Volunteers are Needed!

I have been thinking about the surrounding shelters and all the volunteers they are blessed with- one had 60 dogs and 30 volunteers. That is wonderful, but I am left- wondering–where are our volunteers?? Maybe no one realizes we need help. So here is it! We Need Volunteers!
Chuck is down in the back, and with 3 people running the rescue and over 60 dogs, we could use some help. Dogs need brushed, walked, bathed, fed and etc.
We wish we could find volunteers to work with the some of the dogs that are socially behind–those that need to trust again. We could use volunteers to photograph, and write articles about us. Make us a video for U-tube.

We have a needs list—At least 12 to be neutered, and 5 to be spayed. No funds to do that at this time, so maybe there is someone out there who could sponsor a dog–and help with the the spay/neuter expense. In the next month, Nola will be out of commission for some time—recovering from surgery, so we need to get our numbers down and yes, we need you to volunteer.

So, yes—we need you–to volunteer—we welcome volunteers—we are thankful for them. Call us if you want to volunteer. We are on facebook, and we have our own web page at 12hillsdogrescue.org.

Chuck and Iris

Chuck and Iris



I was cleaning the kennel the other day and had a new thought.  (Hey, I do my best thinking when I am cleaning up the poo).  Chuck, (my husband and co-owner of 12 Hills Dog Rescue) takes the dogs for their nightly run witht he 4WD Mule.  The night before, he had come in and sat in the recliner to cool down. He shared with me about a certain dog that he thought was very special.  (This isn’t the first time that he has shared about dogs that he feels are very special.)  Don’t get me wrong, Chuck loves them all ,and they all seem to love him.  BUT, some endear themselves to him and he “just knows” they are special doggies.

The first dog we had in our rescue that was extra special to him, was Bee Bee. I remember him saying, “She isn’t going anywhere, unless a special person comes along that will really love and understand her.”  Well, Nancy came along and I was surprised, he let her go, even though it was hard for him. 

Then there was Princess—a wonderful couple took her and now she is the Princess or Queen of their home.  These are just two of the special ones Chuck has picked. It occured to me that maybe I should share his thoughts about those special dogs.  So here goes—-Our first one is Alice. Alice is a golden lab mix.  She is a little shy, very sweet and has hair that stands up on her neck. It looks like a giant cowlick or maybe a mohawk hair cut.  She also has one foot that has a smaller toe the others,  If she has been running a lot, she may favor it a little.  Why would he fall in love with this dog? She  is a true beauty inside and out.  You just have to look into her eyes and you can see for yourself. 

So, watch for “Chuck’s Picks” on our petfinder page as well as Facebook in the near future.

Is It Time Yet?? Is ItTime Yet?? Come on–we are Ready for our Run!

When the dogs come out of their kennels, they are ready for their daily exercise. (We call it their run).  They love following Chuck with his 4-WD Mule to the highest hill on our farm. Their they romp and play and wrestle, and then come back and sit beside him for extra attention. How does he do it?? I don’t know, but he manages to give each dog special time and they look forward to it every day. When they arrive back to the kennels, they will be clean and fresh dog food waiting for each of them.  Image

On this day, he wasn’t quite ready to go, but you can see by the picture, they are more than ready!