Are you looking for a BIG DOG???

Nyla was all ears when she was a puppy. She is quite the unique doggie. She is a gorgeous white color, with just a hint of cream on her back. She is extra large in size, and each of her eyes are a different color. Not just the eye itself, but the outline of her eye.  Nyla is a very powerful and loving doggie, and needs to be with an owner that can handle her when she goes for her walks.  She would do best in a home with just one dog. Nyla is spayed and is one year old, and ready for an adventure with her new forever family.

Each Dog Has Their Own Unique Personality

It never fails to amaze me how different each dog is. Not just in size, color or breed, but in personality and temperment.  Mike came in–with a chip on his shoulder, but after being here for a month, getting neutered, he is changing right before our eyes.  Don’t get me wrong–Mike can still have an attitude, but now he enjoys everyone and has his own special way of winning us over.

Dogs can be jealous, just like people. They can butt in on conversations, just like children.  They can be there for us when we are sad or sick to lend support and unconditional love. Mike is all of those!!!! If you think you may want a closer look at Mike–contact 12 Hills Dog Rescue on

We Call Her Ug For Short!

Sugar is her real name, but I must say—she was one ugly little gal when she first came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Even though she isn’t ugly any longer—I thought I would share her story and picture for this special week–“dogs that are hard to adopt”.
Actually, Sugar is a 5 month old white doggie, that has little ears that fold over. What breed is that you say??? We don’t know. She also has a slim nose and small head. Her body is large and she is a pretty creamy white. Such a sweet girl—and smart to boot. So, think about some of the doggies that are just a little different looking—and take a look at Ug or SUGAR—on


Sugar is sweet—that’s why! Sugar is a year old black female Great Dane. She has been surrendered to 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Her story is that—she was too big for the little 2 and 5 year old kids to play around. Her name was Sugar, so we kept it.  She is big—but she is gentle, loving and patiently waiting to get out of her kennel and find her new forever family. She will be one year old on October 2nd.

Sugar has gained some weight and looking good. We will have a picture of her soon.  Yeah!!! Sugar was adopted on Sunday the 13th to a nce family. We are so happy for them both.