Which One??

It has been some time since I posted a short story about our rescue and the dogs we have here.  As I was looking through ALL THOSE PHOTOS on my phone, I couldn’t decide what dog to talk about. Adopting a dog is like that sometimes. Some families can look at a dog once and know immediately. Other people are undecided and want to make sure that the dog is “just the right one” for them.

Today I saw a post from another rescue with photos of  dogs that have been waiting for some time for their families. It struck me how some dogs are overlooked, because of their breed, or issues from their past experience.  I think that most rescues have those dogs that need extra care, extra love and sometimes even extra medical attention. Today I hope to share with you some of the dogs that are still waiting. Waiting for their special families.

These sister have been here for a year, and are close to 2 years. Cookie and her sister Oreo are sweet dogs, and have lots of energy to boot. So they both need families that are on the go.  I’m sure they would make great jogging partners.  They have been spayed and have all their vaccinations.  Their breed is Australian Cattle Dog Mix, probably with a pit bull terrier.  Great dogs, friendly, strong, full of energy, and just need some love, patience and training.

Whisper is 3 years old and she has made some remarkable strides.  She has a trust issue, and likes some people, and others no.  She also needs patience and time and “just the right family.” Whisper is spayed and has all her vaccinations.

When Ginger came, it took us months to touch her. She has been her for 2 years and is a different gal.  She walks up to people now, and lets them pet her. She is a free spirit and would be a great gal on an acreage or farm.  She is 3 years and is spayed with vaccinations.

Bruno, a boxer/mastiff male is very handsome, calm and such a good boy. He loves people, and enjoys walking on a leash. Bruno is almost 2 years, neutered with vaccinations.

Sox is a great dog that can jump straight in the air, when she wants your attention.—She would be a great dog for an active family. She is 2 years old, spayed and has vaccinations.

Then we have Sharkie, Dot-Dot and Annie the Boxer. Sharkie is a Lab/Chow we think, and 18 months of age. Dot..AKA Rambo is 3 years and a nice boy. Annie is around 18 months. All of these have been spay or neutered and had their vaccinations.

Wow, I only covered a small portion of the adult dogs waiting to be adopted!  Here are their photos. You can see for yourself, how truly special each of them are.




Oreo and our son, Tony




20170603_104613 (1024x768).jpg

Ginger giving a volunteer a kiss

HAW_1139 (1024x683)


20170522_190424 (1024x768)





Dot…AKA Rambo

2278_1482071284230 (768x1024)

Annie the Boxer

Aren’t they truly wonderful? That’s not all— we have more at the rescue just waiting to meet their forever families.