Looking for the right home!


Milo And His Sisters!

Here is Milo!!!

Milo is still here and it is a mystery to us!  He is fat and sassy and gorgous to boot. His little sister Cracker is still very tiny. We are thinking she may be a smaller   breed. It is always a mystery at 12 Hills.  Skittles is so sweet and I love the cute little dots on her left ear. Not sure if we have a recent picture of her, but will share one of Milo with you.  Let us know if you are interested. The puppies are 8 weeks old and have had 2 vaccinations and ready for their new homes.

Here is Snowball—the new Mama!

What a good mom she is–to her 6 little Lab puppies.  We think Snowball is part Lab herself.  She is a very sweet gal and has done an amazing job with her little puppies.  She works hard to keep the weight on. After all raising 6 puppies is a BIG job for such a petite little gal.  Her puppies are eating on their own and we will have a picture soon of their messy faces. They will be ready for new homes in 2 weeks, and then Snowball can concentrate on finding her new forever family.