A Bulldozer Arrived in the Mail

I know what you are going to say? What??? That’s impossible! Here is a look at our new bulldozer that arrived last week. It is awesome!20170331_113854 (576x1024).jpgEven our little dancing sock monkey was in awe of the new bulldozer.  The story of the bulldozer began about a year ago. One of our puppies had just gotten adopted by a nice man named Cliff.  He emailed with an update and shared with me that the rescue needed an Amazon Wish List.  I had never heard of that, but did some research and shortly after—the 12 Hills Dog Rescue Amazon Wish List was born.  By the way, when my wish list gets boring, Cliff reminds me to get back in there and add more items for the doggies.  He has been so kind and helpful.

So, back to the bulldozer–I was looked for a dustpan type utensil, and found this on Amazon.  I was so thrilled when it arrived. It works great!

Actually, this post isn’t just about a bulldozer. It is about people who help rescues. We are so thankful for all of the people who think of the dogs and us and send dog beds, treats, toys, collars, leashes and bulldozers.  This is a hard job–but when we have packages arrive in the mail, UPS or Fed Ex, we not only are excited about the item we need to help the dogs, but we know someone cares. Thank-you all for caring.

That reminds me, I posted on Facebook that we need volunteers to walk dogs. We really do need that help, and we need people to help us brush and groom. So call, email, or Facebook us if your interested.

Hey, I might even show you my new bulldozer!



Mysteries have always been my favorite type of book. Of course, the books that I read in my youth the hero or  heroine always solved the mystery and there was a happy ending.  I noticed as I was placing books on the shelves in our library (I’m a library director in my other life), that I have more mysteries than any other type. Maybe that is why I love rescue dogs so much! EACH IS A MYSTERY! They can’t tell us how they were treated, or why they look the way or act the way they do.  We just have to work and work and try, as best we can to solve the mystery of each dog. One by one.

When we receive calls about a particular dog the 4 top questions people usually ask are:

  1. Do you know what their breed is?
  2. How big will they get?
  3. Do they like cats?
  4. Are they good with kids

Rescues usually don’t arrive here at 12 Hills with a set of instructions that tell much about them. If we meet the owner, we usually find out more information, but again, it is a guessing game, and we learn more about them as we get to know their personalities–and as we work with them on a daily basis.

Please don’t stop asking questions about our doggies when you call. We love to talk about them, but also understand, that YOU can make a difference in their lives by loving them, giving them the opportunity to “get over” their past experience. Don’t give up on them. It takes time and patience and most of all LOVE to uncover their mysteries and make them a special part of your lives and the “Very Best That They Can Be!”

Help us–with our mysteries–and give a Rescue Dog a Loving Family.

2278_1482071284230-768x1024 Annie is beautiful and a boxer mix.  She is a little nervous around kids so we think teens and adults would be better for her.


img_2830-1024x768-2 This is Ginger, and she has been here for a long time. A great gal, just likes to do her own thing, and loves to be outside.

20170108_132120-1 Betty is such an awesome dog–her breed is a mystery, but we think we see some heeler there.  She is loving with both dogs and people and doesn’t bother a thing when out and about.  Did I tell you she is great in the house.?

20170319_083546-1 (1024x948) This is our newest addition–Scrappy is looking for a home that loves seniors. He loves laps and being with you!


Time for an Update!

As many of you know that have visited, the rescue is located on our farm which is 2 1/2 miles from Highway 77. Right now there is lots of drifts of snow on the farm and our road is one lane in a few places. So, probably not a great time to visit and meet some of the doggies here for adoption.

But, I can share some of them with you by the internet, so here goes. . .

Where to begin?  We have great dogs, and it seems some wait for a long time before they find “just the right family.”  It is sad and frustrating for us, but patience usually pays off in the end. We want our families who adopt to find the doggie that fits their life style and their family.  We more than any thing want our dogs to be happy and healthy and in their new homes.

Betty comes to mind right away.  She is an Australian Shepherd mix, and is one of the sweetest and loving dogs around. She is an inside/outside dog, and does well where ever she is.  She hangs out on the farm when out of her yard, and never bothers anything.  She does well with other dogs, and is friendly to everyone.  Betty is a medium sized dog, probably weighing around 40#. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.20170108_132120-1

Annie the Boxer mix appears to be around 18 mo-2 years.  She is a pretty gal, and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She would do best with teens and adults, and would be a great walking or running partner.  She likes to play and run and as you can see, she loves the snow.  She posed for Kariden for this photo.


Taffy came to the rescue this fall with her 4 puppies.  She was in very sad shape, and down to 34#. She now weighs over 65#. With special care and love she gained weight, and healed and was able to care of her 4 puppies, until they found their homes.  Taffy loves puppies, and it is fun to watch her when new puppies come in. She lays on her back and plays with them.  It is like she is remembering her babies and so thankful to be here. Our volunteer, Christine says that Taffy is the best walking buddy she has.  When she is done walking they wrestle and play.  Just a great dog, with lots of energy and love to give the right family.  We are thinking she is about 2 years of age, has been spayed and has had her vaccinations.

You have to meet this gal to appreciate her!20170125_105849-1Taffy is ready to play in this photo.

It seems like I am choosing all the gals today, to share with you–but I thought of another one, who seems to be forgotten.  Jordan is around 5 years of age and is a Shar Pei/Lab mix we believe.  She is sweet and loving and waits for her special volunteers, Ben and Christine to play with her and take her for the walks that she loves.  When Jordan came to the rescue, she had an injured leg, was very thin and so frightened.  We have worked with her socially and she is happy and healthy and just wants a loving family. Jordan goes out everyday and plays with Jeremy, Whisper and Truman.  She has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.

