BIG & LITTLE–a GREAT week for adoptions!

12 Hills had a great week adopting puppies and grown doggies the last few days. We were able to find Ezzy her new home as well, as Moose and his Mom. We are hoping that this week will work out just as well. Puppies are always adorable, but the teens and older, are still waiting for the special families to come and see just how special they are.


Just Because They Care

Had 2 wonderful visits this weekend from a Mom and her teenage boy. They came bringing a gift of 200# of Diamond Dog Food for the rescue.  We gave them the LOUD tour and Joe took pictures and made a video for his U-Tube account.  They brushed and petted and talked to the dogs and just spent special time with some of them. 

They didn’t want another dog–they have an older dog and 2 cats, but wanted to show us support.  After they left we talked about how great it is to have people in our lives that are so caring. 

Two hours later, they came back with 2 bags of tennis balls and the fun was on.  I guess you can tell the “Real Retrievers” when you throw out a ball. Had several that played and many just watched.  Anyway, it was a special day for the dogs and for us—-Image Thanks to Michelle and Joey!

Look at the Newest Puppies

What cute little things they are. So bright eyed and fat with beautiful thick white hair.  Their Mom is a Lab mix and we think these are labs also.  Some are light tan and others have tan spots on top of the white coat.  They are only 3 weeks old—so need to wait a few more weeks before placing them on our adoption list.  Will keep you posted of their progress.