Some Dogs Can Look at You and Melt Your Heart!

We rescued the sweetest female German Shepherd a couple weeks ago. She had been dumped, and thanks to a couple of kind ladies, she was saved from being hit by a truck.  She has the most beautiful eyes, and when she looks at you, those eyes seem to speak volumes.  We are assuming she isn’t all German Shepherd, because she has one blue eye and one brown one. She would make a great house dog. Lisa is quiet, and just wants to be close to someone that will love her. We prefer that she remain a house dog, as she seems to have that type of personality.

If you prefer an active dog, then Roy, the male German Shepherd, may be more your type. He is a strong dog, and very handsome. Roy looks like he is all German Shepherd to us.  Roy is a young dog, we are guessing around a year. He needs to be neutered, but I think he would be a great walking or jogging partner for someone who makes him part of their family.

Checkout both Roy and Lisa on our Facebook page.


Senior Month at 12 Hills Dog Rescue

I was looking at and saw a help article on posting for senior dogs. November is “Senior Dog” month for pet lovers and those of us in the rescue business.
Typically every day is senior month at the rescue. It seems we always have a few seniors residing there, and some will be here for the rest of their lives. It is a good time to share about the rewards that senior dogs can give us. AND–there some, I listed just a few.

1. They aren’t puppies! Puppies get in to everything and they require lots and lots of your attention.
2. Seniors like to have fun, but it is usually in short bursts and they just want to hang out with you
3. Sometimes they are already trained, and so the hard work is done

Of course, we know there is a downsides to having a senior dog, but that is another posting. Here are some of the seniors we have had and some that are still waiting at 12 Hills.

Rosie is 8+ years!

Rosie is 8+ years!

Miss Purdy was adopted! Over 8 yrs.

Miss Purdy was adopted!
Over 8 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill--starving--and full of sticky weeds.--over 5 yrs.

Boomer-found in a landfill–starving–and full of sticky weeds.–over 5 yrs.

Cinnamon--now named Winnie--adopted after having over 10 litters--over 8 yrs.

Cinnamon–now named
Winnie–adopted after having over 10 litters–over 8 yrs.

Jason--around 7 or 8 yrs. adopted by a nice gal that loves seniors!

Patty--a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills. Patty–a good ole gal, that has a skin condition. She loves all visitors that comes to 12 Hills.

I have so many more that I could post, and my thoughts go to our 2 wonderful family members that passed in the last year—Squirt and Daisy–we will cherish the good times and great memories we had with you both over the years!!!


Full, is what we are–here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Seems the dogs are coming out of the shadows, right before the weather turns cold. I imagine it will only get worse.
So I wanted to update you on the dogs waiting for their forever families. We have the small ones, Isaac, Jackie, and Zoe. We have the small to medium–Buttercup or Sister, as she is called. We have a new little terrier that arrived yesterday, and we will have pictures of her soon.DSCN8285 (640x480)

DSCN8237 (640x480)

DSCN8356 (640x480)

DSCN8370 (640x480)

DSCN8321 (640x480)

DSCN7253 (640x480)
These are just a few of the small ones that are available. Call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue for an appointment to meet the little ones, the medium ones, and the large and xtra-large doggies we have at the rescue.

Big Ears Everywhere!!

We have quite a few doggies at 12 Hills that have BIG EARS!  Puppies and teens and grown-ups all here at the rescue. Some are German Shepherds, others we are unsure of their breed. It doesn’t matter—all are nice dogs and maybe just maybe one of those BIG EARED dogs will be the dog for your family. Here is a picture of Burt–the GermanImage,

If you like dogs with big ears—give us a call.

Spray Away–Chuck!

This warm weather gave us a perfect opportunity to spray the doggies at 12 Hills.  It seems that as the weather warms the dogs are beginning to shed and scratch.  Just to be on the safe side we thought a day of spraying (to kill any critters) was in order.  Of course, everyone was indignant about this wonderful opportunity.  But they soon dried off and were rolling in the dirt again. We had some volunteers come on Saturday and many received a good brushing out.  Big Andy was brushed, but has lots more to shed—oh, right, that’s another story.ImageLucky–and Gizmo  are not happy.Image

So, maybe the next step will be baths to get off the dirt that they rolled in.