Kelly! Our dog of the month


Isn’t she a beauty? More important is Kelly’s wonderful spirit.  Kelly came to us one day before she delivered 6 beautiful puppies.  She was a great Mom, and she was sad each time one of her puppies found a new home.

Well, Kelly has her girlie shape back, and has been spayed. She has had all her vaccinations, etc. and is looking for “just the right family.” Did I tell you that she is house trained?

Kelly loves kids and likes to sit with them on the floor or in a chair. Sometimes she thinks she is a lap dog.  Kelly has a very special connection, with Chuck, and so we know she likes both women and men.  She is an all around wonderful dog, medium in size with a beautiful chocolate brown coat. She is between 2 and 3 years of age.  We are unsure of her breed, but have her listed as border collie and lab. We do know she has a passion for herding cattle, but we ask her new family to allow her to be in the house where the action is.

If you want to know more about Kelly, just give 12 Hills a call at 402-846-5100, and we will share all about this sweet gal.




She Has Come So Far–now she is ready!

I have heard it said, that “Rescue dogs come with baggage.”  Yes, many of them do. They have been starved, beat, dumped and more.  We can only guess by their actions what may have been their story.

I remember the day this poor skinny black dog arrived at the rescue. She had been found wandering along the highway, and her front leg was injured and bleeding. She was so scared and ill. We gave her medical treatment, named her Jordan, and she began the slow healing process.

Jordan, was scared of other dogs when she came. So fearful, that she would lash out at them. So we are assuming, she had been attacked by another dog or dogs, and just maybe that is how she was injured.  We are assuming also, that she either wasn’t around many people, or had been abused.  It has taken months of love–YOU SHOULD SEE HER NOW!

She loves going for walks, she loves her time outside in the exercise pen or running around the kennel. She wants to romp and play, and now she is playing and romping with other dogs.  Jordan is a happy girl once more!

She is loving, playful and ready for her new forever family! She has been through so much, waited so long—-and it is her turn. Please take a look at her pictures–but they don’t show her special personality and love of life. You will have to meet her in person to see that. She deserves a loving family–please call if you want to meet this special gal.IMG_4224 (1024x682)