IMG_4224 (1024x682)

I can’t forget to mention Ginger! She has been waiting and waiting.  Ginger was found in a drainage ditch. She had been dumped and living there for some time.  A kind man finally captured her and brought her to the rescue. At first, Ginger was fearful of people, but with lots of love and attention she is Miss Social.  Ginger is allowed to run on the farm without a leash. She runs and runs and never bothers anything.  When she is finished with her exercise, she comes back and goes right into her kennel. A great gal, that doesn’t demand a lot of attention.  We are thinking she is 4 years of age, has been spayed and has all her vaccinations. A beautiful doggie–thinking a lab/corgi mix.

20170125_100202Ginger loving the snow!

Princess is ready to go.  She was thin and frightened when she came.  What a gorgeous gal she is now!!  Princess has been spayed and had her vaccinations, and put on some weight. She loves to go out and run around on the farm.  Princess is a Great Dane/Lab Mix.  She is a big girl and loves her food!  She is more social and loving to us, but needs to gain your trust. We are guessing her age at 2-3 years of age. I had a more recent photo of her in the snow, but you couldn’t see her eyes.


Abby is the youngest of the girls, except for puppies of course. She is a beagle/hound mix. Abby is an outside/inside dog. She loves the farm, and we were told she liked to sleep with cats.  But, she isn’t friendly to chickens. Well, I could rephrase that–she is too friendly. She likes to play with them, and you know what the outcome of that is!  Abby is 9 months of age, and has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. She is a sweet gal, with lots of energy. At her other home, she came into the house at night and slept in a kennel.  She is loving, playful and a beauty.

20170125_104315Abby looking at Karden taking her photo.

Of course I can’t leave out Whisper–she is coming along, and has a trust issue that we are working on. She just needs patience and love and continued work on her socialization. She was a great mom to her puppies, and is a such a pretty gal. She has been spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.  Whisper is close to 3 years of age.

20170125_100705Whisper romping in the snow!

Chuck always reminds me to tell those looking at our dogs to remember that these are rescue dogs, and many of them have come from some very sad and abusive situations. Some have been starved, some have been physically abused, dumped and unloved. Others are here because their families can no longer care for them. Whatever the reason, we do our very best to re socialize, with patience and love. So, if a dog has been here for awhile, it is because, they may need just a little more socialization, or it may mean the right family hasn’t found them yet.  I am hoping these gals find the “Right Family!”

I’ve Been Thinking Again!!

I know, it gets pretty scary here at the rescue, when Nola is in her thinking mood.  Actually, with this ice storm, I have a little extra time on my hands to think. . . to contemplate. ..

I wonder what dogs are thinking sometimes. Like today, for instance. I am outside, walking on the ice–from the nursery back to the main kennel. My good ole friend “Duke” is right beside me. I can tell he is concerned and worried that I may fall.  Now, how do I know what Duke is thinking, you might ask? Well, we have this special relationship, him and I.  You see, he was one of the first puppies that we adopted in 2008.  He came back a year later, because he was jumping over the yard fence, and in a big city you can’t do that.  AND, he had a little of an attitude.  Needless to say, it seemed that bringing him back aged Duke 10 years, and he was devastated. So, I decided he would always be “My special boy.” He still scales 6 foot fences, is not particularly lovable, but he is ALL MINE.  So, to make a long story short, we have this connection.  Now, granted if I would have fallen on the ice, he may have just stood over me, but I know Duke would be there.  Here is a photo I took of him after we came in. By the way, I promised Duke he could stay here forever, so he isn’t on our adoption list.20170116_114829-1024x576Now to get scientific! Yesterday I was working in the kennel, and something strange happened.  If you have ever been in our kennel, our black lab Max flips over and over, when strangers walk through.  It is a sometimes a little scary for people, because he appears to be crazy. But when out of the kennel, he is just a sweet boy.  Anyway, I had let Max out and he was running back and forth at full speed inside the kennel. Another dog, Ginger took one look at him and started flipping over in her kennel. Now this is strange, because she has never done that before.  No other dogs were loose in the kennel—I saw her connect with him then begin to flip.  What was she saying?  Was she showing him how silly he looks, or that she is talented also. I don’t know.  But I just wonder. . . .20160702_113409-2 (1024x813) This is photo of Max taken last year hugging Brenda.  He is over 2 years and has been waiting for a family with patience and love to give him his forever home.

img_2830-1024x768-2This is Ginger–also taken in 2016. She is spayed now, and a great gal. Loves to run around on the farm, and doesn’t bother anyone.. I wonder why she hasn’t found her family?

So, I think I have wondered enough for one day. Guess, I will go put the soup on and relax for the afternoon.

Our Christmas Letter


Looking back isn’t always the right way to focus on the future, but when you run a dog rescue it puts everything into perspective.  We have had a great year–with wonderful dogs that have found homes.  We have met some wonderful families, have great caring Vets and staff, and some dedicated volunteers.  I could continue the list, but then I wouldn’t have the space to share some photos of our doggies.

Peaches is pictured on our card this year—and I for one think she was one of our special adoptions for the year.  After waiting for 5 years, she found a wonderful home and is happy and healthier than she ever.
But then there is Donnie, who after a horrible injury, found “just the right home!”

We continue to have great dogs here at the rescue. Some will be here for life–and others just here for a short time while they wait for their forever family.  So many beautiful dogs–I wish I could share all the pictures. Here are just a few . . .

So many blessings—All of us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue wish you a Merry Christmas!

A Heart of Gold

As I decorate the tree and see all the colors come together, the gold seems to stand out and shine above them all.  I thought of our special girl Royal, (we call her Roy), who has a heart of gold.  She is a shiny example of “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Let me tell you about Roy!

