Small Ones at the Rescue!

Small dogs are always in demand for some families. We don’t often have that many small breed dogs in, but to our surprise we have several. First, we have Mikey–a male terrier. He is quite the character and has been neutered. He weighs around 6# and is 2 or 3 years of age. Mikey isn’t a cat lover, and prefers adults or teens. He likes to sleep with you (if you wish) and enjoys having his belly rubbed. A great little guy for he right family!



Little Bear is a cute little 6 month old male. He still needs to be neutered, but what a bundle of joy! He loves to play with little and big dogs, and looks like a Chocolate Lab in the face. We know his mom was a rat terrier, and not sure about his Dad’s background. He weighs around 5#. A great, happy little man–who loves kids, a good lap and enjoys going for walks.IMG_0540 (1024x768)
Last, but but not the least by any means, is our sweet little girl Angel. I think that pretty much describes her, but will try and give you just a little more information. Angel loves children, and her brother and Big adopted sister. She loves to be held, carried, and your lap! Angel is just a little shy around strangers and other dogs, and used to being watched over by her guardian sister dog—Rosalina. It is fun to watch the interaction of a dog, when they ask for help. The animal world is amazing! Anyway, to tell you more about Angel, she is a rat terrier, Chi Chi, around 4 or 5#. She looks more Chi Chi than anything. Sweet little girl looking for the right family!IMG_0539 (1024x768)

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