The Saddest Dog We Have

Poor Obi,
Never seen such a sad dog. I think it is worse every day. He hates being at 12 Hills. His Mama had to bring him back because he kept jumping the fence.
Obi likes to be the one dog in the family. He would do great on a farm or with a privacy fence.
Most of all the would do best if he had a loving family that would play with him and love him forever.

Update on Obi!!! After thinking it over, we decided Obi needed a new start–so, we changed his name back to what he was called as a puppy–Duke. You know, it seems to have made him a little happier and he seems to have a special look about him these days. His pet name of course is “Dukie”, and he comes to us when we call him that. Maybe this is a good sign.

Obi --

Posing for the camera

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