What?? The Tail End You Say???

You may have heard the expression—he or she is always on the tail end.  Well, we have a number of doggies that are in that same spot.  Cracker is the last of Freckle’s litter–Tippy, the last of Mona’s, and Maggie Mae the last of Jerrie’s litter.  We also have some adult dogs that are still with us, because they are were the last of their litter to be adopted.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t great dogs, it just means the right person hasn’t met them yet.  So, we are hoping you look at some of our “Tail End Doggies” when you are looking on our website on Petfinder.com  We have so many dogs right now and we haven’t found one bad dog in the group.

By the way—if you like Boxer’s  we have Choco–a purebred male, Chloe a boxer/lab, Chico & Harley, Boxer/Lab/Chow mix, and Lilah, a boxer/Chow. That is the most boxers we have ever had at 12 Hills, and they are all spayed or neutered, had all vaccinations and ready for their new homes.   Take a look and give us a call.Image


Broke the Record in June!!!

Chuck outdid himself in the month of June–hauling both females and males to the Vets to be spayed, and then back home again.  Yes, he is tired, but glad to get some more of the dogs altered so that they can find their new families. Missy (aka Spotty), the Mama of the Fairy Tale puppies should be ready to go in another week. Chloe,is a new one (a gorgeous black shiny Boxer/Lab mix,  Jingles, Mona, Buddy, Page & Vinnie are some of the dogs that made the trip and are recovering. Some are ready to go to families now and others need just a few more days. 

Maybe some day, we will have a mobile spay/neuter clinic in our area, but for right now–we try and keep up and spay and neuter a few each month.Image

It is Time!

Looking for a sweet gal to make part of your family. Well, Ginger could be the one. Ginger is a Siberian Husky mix. She is 18 months old and has gorgeous blue eyes.  We will call her a special needs dogs, because she needs lots of love and attention.  Ginger should probably live on a farm or acreage, and should be the only dog, or maybe just one other dog that would be kind to her.  Some of the dogs at 12 Hills have decided that they don’t like her and it is causing her to feel rejected and sad, and consequently chose to runaway and find a new home.  We have her back, but we feel that She needs a new loving home right away!!!

Ginger has been spayed, loves children, people and attention. She doesn’t jump on you or get in your face.  If Ginger could be your new family member, give us a call.


Do you like BIG dogs??? We have a few at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that are looking for loving homes with a new family.  Rex is one of the biggest young dog  we have ever had. We are guessing him to be 1 year old and his breed is a mystery to everyone here.  Today, Rex is being neutered and should be home at 12 Hills tomorrow.

We also have Loki—a year old Great Pyranese mix that needs a new home. He should be out in the country, so he can run and play.  Alaska is a young female mix that is a larger breed dog.  She is white with black spots.  Her breed is also a mystery, but could be a Lab mix.

So, if BIG dogs are your forte, call and ask us about the BIG Dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.


We also have Buck–Burt’s brother at 12 Hills.  His ears aren’t standing up!  Are they going to?  We are unsure, but Buck is a beautiful German Shepherd mix also.  We also have Andre, Tater, Snicker and Doodle that have BIG EARS!  They are all German Shepherd mixes. Take a look and give us a call.

Big Ears Everywhere!!

We have quite a few doggies at 12 Hills that have BIG EARS!  Puppies and teens and grown-ups all here at the rescue. Some are German Shepherds, others we are unsure of their breed. It doesn’t matter—all are nice dogs and maybe just maybe one of those BIG EARED dogs will be the dog for your family. Here is a picture of Burt–the GermanImage,

If you like dogs with big ears—give us a call.

Here is Doodles

Doodles is a brother of Snicker and Tater. He is also one of the wild puppies that we have been working with.  Still a little wary of people, but I think it is time to move him on to a patient, loving family.  They seem to like kids and other doggies, so that will help them transition.