When you operate a dog rescue on your farm, you never know what will happen next.  This weekend was very busy for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. A busy weekend, but a happy one! We were blessed with 9 adoptions in 2 days.  And one of the 9 was “Old Yeller!”. He is a nice older yellow Lab, that needs a family to love and care for him in his senior years. We believe he found “just the right family!”  A family with 4 beautiful children arrived and were excited to take him home.IMG_1732 (1024x682)

Then we had Lacie–a collie mix that found a new home with a retired couple. Her new parents go to a warmer climate each fall, so we think Lacie will have some exciting adventures ahead of her. IMG_1739 (1024x682)

Then Freida, a shepherd mix and her 5 puppies all went to new homes.  There new families were surprised on how much they had grown since their last visit. Had to show everyone how happy Hamlet’s new sister is, to take him home.

One of Freida's puppies!

One of Freida’s puppies!



Last, but certainly not least was our little gem, Ruby!

Ruby and new family!

Ruby and new family!

So, what does this week bring? The rest of Shine’s puppies will be heading to their new homes.  They have been so much fun to watch as they grew and developed their special personalities.

Besides adopting out the puppies, we will have our hands full with a new yellow male lab that came in.  Poor thing has a terrible ear infection, and received treatment immediately.

Samson is back on his feet, and eating again, and we hope to post pictures when he gains some weight.  We are watching Fancy closely now, as she is close to delivery.  I wonder what her puppies will be like?

Yes, I wonder, I wonder what this week will bring to us at the rescue?


12 Hills Dog Rescue is ready for a new year. In 2013 we managed the pound for our community. We saved over 100 dogs, but in the process overloaded the rescue.  In 2014 our goal is to get back and track with hopefully fewer dogs here at the rescue. We hope to be able to work more with other rescues–move more doggies and yes, “Find New Families” for the ones we rescue.

I am working hard to make our word press blog to be more of a website–with a calendar for volunteers and events.  I hope to have more time to do pictures and publish them so the public can see what we have.

If I could dream for just one moment–my dream for 2014 would be a way to provide a free spay and neuter clinic for our community. It is so needed to keep the puppy population down. I would also dream that each family that comes along to adopt, would find the perfect dog for their family, and love it forever.

I had better stop dreaming and get back to what this post is about.  A NEW BEGINNING FOR US AT 12 HILLS! More adventures are in store for us in 2014. 

Thanks to All of you that have adopted from us–those who have supported our mission in prayer and donations.  Let’s end this year in a good way and begin again!

Image OSCAR SAYS “Happy New Year–Everyone!”

A New Year—-Changes—Adventures–Good Times—Sad Times–2012 is Here!

A new year has arrived, and it is time to talk about changes, or some call them resolutions. 12 Hills Dog Rescue has begun the new year with a BIG CHANGE!  We moved the dogs into their new 40’x60′ kennel. It is very nice and they seem to be enjoying the heated floor and better lighting. We noted that several of the dogs were upset with the change. It will take a few days for them to adjust and feel comfortable in a new place.  Change is hard for everyone.  But, change is usually good if we examine why we are changing.  I am hoping this year to find better ways of matching dogs to families. I think it will begin with a simple checklist.  I believe in keeping it simple, but sometimes more paperwork is necessary.

Adventures: are always part of running a dog rescue. Each dog can be an adventure–loving-helping them recover from their trauma and restoring them to better physical and emotional health.

Good Times–When a dog and family bond–when we are sent stories and pictures and can see the love and contentment in the dogs eyes–it’s good times for us.

Sad Times— When something bad happens to a dog, it is sad times for us. Pixie, a gal we just adopted this weekend, slipped her collar and ran. She is now loose in the country and frightened and alone.  So far, we haven’t found her. We are praying for good results and that she will find her way to a farm-house and allow someone to bring her back.

Yes, 2012 is here!!!  A new year and a special thanks to all those who gave our doggies forever homes in 2011! We couldn’t have done it without you.