I not only have good news to share—I have AWESOME NEWS!

In April of 2019, the local Animal Control brought a gray pit and 5 —3 week old puppies to the rescue. Mama was very thin and the puppies were on the thin side also.

We named her Sweetie and she gained weight quickly. We were able to find homes for all 5 puppies and Sweetie went to the Vet for her spaying. After that she sat and waited for “just the right family” to adopter her. She seemed to have a special connection with our grandsons and our Friday volunteer Ben.  (When Ben comes to clean the kennels, he makes a point of either getting in each kennel with the dog, or loving them up with the top kennel door open.) I surmise he must have spent a little more time with Sweetie than the others, though.

One day Ben called and said, “Becky and I would like to come over and adopt Sweetie.”  We were all a little surprised, as they had a smaller dog named Dexter, and we weren’t sure if it would be a good fit.  They arrived and Ben brought Sweetie out to meet Becky. I must say, I was a little nervous. How was Sweetie going to respond to her, and would she like Becky?  In 10 minutes Sweetie was kissing Becky on the chin. (First hurdle passed!). Thirty minutes later, Becky and Sweetie were in the back seat of the pickup heading for home.  This was to be a trial run to see if Sweetie liked her new dog brother Dexter, or would she be coming back? We waited the first evening, and then the photos started arriving showing “Good News” happening. 

Today Ben came over and signed the adoption papers to make it official.  Sweetie is now named Macie Mae and she loves her little brother, Dexter and her new mom, Becky. But—I do believe Ben holds the key to her heart.

Ben and Becky took a chance on Sweetie—but even more they took baby steps to help her adjust.  They did everything right, starting with introductions—being there to watch, reassure and love.  It’s about love—between dogs & their masters.  You either have it or you don’t.

Why is this Great News?

  • Sweetie had waited and waited, while people filed past her kennel, barely giving her a second look, because of her breed. There are so many pit bulls out there that need homes.
  • Some dogs– need special handling, along with patience and love.  They need proper introductions with people and with other pets.
  • Being knowledgeable about dogs and how to handle them, makes it easier on everyone.  They need consistency, rules, one master, praise and more praise.

Sometimes dogs sit in our kennels for months on end, waiting for someone to see something good about them.  Our goal is for them to find a family like Ben and Becky, that will take the time and energy needed to make it work for the dog and the family.

NOW. . . . THE REST OF THE STORY.  While here at the rescue Sweetie became very ill from an intestinal infection. We almost lost her. She came home from the hospital thin and sick. After healing she developed depression. We knew she was mourning for a home and family.  It happened and that is our “Good News!!”

Thanks to Ben and Becky for giving her the opportunity and the home she needed!

Becky and Sweetie heading home
I’m Invisable
Loving this couch thing

Loving the grass with Becky!
Me and my brother Dexter guarding the home place
Macie Mae is definitely Dad’s girl!