A Bulldozer Arrived in the Mail

I know what you are going to say? What??? That’s impossible! Here is a look at our new bulldozer that arrived last week. It is awesome!20170331_113854 (576x1024).jpgEven our little dancing sock monkey was in awe of the new bulldozer.  The story of the bulldozer began about a year ago. One of our puppies had just gotten adopted by a nice man named Cliff.  He emailed with an update and shared with me that the rescue needed an Amazon Wish List.  I had never heard of that, but did some research and shortly after—the 12 Hills Dog Rescue Amazon Wish List was born.  By the way, when my wish list gets boring, Cliff reminds me to get back in there and add more items for the doggies.  He has been so kind and helpful.

So, back to the bulldozer–I was looked for a dustpan type utensil, and found this on Amazon.  I was so thrilled when it arrived. It works great!

Actually, this post isn’t just about a bulldozer. It is about people who help rescues. We are so thankful for all of the people who think of the dogs and us and send dog beds, treats, toys, collars, leashes and bulldozers.  This is a hard job–but when we have packages arrive in the mail, UPS or Fed Ex, we not only are excited about the item we need to help the dogs, but we know someone cares. Thank-you all for caring.

That reminds me, I posted on Facebook that we need volunteers to walk dogs. We really do need that help, and we need people to help us brush and groom. So call, email, or Facebook us if your interested.

Hey, I might even show you my new bulldozer!