She came to us from a local animal control.  They brought us 3 dogs that day, and they were all large sized and males, or so we thought. Chuck named her Roy (didn’t look close) and I named the others Rocky and Rusty.  The next thing I know Chuck informs me Roy is a female and guess we should change her name to Royal. Well, our Vet enjoyed the story, and said he thought Roy fit her just fine.

But, let me get back to Roy’s heart of gold.  First, I should tell you that basically she is considered a 3 legged dog. She had been injured (probably hit by a car), and it was never fixed properly.  After taking her to the Vet, it was decided that because it was an old injury, it may cause more problems to try and fix it with surgery.  Royal runs and walks with a wiggle, but doesn’t show any signs of pain.

So, Roy is considered special needs to those who may want to adopt her. She is actually “Very Special” to everyone she comes to know.  Chuck saw it right away, telling Brenda and I what a great dog she was.  This week we brought her into our house and Roy is doing awesome! She is totally house trained and does great with the other doggies.

Why do we put the term special needs on the dogs that are less than perfect in body? I guess it is to inform you, potential families, that they may need some extra understanding, and sometimes medical attention.  I would rather just say–special, because that truly describes them. I know the term, special, describes Roy perfectly. When she lays her head on my knee and looks up with those big beautiful eyes, I see a very special girl with a HEART OF GOLD.

Roy is available for adoption, to a family that will love and care for her–and can see the special girl she truly is! The girl with the HEART OF GOLD!


I’ve Been Waiting!

I have been waiting for November to arrive. As many know November is “Adopt a Senior Dog Month.” Every day I have the opportunity to spend some special time with some of our senior dogs here at the rescue.  Let me tell you about why I think that Senior dogs should be considered when adopting.

  • They usually are done chewing the furniture
  • They are relaxing to hang out with
  • They don’t require that you take them out for long exercise sessions
  • They are more patient and less rowdy
  • House trained MOST of the time
  • They appreciate all you do for them

As I write this  story, a senior boy “Red” is sitting beside me asking for some special attention. Let me tell you a little about Red. He is a Collie/Shepherd mix and came to the rescue as a surrender. Red is around 8 or 9 years of age, and has a beautiful coat of hair, and a beautiful spirit. He was trained as a puppy and knows how to sit and shake and other commands. He has been neutered and is house trained. He does great in the house and I haven’t discovered any bad manners. Red enjoys coming and sitting by us when we are sitting in our recliners nightly. After having his ears rubbed and some petting for a few minutes he is content to lie down an just enjoy being with us. Here is a photo of him in the back yard shortly after he arrived. Isn’t he a handsome boy?


We also have Mugsy and Bear that are our seniors in the kennel.  They are really getting up there in age, and love any special attention they receive.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

Bear is 15 and is a chow mix. He wants a partner to ride with.

IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Mugsy is 11+ and partially deaf, but loves attention.

I am not sure why I have a special place in my heart for senior dogs. I just wish they could share their story and their wisdom.  Boomer and Max are part of our household, right now, and both are such characters. Max has to tell us nightly how happy he is with his Bassett bark, and Boomer looks at me with those big eyes with so much love. He so appreciates that we rescued him.


IMG_2178 (732x1024)


Last, but not least — we have Rose–one of our first rescues. Chuck found her almost dead in our hay bales. It was bitter cold, she was starving and had 2 bullets in her.  She has been with us ever since.  She has her aches and pains, but she will be with us till the end. She is a very special girl.

So, these are just some of the Seniors that cross our path, as we run this rescue. I have heard all the reasons, people choose not to adopt seniors. One reason, is it is too hard to lose them.  But the benefits of adopting a senior dog, and giving them a happy home for a  few years or even a few months is a very rewarding. They deserve that much!

Kelly! Our dog of the month


Isn’t she a beauty? More important is Kelly’s wonderful spirit.  Kelly came to us one day before she delivered 6 beautiful puppies.  She was a great Mom, and she was sad each time one of her puppies found a new home.

Well, Kelly has her girlie shape back, and has been spayed. She has had all her vaccinations, etc. and is looking for “just the right family.” Did I tell you that she is house trained?

Kelly loves kids and likes to sit with them on the floor or in a chair. Sometimes she thinks she is a lap dog.  Kelly has a very special connection, with Chuck, and so we know she likes both women and men.  She is an all around wonderful dog, medium in size with a beautiful chocolate brown coat. She is between 2 and 3 years of age.  We are unsure of her breed, but have her listed as border collie and lab. We do know she has a passion for herding cattle, but we ask her new family to allow her to be in the house where the action is.

If you want to know more about Kelly, just give 12 Hills a call at 402-846-5100, and we will share all about this sweet gal.



She Has Come So Far–now she is ready!

I have heard it said, that “Rescue dogs come with baggage.”  Yes, many of them do. They have been starved, beat, dumped and more.  We can only guess by their actions what may have been their story.

I remember the day this poor skinny black dog arrived at the rescue. She had been found wandering along the highway, and her front leg was injured and bleeding. She was so scared and ill. We gave her medical treatment, named her Jordan, and she began the slow healing process.

Jordan, was scared of other dogs when she came. So fearful, that she would lash out at them. So we are assuming, she had been attacked by another dog or dogs, and just maybe that is how she was injured.  We are assuming also, that she either wasn’t around many people, or had been abused.  It has taken months of love–YOU SHOULD SEE HER NOW!

She loves going for walks, she loves her time outside in the exercise pen or running around the kennel. She wants to romp and play, and now she is playing and romping with other dogs.  Jordan is a happy girl once more!

