Spray Away–Chuck!

This warm weather gave us a perfect opportunity to spray the doggies at 12 Hills.  It seems that as the weather warms the dogs are beginning to shed and scratch.  Just to be on the safe side we thought a day of spraying (to kill any critters) was in order.  Of course, everyone was indignant about this wonderful opportunity.  But they soon dried off and were rolling in the dirt again. We had some volunteers come on Saturday and many received a good brushing out.  Big Andy was brushed, but has lots more to shed—oh, right, that’s another story.ImageLucky–and Gizmo  are not happy.Image

So, maybe the next step will be baths to get off the dirt that they rolled in.

Getting the Bugs Out????

What about bugs??? Shouldn’t be any in this cold weather. No, I am talking about our new 40′ x 60′ dog kennel. We have most of the kennels in, and yet still more work to do with plumbing, ventilation etc.  It is wonderful though, and the dogs are enjoying the heated floor. Actually had to turn the heat down, so they wouldn’t be too warm. We are learning about the changes that need to be made as we go, and it is going to be a great place for the dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

Of course most of the dogs that we moved are wondering “what is going on?”  It will take a few days for them to recognize their kennel spot in the new building.  What a blessing it has been to have good friends, good workers and good family.  They come through when you need them.  I will include a picture soon of the inside as well as the finished outside.

Hey, we actually have room for our tractor and cars in the machine shed now.  Things have a way of working out—and I am sure we will get all the little bugs out of the new kennel soon.