More Seniors!

I couldn’t forget to post some of the other seniors that live at the rescue. Some are in our home and others in the kennel.
Rose came to us in the winter of 2007—Chuck found her in the hay bales one day with 2 bullets in her. The weather was extremely cold that day, with a wind chill of 30 degrees below zero. She was starving, in pain, some would of believed a lost cause. But, he picked her up and brought her to our little heated shed and started giving her the medical treatment and love she needed. We never placed her for adoption, but she is our senior gal and a miracle,”

Rose Marie

Rose Marie

Peaches has another story—being a dog classified in the “Pit Family”–she remains at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
She came to us starving and full of mange. She loves people and kids and has gotten heavier over the past year, because she spends a most of her time laying on her dog bed in her kennel. When she comes out for exercise, she runs a around a little, but goes back and sets down and just looks at us. I think she is lonesome and depressed.
She has waited so long for a family, but no one wants a “Pit”, or if they do, the city ordinance bans them. She would be a great dog for a family without other dogs. Peaches loves puppies and dogs that don’t threaten her, but she is afraid that she will be challenged. When that happens—she has to fight back. That is just what her breed does, most of the time.

So, please say a little prayer for Peaches, that she finds a family, or a great volunteer, that will come and visit weekly for “Peachy Time!”

Peaches 7 + years

Peaches 7 + years


Senior Month at 12 Hills Dog Rescue

I was looking at and saw a help article on posting for senior dogs. November is “Senior Dog” month for pet lovers and those of us in the rescue business.
Typically every day is senior month at the rescue. It seems we always have a few seniors residing there, and some will be here for the rest of their lives. It is a good time to share about the rewards that senior dogs can give us. AND–there some, I listed just a few.

1. They aren’t puppies! Puppies get in to everything and they require lots and lots of your attention.
2. Seniors like to have fun, but it is usually in short bursts and they just want to hang out with you
3. Sometimes they are already trained, and so the hard work is done

Of course, we know there is a downsides to having a senior dog, but that is another posting. Here are some of the seniors we have had and some that are still waiting at 12 Hills.

Rosie is 8+ years!

Rosie is 8+ years!

Miss Purdy was adopted! Over 8 yrs.

Miss Purdy was adopted!
Over 8 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill--starving--and full of sticky weeds.--over 5 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill–starving–and full of sticky weeds.–over 5 yrs.

Cinnamon--now named Winnie--adopted after having over 10 litters--over 8 yrs.

Cinnamon–now named
Winnie–adopted after having over 10 litters–over 8 yrs.

Jason--around 7 or 8 yrs. adopted by a nice gal that loves seniors!

Patty--a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills. Patty–a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills.

I have so many more that I could post, and my thoughts go to our 2 wonderful family members that passed in the last year—Squirt and Daisy–we will cherish the good times and great memories we had with you both over the years!!!