She is loving, playful and ready for her new forever family! She has been through so much, waited so long—-and it is her turn. Please take a look at her pictures–but they don’t show her special personality and love of life. You will have to meet her in person to see that. She deserves a loving family–please call if you want to meet this special gal.IMG_4224 (1024x682)


This Was a Hard One

Over the years 12 Hills Dog Rescue have taken in so many wonderful  doggies, and found them loving forever families.  This year we had “A Hard One.” It all began when we received a phone call asking us to take this little dog to the Vet.  He had been injured several days prior and his family didn’t have the funds to get him Vet care.

I won’t share all the details, but he was very ill and after shaving his matted fur, we knew that this little guy was in deep trouble.  His name is Donnie, and Dr. Phil, named him Lucky Donnie, because he believed this little guy had such a strong will to live. It took months of special care, surgeries and healing, but Donnie did heal. He no longer has an ear or and eye on the right side of his face but Donnie is doing very well.

Dr. Phil was right, Donnie is lucky, or as I believe “he has been blessed.” Blessed that his owner saw the need to bring him here. Blessed to find a Vet that didn’t give up on him, and yes, blessed that our rescue spent our time, and our resources to make sure he received the best care and love during that healing process.

So, it was a hard one–but what was really hard, was letting him go. Letting him find a new family that would love and care for him and give him all the special attention that he needs. We believe we found just the right family, and Donnie went on his way on Monday.  I didn’t cry, but the tears were right there.  I think it would have been harder, but Donnie and I had some great snuggle times together, and he was ready. I knew it for sure, when his new mom, immediately sat on the floor and he jumped into her lap. That did it!

So, Donnie left the rescue and moved across the state–but he will be able to go for rides every day, and visit the nursing home with his new family. We are all a little sad to see him go, and even Dr. Phil commented that he wished he was closer. We have already received an update and photo, and that will have to do.  After all, it’s not about us anyway–it’s always been about that special little dog that we call “Lucky Donnie!”





I’ve Said It Before. . . .

Yes, I have said it before, “We are on a roll!”  12 Hills Dog Rescue is happy to announce that some of our dogs that have been here for awhile are FINALLY getting their forever families.

Peaches arrived here in 2011, or maybe even earlier.  Because of her breed, a Staffordshire Terrier, she had never been adopted.  There is good news! She found a wonderful home–with someone who believes Peaches deserved an opportunity to “be the best she could be!”  I am happy to report she is doing great, loves her car rides, cuddling and all the attention that her new mom is giving her.  This is the smile she gave us–just before she loaded up.IMG_4058 (1024x768)

IMG_4180 (1024x682)

Here is Annie with her new mom. Annie has been waiting for 2 years!

Today, another great doggie went on her way to a new life with new loving parents. Cheeka had been here for over a year., and has always been a free spirit.  Her owners had both passed away, and we know she was lonely and missed hanging out with everyone. Cheeka spent many of her days on top of her dog house. We used to joke about her being the biggest Snoopy around. We finally placed Little Red in the yard with her for a playmate. Then the call came that a family was interested in Cheeka, even though she was a senior. She was very excited to meet her new family, (well as excited as an older dog like Cheeka can be). Her new family also adopted, Susie,  a granddaughter of sorts that she can train and play with.  Good Luck to Cheeka and Susie! 20160903_134556-1 (1024x720)

20160903_134700-1 (1024x576)

Yes, I have said it before—we are on a roll, but I have also said before “Some of the dogs at 12 Hills have waited long enough.”  I can name quite a few: Socks, Max, Lover Boy, Husker, Jordan, Ginger etc. But I want to share with you about a dog that is so very special–a dog that gets overlooked time and again. Her name is Jordan. Ben, one of our great volunteers, mentioned this week that he didn’t understand why such a sweet dog like Jordan hadn’t been adopted.  I shared with him, that we felt the same and promised to retake her photos and place them in a story. So when one of our walking volunteers took Jordan out for her special walk, we took some photos and Jordan was thrilled with all the attention. Jordan loves her walks, and just seems to light up when she has someone to spend time with.   Jordan deserves a family to love her, and I know that there is some one out there, who needs her.  She just needs the opportunity–the same opportunity that Peaches, Annie & Cheeka were so blessed to have.  Take a close look at Jordan, and you will see a special girl, waiting for her special forever family.IMG_4225 (1024x682)

Yes, we have had other great doggies get adopted the last few weeks. Patience, publicity and forever families is a good combination for all rescue dogs. Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important thing that rescue dogs need:LOVE!



The Dog Days of Summer

Did you realize we are in the middle of “the dogs days of summer” right now? I always wondered what these hot and miserable days had to do with dogs. . It turns out, that  the “dog days” are actually defined as the period from July 3 through Aug. 11 when the dog star, Sirius rises in conjunction (or nearly so) with the sun. So there it is!  We put up with all that because of a dog star???

Well, I must say that we have worked overtime, trying to keep the dogs cool and hydrated, during this hot weather.  So, when it cools a little, we need to play “catch-up” and take more photos and get the word out there about all the wonderful dogs that we need homes here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  I can’t help but begin the photos with Nyla–“Our Official Greeter” at the rescue. She is big and hairy and always makes sure that everyone feels welcome. She feels the need to be in many of the photos that I take.IMG_3931 (1024x768)Speaking of catching up– In one week we got in 9 new dogs, and they all need their picture taken.

Last Sunday I did take a few minutes to photograph the Rat Terrier puppies we had just gotten in. They are adorable and their facebook post created quite a stir.  Several phone calls and comments later I urged the puppy lovers, to be patient  for a few more days before visiting the little ones.  There personalities should be blooming in another week or two.

