Is Dusty Laughing?

20171002_130551 (768x1024)

What does Dusty know that makes him so happy? Could it be he is laughing because his past owners put his breed down as a Black Lab and German Short hair, but he resembles a yellow lab?  Could it be that he knows something that we don’t know yet?  Just maybe he is sensing that his new and forever family are coming soon to take him home.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, as you can guess, I am hoping that he is smiling for the last reason. Dusty desperately needs that new family. He has been waiting for several months in hopes that those families walking through the kennel, would see his happy face and choose him!

Dusty’s story is much like many others, but a little different.  A family dog to a gal moving off to college.  When she left home, Dusty had to leave also. At first Dusty was heartbroken, like so many that arrive here, but now he has adjusted and doing great. All he needs is “that new forever family.”

Dusty is neutered and has all vaccinations. He is 7 years old–just the right age to still have a great time with you, and out of those puppy/teen years. He does super great with the other dogs when out and about. He was raised on a farm so he likes the outdoor life, and yet, I an envision him as a great guy to sit beside your easy chair when you are watching the television.

So why does Dusty look like a yellow lab? We may never know. There are lots of mysteries in the dog rescue business. Does it matter?  Dusty needs a home and this is the perfect time to give him that home and family. October is “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month.”  So, give us a call, and choose a time to come and visit the rescue and meet this special man.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Here are a few more photos of Dusty–just so you can see what a nice, big boy he is.!