While I am Thinkig About It!

What a busy day at the rescue, and yes, we accomplished so much on this beautiful “almost” Spring day.  It seems we may have snow or rain in the next couple of days, so cleaned kennels, brushed dogs and completed so many tasks today that needed done.  It is amazing what you can do without interruptions. 

We needed a day with some positive happenings after finding out that the Village of Walthill was going to rescind the “No Kill” ordinance and go back to destroying some of the dogs in the pound.  We are working with them to hopefully help the situation–and in the mean time have been contacted by a couple of rescues that want to help.  Now if the condition of the pound were that easy. We are hoping that they will be able to get the heater going again, find some proper bedding and be able to fix the sewer problem. Just some of the obstacles that the village will need to correct to keep dogs there.

But that is the not so good news, but we do have some good news to share.  Brandy was adopted last week, and is doing well. We have all the puppies gone from the St. Bernard/Shepherd and Shepherd Beagles.  We have been blessed with good families almost every day coming to look at dogs and get the word out.  We named 4 new dogs to place on line. One young male is adorable. He was surrendered, and appears to have some Burmese Mountain Dog in his background. I will have new pictures soon. His feet are HUGE and he looks like he is 3 months old.  Our little black Lab gal is around 8 weeks old and I finally settled on the name Molasses. I will  call her Molly for short. She is growing so fast, and we are waiting to make sure she is healthy from her last vaccination. We have a sweet Chow mix female that is young, but has had one litter. And the most exciting is our beautiful collie that was given to us for adoption. His name is Alex, and he has papers showing his bloodline.  He is shy but wants so badly to find a home with a family to spend time with. 

Besides the dog rescue activities, we are in the midst of scraping wallpaper off the living room walls. Not a dull moment at the Brigg’s farm for sure.  Need to run and get back to scraping, but we still have other dogs that I didn’t mention, so don’t forget to check out petfinder.com and 12 Hills Dog Rescue Facebook.  This time of year we are always full of puppies and other great dogs.

ImageHere is a picture of Lily a 5 month old Corgi mix. She is a sweetheart and would make an excellent lap dog.


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Some Very Nice Dogs!

ImageWe have some great dogs at the rescue waiting for Spring to arrive. The picture above is Stu—he is 7 months old, full of playfulness and very loving.  He has a cute little overbite and we are thinking some Pekinese is in his background.  We also have Pete—a wire haired male of about 2 years. He is such a nice boy–and is on the list also to be neutered. Here is his picture,ImageNova is a handsome dog and has lots of energy to run or jog with.  He is a year old now and is ready to go.  In this picture he looks like he is smiling.Image His girlfriend is Sheba and she is quite the character. Loves to play ball and enjoys running and hanging out with you.  She is a year also, and on the list to be spayed.ImageOzzie—is such a nice boy. He is a 2 year old Aussie Bulldog and is so well mannered and kind.  He is tired of the kennel and wants to be out and about exploring.  ImageLover Boy is one of my special favorites. He came here so thin and beat up, that we didn’t recognize his breed.  Now he is happy and healthy and just wants a family that will make special time for him. When he wags his tail, his entire body moves.ImageCallie is quite the gal—a 3 year old yellow lab/Toller mix.  That breed is used for duck hunting, although I am not sure if I spelled it correctly.  We haven’t taken her hunting, but know she loves to be with people and is very sweet.ImageThen we have a boy or I should say young man that needs a home desperately. Blue is a pit–and is such a nice boy. Because of his breed, no one is beating down the door to adopt him, and of course, we need to be extra diligent when adopting his breed of dog.  Blue is a year old now, and loves people and most dogs. He has been neutered and has had all vaccinations. He would be a great dog to have on an acreage or in the country.ImageBlondie is one of our special needs dogs that will hopefully find a new home soon. His right front shoulder doesn’t work correctly, because of an injury–but he does great on 3 legs–can spin and jump and play– and wants a family that can look beyond his disability.  Blondie would make a great dog for someone with a big back yard.ImageBear–what a name for such a small dog.  Bear is almost 2 years old (we think)—and has lots of energy.  She would make a great dog for an active family.  She is a tough little gal–and if she doesn’t like another dog–watch out!ImageEmerson and Jerry are both nice boys and seem to get overlooked all the time.  They both appear to be part Heeler or cattle dog. Emerson has a very deep bark–which almost sound like a hound. Regardless They are great dogs, and both need families. A farm, acreage or even a big back yard, would make them happy. Here is Emerson—and then Jerry!ImageImagePage is another dog that is overlooked constantly. She is 2 years old now and has decided she wants her new family this Spring. She is part Bassett and very loving when she knows you.  She should probably be in a family with older children or adults, as she is a little insecure around children.ImageOmaha—named after the people of the Omaha tribe–is a great looking dog, and has really calmed down after he was neutered.  He would probably do better if he was the only dog, or with another female. He is part chow and the rest is up to your imagination.ImageWell, I could go on and on about each and every dog. I have left out Chloe the Lab/boxer mix, and Jimmy, and Maggie Mae and Marmaduke, Buddy–Pearl–and Sophie—Oh no–absolutely need to share Sophie. Had her since she was 5 or 6 weeks and she was run over a week or so before coming here. Has a leg shorter than the other on the back and a cropped tail, but that doesn’t stop her from prancing around and showing everyone how beautiful she is.  She is a year now and I call her Sophie–Bug! What great kisses she shares with me.  A little shy around people, but given the chance, she will love you forever.  Yes, she is considered special needs—but does wonderful.ImageHere is she–now tell me she isn’t a beauty!