Here are a few other photos of what has been happening at the rescue this hot and dry month! Keep watching —and hopefully I will have more pictures to update everyone very soon.

IMG_3952 (1024x768)

Lucky Donnie

IMG_3949 (1024x768)

Rag Muffin in action

IMG_3917 (1024x768)

Back to Canada with Lola and Virgil

IMG_3919 (1024x768).jpg

What? Kittens? This is a Dog Rescue!

IMG_3942 (1024x768)

“Dina found her new family”

IMG_3909 (1024x768)

Dolly giving her new Mom love for the camera!

IMG_3926 (1024x768)

Albert found a very special boy to love!

IMG_3933 (1024x768)

Is there a dog under all that hair?

IMG_3907 (1024x768)


IMG_3911 (1024x768)

Salt found his home!

IMG_3936 (768x1024)

Jersey found her home

IMG_3966 (1024x768)

Time for My Nap




I just finished updating the dogs on petfinder.com and adopt-a-pet.com and the time has flown by. I realized that I have been at it for almost 3 solid hours.  Keeping all the  information current on each dog and adding new ones is one of my responsibilities.  That means, keeping track of their medical information and adding new photos.

Speaking, of a BIG JOB, photos are at the top of the list. There is number of things to consider when taking photos of dogs at the rescue.

  1. The weather is usually top on the list.  Remember, we are a farm rescue, so there is snow, mud, and yes, the occasionally cow pie that the dogs enjoy rolling in.
  2. Next, taking photos requires 2 or 3 extra hands.
  3. Then, there is the exercise required before the photo, so they will sit and look at the camera.
  4. Last, is the photo-shy dogs.  They are frightened when you point the camera at them. That is why you may see dogs with Brenda’s hands and feet in the photo. They just need a little reassurance when that camera is pointed at them.


But. . .we did it! Some new pictures for you to look at, just in time to celebrate the 4th of July! So, wishing our friends and dog lovers a happy 4th of July from 12 Hills Dog Rescue!

Yes, I still have more dogs to update, more photos to take.  Albert and Jeremy are at the top of that list. Maybe, I can snap a few today!


I was looking through the blog, at some of the earlier stories I had written, in hopes of getting some inspiration on a new post.  I was taken back at the photos of the dogs that found new homes less than a year ago. Most of them had been neglected, and some had suffered the type of neglect that is abuse.  To see how good they looked in their photos amazes me.

I still see them in my mind what they looked like when they arrived–in all different stages of neglect and abuse. When I look at their content and healthy pictures–my heart almost leaps from my chest.  It never fails to amaze me what good care and LOVE can do for a animal.

12 Hills Dog Rescue is full once again–to the top! It is a cycle that keeps repeating over and over. We are thankful to our volunteers that come weekly to help with the dog chores. Those special people give of their time and energy to clean the kennels, walk the dogs, and to brush and bathe them. They spend time with them and give them LOVE!

Yes, love is amazing! My prayer is that more people who have a dog, cat, or any animal in their care—gives that animal love—then the care they need will follow.

IMG_3459 (1024x682)IMG_3582 (1024x682)IMG_3560 (1024x682)IMG_3668 (1024x682)

IMG_3589 (1024x682)


IMG_3521 (1024x682)

Sugar Bear




Leaving His Paw Print

I don’t usually share with the public, when we lose one of our doggies, here at the rescue.   We all know, that at some point, we have to say good-bye to our “special old friends” that have shared their love with us.  Being a “no kill”, means we end up with some dogs that live their lives out here at the rescue. Some are seniors when they came here, and everyone knows that senior dogs are one of the last dogs to be adopted.

I would like to tell you, about one of the senior dogs that lived at the rescue.

His name was Piper, and from the start, he was a character. His owner had passed, and he was given to animal control. The officer was kind enough to bring him to the rescue and that is just the beginning of our story.

Piper lived in the office of our main kennel. He made sure that he greeted everyone who came, and yes, sometimes he made himself too available, trying to hog the spotlight from the doggie that was being shown that day, or following us around in the kennel, when we wanted to clean.  It didn’t matter to him, he just wanted love and attention, and yes, he loved those special treats.

Everyone loved Piper, and several families were interested in adoption, but of course in the end they didn’t, because he was a senior. Even though, Piper didn’t find his forever home through adoption, he found his home here, at 12 Hills.  He was loved by each of us, our volunteers, and everyone that came to the office to meet one of the dogs. Piper was always there to greet them.

As he progressed in age, we supported him with a special diet and medication to keep him comfortable.  More important, we spent time with him, petting, talking to him and yes, even praying for him. Then, it was time to say good-bye.

It wasn’t easy, and I can tell you that a number of our dogs were there with him those last few days. Patty and Frank never left his side, and 6 dogs followed the procession, when Chuck took Piper up the hill for burial.

Why am I sharing this story today? I just want others to know, that dogs can teach us so much. They can teach us about acceptance and unconditional love. Senior dogs are no exception, and give so much to those around them when given the opportunity. There will never be another Piper, because he was “one in a million.”

Piper left a paw print on our hearts forever.  We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to have him here. He taught us so much–and most of all he loved!



IMG_3499 (1024x682)




Being a Senior is Inevitable!

Yes, the old saying is true, “Time stops for no one”.  I look around and see seniors everywhere. I am not talking about the seniors graduating from high school, either. My mirror even has a senior staring back at me.  I remember the good times and wisdom my grandparents shared with me. Those memories are priceless.

