Our First Dog of the Week!

As we were going through our book of dogs to adopt, I realized that some of the dogs are overlooked.  Maybe they are too shy, or the wrong color or breed, sex, or age. Maybe they didn’t connect with the adopting family.  But, I believe their is a family somewhere for each of our special guys and gals.  So. . . .. here goes the Dog of the Week.

Pee Wee came to us on July 19, 2011 with 5 other brothers and sisters.  They were around 5 or 6 weeks old and were found laying in a ditch along a country road that was barely traveled. They were very thin, mangy and hungry.  The smallest one of the litter was a little black puppy with strange markings on his feet and the biggest ears we had ever seen.  Because he was the smallest of the litter, we named him Pee Wee.  Pee Wee had a rough start—not only was he skinny and the runt, he developed parvo, and almost didn’t pull through.  After a lot of special care and lots of love, he regained his strength and his health and is now a sweet and beautiful guy, but a little shy around most people.  He is making strides every week—visits us in the house, and enjoys being petted and talked to.

Pee Wee has had his trip to the Vet and is now neutered. Now he is ready for his new home—As he can see by the picture Pee Wee is tired of waiting. Call about him soon!

Oh, I forgot to mention, that Pee Wee’s brother and sisters all look totally different. Strange but true!!! Pee Wee may have a little German Shepherd in his background. It is a mystery that may never be solved.

Making their Debut. . . . . this Week—Freckle’s Puppies!!!!!

Not sure of the breed–but 10 little puppies are waiting for their new forever homes.  They are adorable and each one looks a little different.  Their Mom is Freckles and we think she may have some Saint Bernard in her background. She has the coloring of a Spaniel, but who knows for sure.  We are estimating the puppies will be medium-sized,  around 45 to 50 lbs.

They are 6 weeks old now and have had their first vaccination and worming.   Their names are Cracker, Buttons, Kibbles,, Moose, Milo, Bingo, Snickers, Oreo and Skittles.  I know–that is only 9, but a little one has an adoption pending and they will be naming her.

A New Year—-Changes—Adventures–Good Times—Sad Times–2012 is Here!

A new year has arrived, and it is time to talk about changes, or some call them resolutions. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has begun the new year with a BIG CHANGE!  We moved the dogs into their new 40’x60′ kennel. It is very nice and they seem to be enjoying the heated floor and better lighting. We noted that several of the dogs were upset with the change. It will take a few days for them to adjust and feel comfortable in a new place.  Change is hard for everyone.  But, change is usually good if we examine why we are changing.  I am hoping this year to find better ways of matching dogs to families. I think it will begin with a simple checklist.  I believe in keeping it simple, but sometimes more paperwork is necessary.

Adventures: are always part of running a dog rescue. Each dog can be an adventure–loving-helping them recover from their trauma and restoring them to better physical and emotional health.

Good Times–When a dog and family bond–when we are sent stories and pictures and can see the love and contentment in the dogs eyes–it’s good times for us.

Sad Times— When something bad happens to a dog, it is sad times for us. Pixie, a gal we just adopted this weekend, slipped her collar and ran. She is now loose in the country and frightened and alone.  So far, we haven’t found her. We are praying for good results and that she will find her way to a farm-house and allow someone to bring her back.

Yes, 2012 is here!!!  A new year and a special thanks to all those who gave our doggies forever homes in 2011! We couldn’t have done it without you.