I Can’t Imagine

All week I have been playing “Catch Up” with many of the dogs that we have adopted through the years.  It has been so much fun, seeing how they have grown and changed, and hearing how happy they are with their new families.

Now, I feel it is time to share the “not so good news.”

I want to tell you about 2 female dogs that have been brought back to the rescue. In both cases, the families loved these gals very much, but circumstances were out of their control.

I can’t imagine how a dog feels–to love a family—one day, then end up at a rescue the next.  Both these gals are devastated, confused, lonely and sad.

This is Dinah a 4 year old–brindle boxer mix. She adores children and toys, running and playing and riding in a car. She had a super great loving family and she wants that again. Her new family needs to understand that Dinah loves her family and doesn’t want to share them with other doggies, so she needs to be the only dog.  She also is protective of her family.  Dinah is a great gal—she just needs the right family and the right environment. Most of all—Dinah needs to be loved again!!!

Here are some pictures of her were taken the day she came back.

The next dog that I want to tell you about today is a gal named Ginger.  Ginger was adopted from our rescue in 2012. The family that adopted her, understood the issues that Ginger had, yet they took her, worked with her and more than anything loved her.

Well, as I said before, circumstances sometimes change and that can place the family dog in a rough situation.  Ginger’s family wanted her to come back to 12 Hills, because they felt we knew her history.

Ginger loves all people. She was in a family with children and especially has a love for elderly people.  She likes toys, being outside and exploring.  The husky breed, are very intelligent,. They are great escape artists, and love to explore.  Ginger has gotten much better over the years, but she would do best on an acreage, or an 8′ privacy fence.

Ginger does OK with cats and cattle, but not chickens.  She doesn’t do well when left inside by herself for long periods of time.  I have a huge list of all of Ginger’s likes and dislikes if you are interested. She really is a sweetheart–and she needs a home.

Yes, I can’t imagine, how Dinah and Ginger are feeling right now, but I do know there is someone out there for them both.  We just need to find them, so these wonderful girls can be happy again!




Let’s Cool It Down a Little

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGSBoy hasn’t the weather been hot?  It is a little cooler today, but all this hot weather has me thinking about snow and Christmas.  Maybe I am day dreaming just a little, but I thought I would share some snow images with you and tell you about some of our dogs at the same time.IMG_0021

20170125_100705This is Whisper! She has been with us for several years.  Whisper has a trust issue, but with patience and love she is a great gal.


20170125_111226 (576x1024)20170121_105826 Winter, spring or summer–Lover Boy is a sweet old man–who has waited for some time. He is around 8 years old now and a Dobie-pit  mix.  When he is happy his entire body moves with his tail.


20180628_191737 (1024x888)  Blue hasn’t been with us long, but he happened to mention that he loves snow more than sun.  He is always ready to play regardless of the weather.


20180705_104616 (959x1024) Dinah is 4 years old and likes snow also.  She loves kids and likes to play with toys.  She does best being the only dog in the house.


20180705_104402 (1024x1003) Merci May has been the rescue for a year.  Her eyes seem to say–won’t you give me a try?  She loves people, kids and needs to be the only dog in the family.  She is a Lab Chesapeake mix and around 2 years. I know she enjoys the snow!



Another blizzard photo to cool you down!


20180601_092334 (768x1024) (768x1024)

Milo is ready to try again.  We know one thing–he doesn’t like cats!!!!


20180601_083740 (1024x768) (1024x768)

Danny is waiting!



Lady is a senior and has waited and waited for her new family.  She is a sweet gal.


Last, but not least is Glory!!!  Hope the snow scenes helped with the July weather!

20180626_174556 (1024x498)

Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS                   Image result for winter clip art WITH DOGS

Happy Christmas in July—Everyone!

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