Another New Mama

Katie was pretty heavy when she arrived at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. You might say she was very overweight. I guess a steady diet of powdered eggs could do that to you.  Well, I was right —I diagnosed she was pregnant also, besides being overweight.  Poor Katie–before she had her puppies—we were scared she would burst at the seams.  Well, 5 puppies later, she is starting to regain her shapely figure.  One of the puppies didn’t make it, but we have 4 of the cutest little ones. 2 tan like their Mom, and 2 little black ones with white on  the tips of their toes.  What a good Mama she is—and enjoys having us visit and pet her and the puppies.  They are almost 2 weeks old and their eyes should open soon. We will keep you updated with pictures.


Look at the Newest Puppies

What cute little things they are. So bright eyed and fat with beautiful thick white hair.  Their Mom is a Lab mix and we think these are labs also.  Some are light tan and others have tan spots on top of the white coat.  They are only 3 weeks old—so need to wait a few more weeks before placing them on our adoption list.  Will keep you posted of their progress.

Little Visitor

I brought my toddler over to the rescue this morning when I needed to bring some pictures by. I’m not sure who had more fun, him or the dogs! The dogs were so excited to have a little person to play with and covered him in slimy dog kisses. He just stood there and alternated barking and giggling. Many of the dogs proved how well they can do with small children. It was a fun little outing for us!


Looking out the window together


Doggie kisses!