked in the dog book and she sort of looked like a Brussels Griffon, and since needs a breed for the posting. . . you understand.
So Ajax, is a very pretty, sweet lady and deserves a much better name. She came to us from a local animal control and is looking for a family to love her.
She is a large dog and should weigh around 40#. She gets along well with the others in the big kennel, and likes to be petted and loved. Ajax may be a non-shedding breed, but haven’t been with her enough to say for sure. Her coloring is black and brown with brown markings on the legs. She is a beautiful gal—inside and out.

Let Me Tell You About. . . Hunter

As I was cleaning the kennels yesterday, Jan 3, 2014 I was thinking. . . Yes, I do my best thinking when I am scooping and sweeping. Well, not really, but I do get some new ideas when I am in the kennels with the head phones on.
Let Me Tell You About.. is going to be the new catch phrase for a new page of our website. I hope to tell the readers something special about some of the dogs we have here at the rescue.
I have been told that they like personal notes and descriptions, and not just breed, size, etc.
So, here we go!
Let me tell you about Hunter!
Hunter came to us from 2 very kind hunters that found him by some hay bales. They fed him sandwiches on day one and came back and the little guy was still there, thinner than ever.
They must have seen our sign, because they brought him to us and asked if we could take him.
He was so skinny and bloated and pathetic. We brought him in the sun room with some of the other puppies and began feeding him and giving him the medical attention he needed. His new name–(you guessed it) Hunter.
Hunter has grown into a very handsome young (large)man. We are estimating him at 5 months now and he may weigh 35#. He is a lab shepherd mix. His fur is silky and is coloring is that of a shepherd.
What I wanted to tell you about him is this: He is definitely a people boy. We attempted to move him to the big kennel and he was very upset. After several days of his whining (even when he was outside), we decided he needed to come back in the sun room and back yard.
You guessed it! He is happy and satisfied. The only thing he wants now is a new forever family. Hunter still needs to be neutered, but we are hoping his new family will take on that responsibility. DSCN6572 (640x480)