Christmas Blessings for All!

The snow is beautiful outside and I’m in the mood to send out a Christmas message from the rescue.  As I look back I can see I have neglected to post an article since Spring, but I hope to make up for it.

We had a good year at the rescue.  We have adopted 210 dogs year to date this year, and that is despite an impassable road, flooding and detours.  Being a farm rescue, we have some different challenges to face, but we also have some great opportunities.  Since the rescue is located on our farm, people remark about the beautiful view they see as they drive here, and look out over the hills. Some of the doggies are allowed to hang out each day on the farm to exercise and there is always a few friendly mutts to meet each person when they arrive. So, challenges/versus/blessings–I believe blessing win out every time.

One of the special dogs that found his home this year was my special buddy “Lover Boy.”  He had been here for 8 years, and it took just the right person and family to give him the chance he needed.  We have had wonderful updates, telling us how great he is doing, and his passion for looking in the mirror at himself.  We are full of JOY knowing he is happy!



Lover Boy couldn’t wait to get in the car and head off to a new life!

We have adopted all kinds, and sizes of puppies this year–and young dogs always seem to be chosen first.  I’m hoping that one of our longest residents “Socks” will find her forever home this year.  Socks is 8 years old and loves people. She loves her walks with our Sunday volunteers.  She would be much happier if she could have a family to love and cherish her.


Socks is asking for a forever family!


Wuzzy is Regal looking!

Wuzzy has changed so much since she came.  She had no hair and was full of bumps and mange.  She suffered from rickets from poor nutrition also.  But, great care and a little love helped her heal.  She is beautiful and ready for adoption.  She is around 4 months of age.


Fuzzy is almost TOO Big to hold!

Fuzzy arrived at the rescue full of mange with just a fuzz of hair left around each ear.  He has turned into one of the most handsome dogs that we have here, and his personality is calm and sweet.  He would be a wonderful addition to a family, with or without kids. Fuzzy is 4 or 5 months old.

There are so many other dogs here waiting to be adopted.  Here are just a few. . .







Wendy sleeping on her new bed! Tired of waiting for her new forever home.  Such a lover!

I could post more photos, but look on our Facebook page and you will see them all.

So, as Christmas approaches and the year draws close to the end, we want to thank everyone for their support of our mission at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We are blessed beyond measure!!!’

We want to wish each of you a Blessed Christmas and a healthy 2020.