I sometimes wonder if senior dogs could talk, what bits of  wisdom would they share with us? I know that they value the time and energy that you spend with them. Senior dogs are usually very low key, and don’t try to jump on you or run off. They just want to be with someone who cares enough to pat them on the head, cuddle with them on the sofa or recliner. Some love it when you take the time to take them for a ride in your car, or for a walk to explore. Others are content to lie at your feet or curled up in a dog bed beside your bed. They value YOU–and they are so appreciative that you care. IMG_2178 (732x1024)

The photo above, is a dog that our son found in late November 2 years ago. He had received a call to go to the land fill and put down a dog. When he arrived he found this starving old black dog in terrible condition.  Russ called and then brought him to the rescue.  He was very weak, and unable to stand alone. After a couple days of feeding him every few hours and treating for an infection,  he was able to stand alone and began to gain strength.

Someone gave up on him, because he was a senior.

I named him Boomer–and his pet name is Boom–Boom. His vision has improved, but we think he doesn’t see well when it is dark.   He sleeps beside our bed, every night, and loves sitting on our lap, or waiting for a some special love pats and a kind word. Boomer appreciates that we didn’t give up on him, because he was old, and sick.

I have heard all the reasons why some people have chosen NOT to adopt a senior pet, but they don’t know what they are missing. Yes, they aren’t going to live years and years, but the time spent with a senior can be priceless to you both.

12 Hills Dog rescue has a number of senior dogs at this time.  Some have been waiting for some time to find a family that will love and care for them for the years that they have left on this earth.  Just like human “seniors”, they still have a lot to share.

Here are the seniors that are waiting:

DSCN8594 (640x480)

Peaches 7 or 8+ years. Loves to take rides.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

Bear is 14+ and is a chow mix. He wants a partner to ride with.

IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Mugsy is 10+ and partially deaf, but loves attention.

IMG_3391 (1024x682)

Coco the Pekinese is at least 8+ and is quite the love bug

IMG_3358 (1024x682)

Coco, a Chinese Crested is 8+

IMG_3342 (1024x682)

This is Lulu–She is 8+

IMG_3326 (1024x768)

This is Cheeka–a Corgi/Basset mix–8+ years


What’s In A Name?

I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they name their dogs.  I happen to think that naming your dog, like naming your child, should take some thought. Perhaps the name should either match the dog’s personality, or at least the color.

I think Coco, is a great name, but shouldn’t the dog at be the color of cocoa, or at least brown? One of our senior rescues is a small “cream” colored Pekinese, and the other is a Chinese crested black and white in color.

Well, I guess, it doesn’t matter to either of the Coco’s, as they both seem to know and respond to their names, but sometimes I just think too much.

What is in a name anyway? Who am I to judge? I just named 4 of our 5 week old puppies after the “Ninja Turtles!”  What was I thinking??? And I am not even going to tell you what I named the other 3 puppies.  You will have to keep watch see for yourself.

Here Coco—come and get it!!!!IMG_3391 (1024x682)IMG_3358 (1024x682)

Sponsor a Dog

12 Hills Dog Rescue is located on a family farm near the communities of Walthill and Winnebago, NE.  At any one time we have over 50+ dogs on site.  Some of the dogs at the rescue have been here for awhile because of their age or special needs.  Others who come in may require special medical attention and socialization.  We welcome those who would like to sponsor a particular dog.  Those in need of sponsors right now are:

Patti, Peaches, Max, Boomer, Mugsy, Cheeka, and Bear! We have a pay pal button on our web page, or you can send checks to 12 Hills Dog Rescue, 3175 H Ave, Walthill, NE 68067.

Of course there are also lots of other dogs, but these are the ones that have been here for awhile and could use some extra love and support!

An Old Phrase-says it all!

When my Dad was working on something and it was turning out well. He would always say, “We’re cooking with gas now!”  It is an old phrase, and I am sure that it dates me a little, but, I am going out on that senior limb, and say one more time–“We’re cooking with gas now.  I could have said, I love it when a plan comes together, but I cherish those old phrases and memories of my family.

We have been a rescue since 2007, have had many wonderful dogs, and have met wonderful people. I must admit, we have been struggling financially and physically for support. In January of 2015, we took the plunge to become a 501c3, and it is helping. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the plan is coming together, and yes, I think we are cooking with gas now.

Volunteers–are coming now, and not just for a day here or there, (though we love them also), but every week. Those volunteers are passionate about the dogs we rescue, ready to learn, willing to do whatever, and committed to volunteering weekly.

Of course, there is the training that each need when they are in the kennel.  Volunteers need to know what dogs they can allow out for exercise together, what dogs to stay away from and even the proper way to clean out those dirty kennels.  There is grooming and walking and socializing individual dogs, and the favorite of the youth is the cuddling and socializing of the  puppies.

It IS A BIG JOB, to volunteer at a rescue of our size.–We so appreciate each of our special volunteers, that come and work at the rescue.

But, I can’t stop there–12 Hills Dog Rescue has volunteers who are beating the bushes to help us in all sorts of ways. Just some of those who have helped are: The DJ who features a dog of the month for us on the radio station and the photos on their web page. One of the newest volunteers who made a video for the rescue. The neighbor who is on stand by to help us out whenever we need him. We even had a special couple that devoted their “bridal shower” to the rescue.  I could go on and on, list all those who have shared, but we want each of you to know, we so appreciate each and everyone of you and want to say. . . .

We LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS and thank you for all the support you give for the dogs we rescue.


Yes, I believe we are “Cooking with gas now.”





Christmas Greetings for 2015

Where do we begin? First, I would like to thank each and everyone who volunteered or donated to 12 Hills Dog Rescue this past year! We are so blessed to have people who care and share with our doggies here.

