Sugar is sweet—that’s why! Sugar is a year old black female Great Dane. She has been surrendered to 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Her story is that—she was too big for the little 2 and 5 year old kids to play around. Her name was Sugar, so we kept it.  She is big—but she is gentle, loving and patiently waiting to get out of her kennel and find her new forever family. She will be one year old on October 2nd.

Sugar has gained some weight and looking good. We will have a picture of her soon.  Yeah!!! Sugar was adopted on Sunday the 13th to a nce family. We are so happy for them both.

One thought on “WHY THE NAME OF SUGAR???

  1. Can’t believe what a couple weeks of good food and loving care does to a skinny dog with a bad coat. Sugar is ready to go to her new home. Will be posting her on Petfinder in the next few days.
    Update: Sugar is beautiful—large white dog and with a neat personality. Hope someone looks at her soon.

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