Shaggy before his haircut

Shaggy before his haircut

The Pile of hair--now the bath

The Pile of hair–now the bath

Here he is--The Real Deal!

Here he is–The Real Deal!

Most of us have seen make-overs before on television. It seems that person experiencing the make over changes right before your eyes, and a different, happier and more confident person emerges. That is exactly what happened to a little guy that came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.
First, let me give you a little history about this little dog. He has been wandering the community for several years with hair hanging in clumps. So sad and painful to even look at. No one could catch him, and his owner refused offers for a free hair clipping for him.
Now the rest of the story. He came to us a couple days ago, and today we began cutting the clumps of hair off him. The pile was huge in the end, and the little guy was so patient through the entire procedure. After a couple hours of scissoring, using the clippers and a bath, he were amazed. What a transformation! You could call it an Extreme Make-over!” He is adorable and his entire personality seemed to change before our eyes.
Shaggy, (what everyone called him) is a different dog already. He is so handsome and he knows it. He begs to be held, in fact, he wants us to carry him everywhere. I just don’t have the heart to put him back in the big kennel, so he is now wearing a wrap in the house, and we are beginning his next new adventure, house training.
We could rant and rave about the neglect and abuse of leaving a doggie in this state, but I am choosing to look on the positive side. We know that Shaggy has so much potential. And the first thing on my list is to give him a new and better name—because the old Shaggy is gone, and a new doggie is here for sure! What do you think his new name should be?

Down on the Farm Rescue. . .

A new year—new goals and a new camera. I was ready to go. First the camera disk wouldn’t install on our computer. Then it wouldn’t finish on the laptop. Well, I improvised and there I was taking pictures of the doggies in MUD. Yes, when your dog rescue is on a farm, you just know that when the snow melts, or it rains, there is mud EVERYWHERE! We hope that doesn’t turn people away from 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Having a rescue on the farm is unique, sometimes challenging, but in the end we think it works fine.
When the days are warmer and the grass is green the farm is beautiful. We have been told by several families that it is like a doggy resort at our rescue. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but the dogs do have fun as they run and frolic in the pasture while Chuck watches over them in his little cabin. Yes, we do things a little differently than some rescues, but we are all after the same common goal. To save those abandoned, lost and neglected dogs and find them loving forever families. That reminds me–we have met some awesome people who have adopted our dogs, and those who work in the field of rescue. They have been so good to us and we finally took their advice and filed for our 501c3 non-profit status. Not sure if or when it will be approved, but cross your fingers, say a little prayer and we are hoping it won’t take long.
So, here are some of the dogs that need adopted. Some are a little muddy, remember where we live?

Amos--A great Farm Dog!

Amos–A great Farm Dog!

Bugsy---ready to go.

Bugsy—ready to go.

IMG_0045 (640x480)
IMG_0017 (640x480)
Barney-- 2 wk old puppy. Haven't named his 4 adorable sisters yet.

Barney– 2 wk old puppy. Haven’t named his 4 adorable sisters yet.

Emerson--What's wrong with me? Waiting a long time for his home.

Emerson–What’s wrong with me? Waiting a long time for his home.

Bay-A special gal that needs a woman and love.

Bay-A special gal that needs a woman and love.

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