2015 has been a year of change for 12 Hills.  Since we began in 2007 we were a family owned rescue, and operated from our farm.  Well, everything is still here on the farm, but this year we took the plunge.  We applied and received our non-profit status in January. It has been a little bit of a change for us, but we seem to be handling it pretty well.

We have had a busy but good year. So far we have adopted over 160 dogs, and the year isn’t done yet! Of course we still have doggies that have been here awhile, and my wish for this new year, is that each of them will find the loving forever home they need.

We have had a year of puppies–and more puppies. This year, we hope to have a year of “Spay and Neuter.” HA. Really, right now we have 10 females that need spayed and 3 males to neuter. That is the most we have ever had at one time.

Again we want to thank everyone who has given and for those who follow our Facebook page. Keep sharing, that is how we get the word out we are here.

Wishing each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and blessed 2016!

Mikey and his new toy

One of our JOYS–Mikey found a loving home.

IMG_1793 (1024x682) Shine loves Chuck before she leaves with her new Mom. Such a great mother to all those babies she had.

IMG_1413 (1024x682) We had Amos for a while and he found a wonderful home this year!

IMG_1422 (1024x682) Cal found a home with a special gal.

IMG_1888 (1024x682) Paisley is such a sweet girl, and finally the “Just Right Family” came along.

These are just a few of those special dogs that are still in our hearts and prayers.  We loved them all–and still have some special ones here.

IMG_1937 (1024x682)

Cheeka is a great senior gal, and want a nice family with no other dogs.

IMG_2178 (732x1024) Speaking of Senior dogs, we have our share.  This is Boomer–he adores Nola and follows her everywhere!

IMG_2190 (1024x987) If you are an Akita lover, we have Mugsy–he is also a senior, and should be the only dog.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009) Bear is a senior and needs some special one on one.

IMG_2377 (1024x768) Baby is a 5 year old blood hound that loves life!

IMG_1987 (1024x682)‘This is Sophie Bug–she is looking for a home with kids and a loving family!

20151024_142341 (1024x576)

Max is thankful that we gave him a helping hand–he is happy and healthy and looking forward to a wonderful 2016!




Full Already. . . .

Tomorrow is the BIG day of stuffing ourselves with all the special food we traditionally enjoy every Thanksgiving.  When I awoke this morning,  I thought about all the overeating I tend to do at this time of year. Sometimes I forget that I am full already–and keep eating. Sometimes we are like that with our blessings. We have so many blessings to be thankful for and yet, we just want more.

12 Hills Dog Rescue is full already! Full of thankfulness for each and every one of the people who have adopted one of our rescue doggies.  This year we have adopted over 150 so far and still have a month to go.

For the special dogs that came our way this year, that especially touched our hearts and left forever footprints there. We especially think of Cara.IMG_1979 (1024x682)

For all those puppies and their Mama’s that were born at the rescue. We had 7 pregnant Mama’s arrive this year. That isn’t counting the puppies brought to us.

IMG_1618 (1024x682) (2)Shine is one of those special rescues that come to mind. We scooped her and 8 puppies right after she delivered the last one in someone’s muddy yard.  IMG_1793 (1024x682)

IMG_1567 (1024x682) (1024x682)

Shine’s Puppies!

We are thankful for the special care that our dogs received from the Veterinarians and their staff. For the special people who took time to rescue a puppy or stray and call or bring them to us.

We are thankful for the donations that were given to the rescue this year, and for our special volunteers who give of their time and talents to help us clean, bath and care for the dogs.

IMG_194520151024_142341 (1024x576)

Thanks to Everyone for caring—we are Full Already!





The End Is Not the End!

Just 2 more days of October and “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter” month will be history for another year. For the dogs that are left here at the rescue though, every month is adopt a dog month.
I especially think of the seniors that reside at our on the farm rescue. We have quite a few at the moment. All month I have waited to feature them with an article on our blog. Finally the photo gallery in my computer is up and running again, so I can include some pictures.
One of our seniors that grabbed our attention and our hearts is Max. He is a 12 year old Bassett that believes he is 6 years old. When he came to us, he was in very poor condition, but has begun to gain weight and once again has a healthy robust appetite. He loves a bath or a Spa day, as we call it here at the rescue. The part that makes us laugh is Max’s attitude. He jumps in the air and spins, he chases a ball and plays with the other doggies, and he enjoys riding in the truck or 4 WD Mule. In fact, if asked, he will jump in your car for a ride around the block. Max is one in a million for sure!
20151024_142341 (1024x576)
Cheeka, is her Native American name, and she is also a senior. We know that she is over 8 years, is a sturdy healthy gal, who has had many puppies. She loves people, and finds herself lonely now, since all her puppies have been adopted. Cheeka isn’t fond of most other doggies, so she would need a home where she is top dog. Here is a picture of her on the dog house roof.
IMG_1937 (1024x682)

Boomer is a hoot! He must be at least 8-10 years old and has recovered nicely after being found at the land fill almost dead from starvation. Boomer is all black, has wiry type wavy hair and is a terrier mix of some sort. He is sweet and loving and enjoys placing his head on my knee and looking at me with those big brown eyes. It almost like he is saying, thanks for taking a chance on me. He comes in nightly to sit on Chuck’s lap and snuggle. Here he is after a brush and a slight trim.
IMG_2178 (732x1024)

Mugsy is a 10 year old Akita male! He is so very handsome, with a beautiful coat and posture to boot. Mugsy is hard of hearing and his vision is poor from cataracts. He loves people though and enjoys walking and spending time with them. He doesn’t care for other dogs, so needs to be the only one in the household. Mugsy is house trained. He also is lonely for more companionship.
IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Bear is a Husky/Chow Mix and is over 15 years of age. He stays in the main kennel, but I can tell he is sad because he doesn’t have a family to care for him. He just needs a soft bed and a kind word, and would be content. He loves treats.
IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

