Rocket—-The Italian Greyhound

Just was on a website that had tons of information about Italian Greyhounds. I wanted to make sure that when Rocket finds his forever home, it will be exactly the right one for him.  Rocket came to us from a local Animal Control.  He was picked up and his family didn’t pay the fine that would have gotten him home.  That is a familiar story here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We named this little guy, Rocket because he was so fast.  A beautiful boy, black and white and 12″ at the front shoulder. Rocket was neutered recently and has had all his vaccinations.  He still is a little thin, but know the breed is supposed to be on the slim and trim side.

Rocket is close to 2 years and is very lovable and likes to sit on your lap and give hugs and kisses.  He needs a home where he can get his daily exercise, but still be where it is warm when cold weather comes.  He needs a home with a family that understands this breed and all that is unique about them.  We want him to go to his new family before it gets much colder. If you like Italian Greyhounds–call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

When Is Skinny Good?

Well, I guess Italian Greyhounds are supposed to be thin. But how thin?  We have a new young male–so handsome and full of energy, but I think he is a little thin. I can see his ribs and backbone–is that normal for that breed, or do we need to fatten him up a little.  Regardless, he is eating and wants out of his kennel. Tomorrow is the last day for his family to claim him, and then he goes on our adoption list.  Hope he finds a good home with a family that understand and love his breed.  I know the breed are fast for sure, and we named him Rocket.  He wants to blast out of his kennel, so you have to be fast when feeding him.  Watch for Rocket in the next week–we will have pictures and more about him soon.