More of our Fairy Tale Puppies.

They are characters! hoping that they will find their new homes this weekend.  They like to play in the Lilies—well they used to be Lilies, anyway.  Some are very outgoing and two are a little shy. My granddaughter is holding them for their pictures.  She takes a better picture than I do.Image


It is so Awesome to See How Dogs Train One Another

I have time to think and to watch while I am cleaning the kennels.  It dawned on me that many of the dogs here at 12 Hills socialize and train each other.  Sandy, welcomes and gives special attention to the sad puppies coming in.  Bertha has been here awhile—and welcomed Choco–playing ball with him and wrestling.  Choco is training Snicker and Doodle (our feral dogs) to trust people and to run and play in the kennel.  I could go on and on. 

Tyla (female black Lab) came out of the kennel this week and Pee Wee reprimands her when she jumps on me.  I am hoping that the training works for her and she learns to stay on all fours. 

These observations or discoveries may not be interesting or news to anyone–but thought I would share them—like I said, lots of time to think when in the kennel. Doodle came out of the kennel and sat by Ursula the German Shepherd. Guess he adopted her.Image

BIG & LITTLE–a GREAT week for adoptions!

12 Hills had a great week adopting puppies and grown doggies the last few days. We were able to find Ezzy her new home as well, as Moose and his Mom. We are hoping that this week will work out just as well. Puppies are always adorable, but the teens and older, are still waiting for the special families to come and see just how special they are.

I Love Fairy Tales

I guess the Librarian comes out in me–several times a day, and naming the doggies is no different. Missy (aka Spotty) had 7 or the most beautiful puppies, and what do we name them?
When you run a rescue–we sometimes need inspiration for our names. Hence, the Seven Dwarfs came on the scene. These puppies are adorable—friendly, healthy and ready for their new forever homes. They are going on line today–with their new names, so now if I can just match the name to their picture! Here is a picture of Sneezy—one of the little females.

Ashleigh Loves Buttons

Ashleigh loved Buttons and held her most of the time during her visit at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  Buttons is a cutie, and a very special little gal. She is going to be a small doggie.  We will be taking her for a consultation with the Veterinary. She has 2 hernias and they will need to be fixed, before she can be adopted.

Ashleigh knew right away that Buttons is a special little gal.

A Great Visit from Stevie

What a great time it was having Stevie Nelsen, his sister Ashleigh and their Mom, came for a visit at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Stevie and Ashleigh had a good time with the doggies, especially Buttons.  Buttons thought it was super to be held and carried around and she gave them lots of kisses.

We took more pictures and one in particular with Stevie and the pallet of LIfe’s Abundance dog food that was donated to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We want to thank Stevie and his family and Laura Bunch owner of LIfe’s Abandance for the wonderful donation

She is Ready Now!!!!!

Here is our beautiful Ezmarelda—We call her Ezzie!! She is recovering from being spayed—and should be ready for her new home by this weekend. Ezzie has had several litters of puppies, but now is ready to be out on her own with no puppy responsibilities.  Ezzie loves people and would make a great companion dog for a single family or couple.  She loves the outdoors and likes to just hang out.Image