You will have to come and see Piper yourself—a 14 year old Golden Retreiver. He keeps us too busy in the kennel giving him treats to even snap a picture. Piper is a loving dog that not only eats up the treats, but also attention! His back legs are weak from age. He is there to meet everyone!
Now, these are just the senior doggies we have here at the rescue. We have all ages, from puppies to old doggies like the above. All the dogs at the rescue have come here because they were neglected, abandoned or surrendered. They need a second chance, and sometimes they need a third. They need just the right family to bond with them to give them the love and security they are searching for. We hope you check 12 Hills Dog Rescue out in the future. Yes, we are a small rescue by some standards and are located in the country on our family farm. But—we have large hearts and a large number of dogs to choose from, and the dogs change almost weekly. So, don’t forget about the dogs waiting for families. No matter their age—they need loving forever homes, and will never forget you saved them.

This story has a happy ending

It all began at our local library. I work there when not a home with the dog rescue. A little Yorkie type terrier named Mikey had followed his owner to the library, and decided to help himself to a few patron ankles as they attempted to enter the library. Things got ugly, the local law enforcement was called, and then it happened. Mikey bit the Chief of Police, and was sent to our rescue. Here is a picture of Mikey behind bars after his arrest.

Mikey's In Jail

Mikey’s In Jail

He was one sad little doggie!

He stayed in the main dog kennel for a couple weeks, and then we moved him to our house. He seemed to get along fine with the doggies in our back room, and he and Chuck became buddies quickly.
I wish I could say, that all went smooth from there, but no, that wasn’t the case. He didn’t like any of our grand kids, and we attempted to adopt him a couple times, but it just didn’t seem to work out for Mikey or for us. Mikey saw his friends all get adopted and waited and waited and waited.
Then. . . along came this special lady named Kathy. I shared all the good and the bad about our little guy, and she wanted to meet him.
I think it must have been love at first sight for Mikey. She wasn’t too BIG, she wasn’t too small–she was JUST RIGHT! After sitting and visiting and holding him, she adopted Mikey and off they went.
Well, I want to tell you, I was just a little concerned she would change her mind, but she called me the next day and assured me he was a WONDERFUL BOY! We had waited for someone to say that for so long—we just knew Mikey was waiting for just the right family. He has found it. Now, Mikey has a new brother (another rescue) named Oliver, and a cousin, RamZ.
So today, I received these wonderful pictures, and I just had to place them in his story.
Mikey and his new toy
Mikey, Oliver, RamZ
So, to make a long story just a little longer, Kathy saw past the baggage that rescue dogs sometimes have. She is willing to work with him and give him the love he needs, the time and patience required to help him be the best Mikey ever!
Thank-you so much Kathy!!!!
Oliver and Mikey

Prayers for Sweet Cara

I don’t ask very often, but today I decided I wanted to visit with you about a special doggie gal that is in need of prayers.  Cara is a 3 year old Boxer Mix female, and is with us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. Her story is the same as many others. She had puppies at a young age, and wasn’t given the proper care and nutrition needed.  She was brought here to the rescue and we adopted her to a young college couple. She developed a sore on her back side and after taking her to a nearby Vet, they knew that she needed more care than they could provide.

This same very special Vet performed surgery and removed a very large “Mast Tumor.” We found out a week later that the tumor was malignant stage 3. So, we brought her home and gave her the medication that would help her through the days ahead. Our thoughts were to make her as comfortable and happy as we could in the short time she had left.  We noticed that the tumor had spread, but Cara seems to be healthy, happy and have a good appetite.  Today she was scheduled back to the Vet Clinic to have her stitches removed and visit more about her prognosis. After some discussion we made the decision to give surgery one more try, and continue with some medication and some holistic treatment. Cara will have surgery to remove the 2 remaining tumors on Monday the 31st.

We are asking that you lift Cara up in your prayers in the days ahead. God listens to our prayers. Here is a picture of her. 20150827_171758 (1024x576)


When you operate a dog rescue on your farm, you never know what will happen next.  This weekend was very busy for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. A busy weekend, but a happy one! We were blessed with 9 adoptions in 2 days.  And one of the 9 was “Old Yeller!”. He is a nice older yellow Lab, that needs a family to love and care for him in his senior years. We believe he found “just the right family!”  A family with 4 beautiful children arrived and were excited to take him home.IMG_1732 (1024x682)

Then we had Lacie–a collie mix that found a new home with a retired couple. Her new parents go to a warmer climate each fall, so we think Lacie will have some exciting adventures ahead of her. IMG_1739 (1024x682)

Then Freida, a shepherd mix and her 5 puppies all went to new homes.  There new families were surprised on how much they had grown since their last visit. Had to show everyone how happy Hamlet’s new sister is, to take him home.

One of Freida's puppies!

One of Freida’s puppies!



Last, but certainly not least was our little gem, Ruby!

Ruby and new family!

Ruby and new family!

So, what does this week bring? The rest of Shine’s puppies will be heading to their new homes.  They have been so much fun to watch as they grew and developed their special personalities.

Besides adopting out the puppies, we will have our hands full with a new yellow male lab that came in.  Poor thing has a terrible ear infection, and received treatment immediately.

Samson is back on his feet, and eating again, and we hope to post pictures when he gains some weight.  We are watching Fancy closely now, as she is close to delivery.  I wonder what her puppies will be like?

Yes, I wonder, I wonder what this week will bring to us at the rescue?