Connecting the Dots????

Many times when dogs come into the rescue, we are puzzled at their breed, or wonder if they could be siblings.
Sometimes it is easy to see that they are in the same litter, but otherwise we find ourselves scratching our heads. Well, let me tell you about 2 girls that came to us a couple months back. They came together from a local animal control, and seemed to have a special connection. BUT—they looked totally different. I am referring to Maribelle and Elsa. Now, Maribelle is definitely a Basset mix and we are almost certain the other breed is American Bulldog. Such a striking dog, and fun to look at and be with. She has beautiful brown and cream markings and a cute little twist to her walk.
Then there is Elsa. She looks Lab, almost a cream white in color, but has several large tan spots on her back.
Looking at her back legs we noticed they were just a little different than some of the other dogs. As she grew some brown spots that just matched Maribelle’s ear spots seemed to pop out. Another look at her face, and I think I can see just a little of the American Bulldog breed there. Maybe just a little–because she looks more lab! So, now we know why the girls have that special connection.
Same for Angel and Little Bear! They don’t really look the same, but we know for certain they are from the same litter. Now, we wonder?? Is Mickey a brother to Minnie? Could be, I guess that one will be a mystery, unless we are able to connect the dots.
Here are pictures of Maribelle and Elsa. Do you see the connection too?





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