Getting the Bugs Out????

What about bugs??? Shouldn’t be any in this cold weather. No, I am talking about our new 40′ x 60′ dog kennel. We have most of the kennels in, and yet still more work to do with plumbing, ventilation etc.  It is wonderful though, and the dogs are enjoying the heated floor. Actually had to turn the heat down, so they wouldn’t be too warm. We are learning about the changes that need to be made as we go, and it is going to be a great place for the dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

Of course most of the dogs that we moved are wondering “what is going on?”  It will take a few days for them to recognize their kennel spot in the new building.  What a blessing it has been to have good friends, good workers and good family.  They come through when you need them.  I will include a picture soon of the inside as well as the finished outside.

Hey, we actually have room for our tractor and cars in the machine shed now.  Things have a way of working out—and I am sure we will get all the little bugs out of the new kennel soon.

Charlie Is Waiting?

Charlie is a Handsome Man!

Charlie seemed like a fitting name for this little guy. At first I thought he was a purebred dashound, but he may be mixed. At 12 Hills, we don’t mind if they are a purebred or not. In fact, most of the doggies that come in are mixes, and they make wonderful pets.  Charlie appears to be around a year old, and will need to be neutered soon. He likes to sit on your lap and gives great kisses.  He would be a great companion for a couple or a family with children 9 years and up.  Give us a call about Charlie.


Buddy came to us from a local animal control and there the story begins.  First of all, when he arrived, we noticed he looked very similar in age and breed to another sweet boy “Benny”.  Buddy began his days at 12 Hills Dog Rescue in a kennel surrendered by kennels and other dogs.  After a few weeks, he was out and about on the farm, and we discovered what a talker he actually was.  He only talked to Brenda, but they seemed to have some interesting conversations. I was just a bit envious until I found that he will talk to me, also.  How often do you find a dog that converses with you?  That just shows what an awesome personality Buddy has.  Maybe he will talk to you if you give him the opportunity.

Buddy is ready for his new family. He has been neutered and received all of his vaccinations. Call us if you want to meet Buddy.


It all began one late fall day, no one knows the exact time or day, but two German Shepherd puppies decided to go on an adventure.  An abandoned and collapsed pool looked fun.  In the pool a little water–oops, we can’t get out. What will we do?  Several days later, maybe even a week, a law officer arrives on the scene to investigate dogs that had been abandoned.  After looking all around, he somehow stumbles upon 2 starving, emaciated puppies near death, in a pool that was partially collapsed.  He retrieves them and heads for 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  There they were given good food to build them up and lots of soft words of assurance.  After several weeks and lots of care—2 beautiful Shepherd puppies are ready for their next adventure.  We named them Bonnie and Clyde.  Bonnie is outgoing and Clyde is just a little more shy.

Now you want to know the rest of the story?  The dogs that were reported abandoned on the property were never found.  Where did Bonnie and Clyde come from?  Were they abandoned also, and left to die?  Or were they two puppies from a neighboring house on an adventure gone bad? We may never know and Bonnie and Clyde can’t tell us.  What we do know is that they were saved, thanks to a very kind man, and that they are well again and ready for new adventures with a loving forever family.